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  1. Scott Williams might be a Mav soon? writes marc stein
  2. Beyond my wildest dreams...said Maylee T.
  3. 3 way - Bring back Quick!
  4. NVE and Dampier for Wallace ?
  5. Wudge ya think
  6. NVE/Dampier to Dallas...Screw Portland
  7. Haywood
  8. I have a Question???
  9. Small Scale trade...Haywood comes to Dallas
  10. Lets try and trade dirk for Elton Brand..
  11. What happened 2big Man??
  12. Mavs could use a first round pick
  13. Fantasy Question: Which Center Would You Pick?
  14. Do mavs want Ostertag?
  15. Walker/Najera/Best for Kidd/KMart
  16. Rasheed Wallace: Will he be traded or will he remain a Blazer or will he simply walk?
  17. The GS/DAL trade rumours..
  18. Dallas Trade Unlikly
  20. With Wallace gone...does that open the door for a trade with Golden State?
  21. Zydrunas Ilgauskas
  22. WEIRD
  23. NVE to Indiana and Dampier to Dallas
  24. Ultimate trade proposal
  25. star-ledger rumor
  26. Trade Det/Philly
  27. New York interested in Walker...fine...lets make a deal
  28. I want Elton Brand
  29. Rasheed...for the MLE...to the Mavs ? ...reported by WOW.....2/11.
  30. Iverson to dallas proposal(s)
  31. Dancing with Detroit
  32. Dal/Port/NY - What do you think?
  33. GS/Dal/Cle - Trade that helps all teams involved
  34. Walker readily available???
  35. Rumors and Question (MVP 41)
  36. Rasheed still the subject of trade talks involving Mavs
  37. softie for softie. The lateral move of the season!
  38. Trade of the century
  39. Things to do
  40. If these 5 Package deals were offered to the Mavs...which ones would interest you the most?
  41. Walker trade? Yes
  42. Tough JoHo question to answer for a big man.
  43. New Blazers Trade...Zach Randolph doesn't start
  44. David Aldridge is reporting a deal involving NY/GS
  45. Wallace Hot for the Big Apple
  46. Utah takes on salary; acquire Gordan Giricek; gets more picks.
  47. Sheed to Det done?
  48. a big nothing (thank goodness this board is going to be abandoned for a while)
  49. What if Kobe becomes a Spur?
  50. Phoenix???
  51. How would you rate these former players?
  52. Olden Polynice Available
  53. Lonny Baxter...???
  54. Good Charlotte?, for Jamison it would be
  55. Emergency...tickets for sale
  56. This offseason.
  57. Bulls Trade
  58. Orlando Trade
  59. Could Iverson be the Answer?
  60. Canadian/Russian prospect Ivan Chiriaev: "I can be better than Nowitzki"
  61. Dal/Chi/Orl
  62. Possible Washington deal...
  63. Do you do it? Dal/Phi
  65. Rating the big men prospects - NBA Insider 4/2
  67. Who'll be traded ?
  68. The #1 Draft pick.
  69. Do you do it? Dal/Phi/Tor
  70. DAL/GS/CHI Trade
  71. Assuming - Jamison/Draft Question
  72. Let's be honest...who's going to be traded.
  73. $6.19 million this season and about $6.8 million next season - TAW
  74. The mavs could sign 7'2 300 Lb. German BIG Man ALEXANDER KUEHL(30 y/o ger. nat. team player)
  75. The magic are at least going to entertain trade offers?
  76. Antonio McDyess anyone?
  77. Which Trade do you make?
  78. Desagana Diop
  79. LA/Dallas
  80. Duke's Luol Deng declares for Draft
  81. AW is going to screw the Mavs
  82. Dal/Chi/Den
  83. Question?
  84. holy crap i have come up with an awsome trade
  85. Dallas/ Utah trade proposal....check it out
  86. 4 team trade idea
  87. Would you do this with ORL?
  88. Jamison must go
  89. A Seri-esque Plan for Remaking the Mavericks
  90. My Plan for Rebuilding the Mavs.
  91. Chicago trade
  92. Stars on hold; it's time to fix Mavs
  93. My thoughts
  94. A young PG
  95. Trade Walker and Finley along with Jamison for Kobe (he is a free agent next year)
  96. Walker, Jamison, and Finley for Kobe Bryant in the offseason
  97. trade w/hornets
  98. Question about Daniels???
  99. 2004-2005 Fee agent list
  100. Somehow we need to bring these guys in
  101. Chemistry a trade with indiana
  102. Trade w/knicks
  103. DAL/CHI/LAC/GOL Ultimate Trade
  104. filling in the center spot
  105. What about Pachulia?
  106. Payton and Malone to Dallas Wish List
  107. Outletpass Funeral Services
  108. No MLE for Mavs
  109. Milwaukee trade
  110. New Orleans trade
  111. New Dal/Chi trade
  112. Philadelphia trade
  113. Dal/Chi/LAC/Philly Trade
  114. Dal/NO/Houston Trade
  115. Dal/Hou/NO/Chicago
  116. Dallas/Orlando Trade
  117. My improbable Offseason.. Dal/Phi/Hou...Dal/Cle
  118. Brand new addition?
  119. If Minny losses...
  120. Portland trade
  121. Orlando Sentinel Rumor
  122. What I think the Mavs should do this offseason!
  123. Menage trois DAL/SEA/SAN
  124. Another Dallas/Chicago Trade
  125. Stanislav Medvedenko
  126. Dal/Chicago and Dal/Seattle
  127. What's Fin worth to Chicago
  128. Good trade with LA
  129. Blonde Bomber gave me an idea...
  130. Here's Minni trade...
  132. How about another with Boston...
  133. Washington would like this...
  134. Denver gets something for Camby
  135. Indiana Straight up!
  136. A good one with Detriot
  137. Here is how to get a backup PG
  138. Houston we have a problem...
  139. Send Shawns @$$ back!
  140. The inevitable Chicago trade...
  141. I like this CLE trade
  142. The other LA team
  143. Anything to get rid of Shawn...
  144. Feasible and Plausible
  145. Zeke will LOVE this
  146. Phoenix is all over this one!
  147. Mavs Rumored to be Shopping Jamison to Cavs
  148. Today's Charlotte Paper
  149. Chicago and Tyson Chandler - Some realism from a Chicago area paper...
  150. Rank these trades by order of preference ---
  151. Nash & Okur (East Valley Tribune)
  152. Would you do these trades for Nash?
  153. good, bad, or ugly
  154. Sheed the Weed or Daniels?
  155. Question on FA sign and trades
  156. Nash for #1 Pick
  157. DAL/LAC/PHI
  158. Mavs/Kings Trade
  159. Do we want Washington's #1?
  160. Jamison Trade Unlikely
  161. If I was in Cuban shoes, I would.......
  162. Big Trade for Mavs
  163. Would you...?
  164. Charley Rosen's PJ and Shaq to Dallas scenario...
  165. another GS trade
  166. Good article about the expansion draft
  167. Does the first round have anyone we need?
  168. 3 Trades to get tough inside and more playing time for the young guys.
  169. NJ Trade???
  170. What is Nash doing in Portland???
  171. Orlando trade
  172. My Dream Offseason
  173. Jamison for Chicago's No.3?
  174. DAL/POR/CHI
  175. question for you all
  176. Eric Dampier.... a good fit.....
  177. Rafael Araujo's stock is on the rise...could he possibly help the mavs?
  178. Draft Question
  179. DAL/NJ/Pho/BOS trade
  180. Another scenario for your approval
  181. mavs/magic trade: lose 2 of big 3
  182. Easiest Chicago Trade Ever
  183. Imagine This
  184. Mavs/Magic/Pacers trade
  185. 1st team All Defense
  186. Peter John Ramos
  187. if all efforts fail to trade Walker..........
  188. here's an idea for the Mavs
  189. Keep it Simple
  190. Andriuskevicius
  191. June 2 Insider Report from Treviso
  192. Trade for Podkolzine
  193. If I were Bernie Bickerstaff...
  194. Insider - Experts Rate the Draft Prospects
  195. mav/ knick trade
  196. Pavel vs. Ramos
  197. DAL/SEA/CHI
  198. utah to fight for quis or j-ho
  199. mavs lakers trade starters!!!!!!
  200. Carlisle: Changes will be made to Pacers roster
  201. Sun-Times Article with Mavs mention...
  202. Dal/Orl/Cle
  203. Mavs' Tricks Could Net A Center
  204. dallas/miami/minesota 3-way
  205. June 8 Insider
  206. Just a thought: Jamison to the Cavs
  207. dallas/ milwaukee/ chicago
  208. the simpler the better...
  209. dallas/ indiana / san antonio
  210. dallas/ philly / miami
  211. a trade that actually works..
  212. Dallas/Detroit/Orlando/Chicago
  213. draft rumor updates and some good news
  214. Best Defensive Players in the Draft?
  215. could someone pls clear this out?
  216. Young Centers
  217. dallas-seatle straight up
  218. Trade
  219. Dallas/Washington/Chicago/Golden State four-way deal
  220. General Trade Question
  221. Draft participant measurements..Okafor comes in at 6'10" with shoes
  222. Bulls interested in Walker???
  223. Interesting Trade Proposal With The Clippers
  224. Only in Dreams
  225. KG's Offseason Scenario of the Day
  226. Blasphemy?
  227. would you do this???
  228. texas trade
  229. Toronto/Dallas
  230. a must see portland trade
  231. the expansion draft list..
  232. Will the Mavs be movers?
  233. Who would you choose if you're Dallas...Emeka or Dwight?
  234. something new....
  235. ben wallace anyone?
  236. Doesn't anyone want the No. 3 pick??
  237. Walker rumors??
  238. Would you get involved? Dal/LA/Orl
  239. Another Dallas/LA situation
  240. why not just deal with the bobcats
  241. long trade.. but a good one..
  242. GS/DAL
  243. Pavel vs. Ramos 2 (with video!!)
  244. Speculation - Bobcats center of a big Mavs/Heat/Magic deal
  245. Shaq officially demands a trade (ESPN)
  246. Shaq, T-Mac, and which of our players we value most
  247. I can't believe I'm saying this
  248. T-mac and Shaq want to play together in Dallas?. This is how it gets done (trade proposal)
  249. Is it just ME?
  250. it would take a lot more to get shaq and t-mac to dallas..