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  1. Congress finally made it into single digit poll numbers!
  2. Dems can't even wait for everyone to be found before making political hay.
  3. Giulliani opens health-care discussions
  4. Another record poppy crop in Afghanistan
  5. Why Bush Won't Ax Gonzales
  6. Ted Haggard & The White House Both Living In Denial
  7. George W. Bush & Pat Robertson...
  8. Now this is a campaign song
  9. From a reporter in Iraq who is NOT reporting from the Green Zone
  10. Rice defends 20 bln Saudi arms sale
  11. Romney, Giuliani Change Tone on Bush's Iraq Buildup
  12. Iraq: Frustration Continues, But Surge Gains Slightly in Court of Public Opinion
  13. Giuliani's daughter shifts on 2008 pick
  14. Beyond Disaster
  15. Analysis: GOP hopefuls seek space from Bush
  16. The Dumbest Move the Dems Could Make
  17. Quote Of The Day
  18. Democrats’ Summer Recess Iraq Ads Target 12 Swing District Republicans
  19. Gingrich to GOP: Follow France
  20. Ah democrats, this is how they support the soldiers in their own districts
  21. Dachle complains that republicans plan on campaigning for senate seat
  22. Healthy for Who? Rudy Giuliani Health Plan
  23. Tougher times ahead for the GOP, says Abbott
  24. GOP Sex Scandal: Young Republican Prez
  25. Bush War Adviser Supports Considering a Military Draft
  26. Just remember don't count your chickens that early Janett
  27. Michael Crichton review of "Cool It..." by Bjorn Lomborgs
  28. Wanna hear from our next President?
  29. RNC Voter "Audit" Letter Raises Questions
  30. The scandal sheet
  31. Iran, Iraq sign oil pipeline deal
  32. Romney wins Iowa Republican straw poll
  33. Italy probe unearths huge Iraq arms deal
  34. Administration Fights Dem Plan to Boost School Aid for Vets
  35. Astonishing murder rate amoung african americans.
  36. Karl Rove to leave White House
  37. Iraq plans government crisis conference
  38. Sad, Poor Americans Finally Give Up On Republicans, God
  39. Elizabeth Edward's takes a swing
  40. Interesting...An opportunity to compare Dem/Rep foreign policy
  41. Zogby numbers
  42. Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs
  43. US military looks to reduce role in Iraq
  44. So is this when militaries take over?
  45. Democracy not the goal anymore
  46. Rifts Deepen Between Iraqi Communities
  47. We should have known better
  48. Interesting article about what France's Iraq overtures might mean to the region
  49. Bush hit over jobs for illegal workers
  50. Bin Laden wanted US to invade Iraq, author says
  51. Oprah.com and CNN: Five Ways To Go Green From Al Gore
  52. After Loss of Majority, Several Republicans Head for Exits
  53. Rick Perry's Response to European Criticism of Texas Death Penalty
  54. Afghan opium crop soars to "frightening levels": UN
  55. US Attorney General Gonzales resigns
  56. NEWSFLASH: Janett_Reno MIA; Sen Larry Craig still not gay.
  57. Craig says 'I am not gay,' did no wrong
  58. Pres Election Polling
  59. the fundamentals of hooking up in the bathroom for gay sex faq
  60. Bush to request $50 billion more for Iraq war?
  61. Republican Warner to retire from Senate
  62. Enron or
  63. Harry Reid continues his crusade for american defeat.
  64. A poll I endorse heartily!
  65. Last Stop on The 'V'-Train
  66. The Man Behind The De Palma Smear: Mark Cuban Declares War On The Troops
  67. Karma indeed!
  68. Republican Melancholy
  69. US intelligence describes 'paralyzed' Iraqi government
  70. U.S. Poverty Data Raise New Questions About Cost of War
  71. Algore wannabe
  72. Ethnic Cleanising or Amnesty
  73. The Most Feared Man on the Hill?
  74. Are the Clinton's Quashing 'Path to 9/11'?
  75. Nice Title
  76. September 6, 2007 - Clinton Opens Lead Over Giuliani As Dems Surge In Ohio
  77. Truckers protest Mexican competition
  78. WAAAHHHHH!!!
  79. 42% of Democrats believe Bush either caused 9/11 or let it happen?
  80. Bin Laden is back
  81. Bush: OPEC or APEC
  82. Most polar bears could be lost by 2050: report
  83. Patton on Iraq
  84. Very interesting description of Anbar activity from CSM
  85. Very sad state of affairs
  86. Officials: Sen. Hagel will not run again
  87. Senate GOPers’ dark ’08 outlook
  88. Even the Institute for Peace???
  89. Fox bastards...
  90. Democrats better quit calling for independent reports
  91. Hypocritical parties of God and reform
  92. GOP candidates snub Univision
  93. Iraq war planning 'intellectually bankrupt': British general
  94. Evangelicals hesitant about Thompson
  95. Hillary's Vice President
  96. Forbes predicts Clinton will win Democratic nomination
  97. Ky. governor tries to win second term
  98. Democrats show true colors on military
  99. US surge has failed - Iraqi poll
  100. U.S. to Target Iranian Arms Entering Iraq
  101. Senator makes bid to block Bush on Mexican trucks
  102. Republicans sharply question Iraq policy
  103. Al Qaeda is a small fraction of the insurgency.
  104. "Three-day blitz" plan for Iran
  105. Popular former governor jumps into Virginia Senate race
  106. Al Queda kills leader of Anbar Awakening
  107. The Show Must Go On
  108. Gingrich: Republicans need "clean break" from Bush
  109. How do you support a party that has these folks as it's standard bearer?
  110. Fox recognizes bull honkey when they see it.
  111. Rumsfeld: ‘I Have Not Even Attempted’ To Follow What’s Going On In Iraq, Too Busy ‘Ar
  112. Greenspan Book Criticizes Bush And Republicans
  113. Keyes looks to rescue GOP, announces run for president
  114. Retired Gen. Clark endorses Clinton
  115. Hagel Calls Bush's Iraq Policy "Dirty Trick"
  116. Alan Greenspan claims Iraq war was really for oil
  117. In Colorado, Drilling Some Holes in the Republican Base
  118. So let's look at where the public is right now
  119. So Hillary has Sandy the Burglar and Albright on her staff
  120. Obama gets the kiss of death.
  121. No wonder Bubba was always catting around!
  122. Hillary's Health Plan
  123. Operation Iraqi Gloss-Over
  124. Ralph Nader criticizes 'spineless, gutless' Democrats for not impeaching Bush
  125. Senate Prospects Continue to Worsen for GOP
  126. Chuck Norris Says Surge is Working
  127. Is Senator Mitch McConnell In A Closet?
  128. Oil at New Records for 7th Straight Day
  129. Is Weller the next Republican to bow out?
  130. Giuliani: I'm among best known Americans
  131. Republican Romney ad criticizes his party and calls for change
  132. Polls: Bush, Petraeus didn't change public views on Iraq
  133. Senate Republicans block Iraq bill
  134. Saluting the troops:: Hottie Style
  135. Carbon offsets
  136. Dobson Says He Won't Support Thompson
  137. CEOs, Bush Rangers Rebuff Republicans on War, Widening Deficit
  138. Henry Waxman
  139. Congress Approval Rises Slightly to 24%
  140. MoveOn.org :: Lucee'' you got some 'splainin to do!
  141. Olbermann to Bush: ‘Your hypocrisy is so vast’
  142. Numbers give Democrats edge in 2008 Senate races
  143. Syria in the news
  144. Nah NYTimes isn't biased.
  145. Clinton: I won't fund Iraq war without withdrawal plan
  146. Indiana Sen. Bayh to endorse Clinton
  147. NRCC chair threatens to resign
  148. Bush to Skip U.N. Talks on Global Warming
  149. Conservative Health Care Initiatives
  150. Bush quietly advising Hillary Clinton, top Democrats
  151. "We're fighting Al-Qaeda.....and they lost"
  152. U.S. Trying to Block Calif. on Emissions
  153. Gingrich & J.C. Watts Skipping black forum a mistake
  154. Bush seeks nearly $50 billion more for wars
  155. Leaders failing on environment, poll finds
  156. Evangelicals turn on Thompson
  157. Redacted
  158. I've heard of buying votes but this is ridiculous
  159. Gingrich takes step toward '08 run
  160. Far Right Holds Knife to Own Throat: "Go Ahead, Make My Day"
  161. Don't question their patriotism
  162. Hillary in Fox polls.
  163. Bush vetoes child health insurance plan
  164. Domenici announces his retirement from Senate
  165. NH-Sen: Shaheen comfortably ahead
  166. Don't drive drunk
  167. Bush leaving some problems to successors
  168. Civil War in Iraq
  169. Iraq Embassy Cost Rises $144 Million Amid Project Delays
  170. Clinton and Romney lead latest Iowa poll
  171. Army needs three to four years to recover from Iraq strains: chief
  172. Bush, Texas at odds over death case
  173. Thompson's Numbers Decline: Is Fred Fizzling?
  174. Bush veto plan may hurt GOP lawmakers
  175. Anti-War movement stuck in a Quagmire
  176. Interesting post on the liberal media.
  177. Hannity to Dobson: Support Rudy or face Hillary 'landslide'
  178. Islamic Radicals and Western Elections.
  179. Al Gore Given Nobel Peace Prize; Brittney Spears a Close Second
  180. Ex-general: Iraq a 'nightmare' for US
  181. Income-Inequality Gap Widens
  182. Republican rats scrabble to take over the sinking ship
  183. GOP rift sends Christian right adrift
  184. Brown County Republican Party chairman faces sex charges
  185. Media curses the news
  186. Financial Scandal Rocks Democratic Politician Linked to H. Clinton
  187. Uh Oh...Tom Daschle II???
  188. Have no fear the IAEA is ON IT BABY!!
  189. Business PACs jilt Republicans
  190. Cheney and Obama are distant cousins: Mrs. Cheney
  191. National Health Care....Are you sure?
  192. Name that candidate!
  193. Does this congress make any sense at all?
  194. Hillary - What is her actual experience?
  195. Poll: As Thompson's star fades, Clinton's on the rise
  196. NYTimes may have permanently damaged their brand
  197. Harry Reid raises $851,000 for US Marines in Iraq!
  198. Burqua Bandit Robs NC Bank
  199. Big Agriculture
  200. Campaign Fundraising - Clinton Style
  201. The Only Bad Numbers for Clinton Are on the Calendar
  202. Saved a post for you Janett
  203. Giuliani hoards nuts
  204. Wanna win an election? Just change the rules
  205. ONLY the NYSlimes could write this editorial. Wow
  206. Do you really want to put this guy back in charge of the senate?
  207. The media we have, not the media we wish we had.
  208. State senator aided fraud
  209. The Moral Test of Our Generation
  210. Bush’s Dangerous Liaisons
  211. The University of Delorwell
  212. Clinton would cream Giuliani, poll finds
  213. State GOP lawmaker in gay sex scandal
  214. US network names Iraqi who pushed US case for war
  215. Great attack ad on Hillary (Thanks, John Edwards)
  216. Mahdi Army vs Al-Queda in Iraq
  217. Beyond those health care numbers
  218. Doctors versus Colleges
  219. So much for Janet's oil boogey-man rant
  220. POLL: A Year Before '08 Election, Public's Theme Is Discontent
  221. Green is Universal Week
  222. Va. Democrats Take Control of State Senate
  223. An update on the "Axis of Evil"
  224. Baghdad becoming free of Al Queda
  225. Democrat versus Republican Image of Iraq
  226. The Oil Hydra
  227. Clinton aides plant student's question
  228. Robertson/Giuliani Duo Bids Farewell to Conservative Influence
  229. Kerik indictment could wreak havoc for Giuliani
  230. Liberty is Brewing
  231. A General who Came Out Against Bush - Comes Out for Hillary
  232. Remember Iraq?
  233. Bring out yer dead....Bring out yer dead
  234. Ron Paul on Rudy Guiliani:
  235. U.S. policy on Iraq Shi'ites could aid Iran: report
  236. The REAL reason Ron Paul is so popular with college students.
  237. Affluent Voters Switch Brands
  238. Democrats continue to be....well...just stupid.
  239. THIS is what goes for the leader of a party??
  240. Embryonic Stem Cells going the way of bleeding
  241. Do the democrats on this site agree with this guy?
  242. Germany is th
  243. Hillary Snubs the Sikhs
  244. So you can't even require english at your own business. Democrats are nuts.
  245. Democrats pledge to Bin Laden that they won't give up trying to lose in Iraq.
  246. Something to give thanks for.
  247. Clinton slams Obama over lack of experience.
  248. It's for the children. Democrats are nuts
  249. I am one BAAADDD motha'
  250. 40% Want Congress to Cut Off Funds Unless President Commits to Troop Withdrawals