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  1. We're all socialists now.
  2. Letter from an Obama Supporter
  3. Can someone explain why this is called a "stimulus"
  4. I Pledge
  5. Thought you might find this interesting
  6. The Rangel Rule
  7. Hope and Change Obama Style
  8. Social security
  9. Michael Steele:First black RNC chairman
  10. Iceland Promotes Lesbianism!
  11. Politicians and Tax Problems
  12. Medical - Socialized or Private?
  13. Conservative Evangelical Leader Tony Perkins Sours On GOP
  14. Rush Limbaugh, Flatulence in Broadcasting
  15. In It Together
  16. A 'fraud' bigger than Madoff
  17. Alaska versus California...Were's the media coverage on Palin's success?
  18. Good grief...another race huckster!
  19. Steven Greenhut: Mexicans dying in our drug wa
  20. How Not to Run An Effective PR Campaign
  21. Fighting for equal freedoms
  22. The Obama Boom.
  23. Candidates 2012
  24. Interesting points on snopes.com
  25. Media Bias really is funny
  26. Hope we can believe in!!!
  27. Official Buyers Remorse Thread
  28. Fight FOCA!!!
  29. Looking for options...
  30. It's for the children!
  31. Lessee...now which congressman is going to call themselves for investigation?
  32. Two sides to every story
  33. The Bailout Symbol
  34. Obama Exposed
  35. Snooping dragon-chinese computer infiltration
  36. Paying tribute to Bravery
  37. Cool reads...regardless of beliefs
  38. "The Best Way To Rob A Bank Is To Own One"
  39. Tax Tea Party
  40. Obama World Tour: President of the World
  41. Who's rights do you support?
  42. Would you give the playbook to your enemy?
  43. Equal rights for woman...provided they are liberal
  44. Questions that have come up out of the Tea Party...interesting e-mail:
  45. The official Dude's Obama got one right thread.
  46. Mr. President...how far are you willing to go to save an American Life?
  47. Non offensive title thread ... with a link to an article :-)
  48. The Strategy Room
  49. Obama meets with Mexican Archeologist , and Archeologist Dies of Swine Flu next day?
  50. Happy Debt Day everyone!!
  51. Sign in a Philly Store Window
  52. If it wasn't so fawningly pathetic it would be funny
  53. Why does Barry hate the Polar Bears?
  54. Yes we can!!!
  55. The balooning Democrat Voting Program
  56. Student wins case against anti-Christian teacher
  57. So now the statement is that there is no "Gay Gene"
  58. Can't wait for my free health-care.
  59. So how much does this guy have to borrow before any non-conservative speaks up?
  60. Now this would've been funny and non-offensive
  61. Checks see dead people....hmmmm is this ACORN or our government?
  62. Barry's our man!!
  63. Credit Card Companies to recoup dollars from folks who pay off their bills.
  64. Ah the next Barry bail-out...Kalifornia
  65. President Obama is speaking fluff
  66. Comedy Relief: GOP, RNC to rebrand Democrats as 'Socialists'
  67. Change I can believe in...
  68. Here's how it's done..
  69. American Flag Flying - offensive in Mansfield
  70. Sometimes I think those crazy wahibs who decry the west's decadence have a point.
  71. Sotomayor nomination
  72. Shocking...not sure how to react?
  73. DOJ...what's wrong with showing proof?
  74. Savage sues the UK
  75. Nuclear Power OK For Enemies but Not for US?
  76. Is Dick Cheney high on drugs???
  77. On Deck : Government Universal Health Care
  78. Statistics...what are the deeper issues?
  79. Michelle is pissed. :)
  80. Right-Wingers Push Obama Protest Through GM Boycott
  81. Once, we would have called it a scandal
  82. More taxes ideas...
  83. Something pretty cool about President Obama
  84. Lord of the Czars!
  85. The Media of Hate
  86. Britain's Anti-Stab Vegetable Knife
  87. Comparing the Great Depression to the Great Recession
  88. GOP Woe: What's wrong with Nevada?
  89. Iran
  90. The case of the missing governor
  91. Conform or lose your job
  92. Gitmo stuff...where's the outrage from Obama?
  93. SC governor admits affair, secret Argentina trip
  94. One Atlanta Tea Party canceled due to Democrat opposition
  95. Liberals agree with Glenn Beck
  96. Respects and Prayers for Obama and his family
  97. President Obama's Policies Unpopular With Americans
  98. e-mail making its rounds
  99. Top 10 list
  100. Exit Strategy Authored by "R" John Thurne (SD)
  101. Texas shows 'em how to do it.
  102. Government Motors
  103. Palin resigns as Alaska Gov
  104. Letter from a "Young Black Conservative"...the real minority.
  105. Minimum Wage Increase
  106. Thought/Question...
  107. Progressive enough yet?
  108. Taliban - Kidnapping Kids - Brainwash for Jihad
  109. Jobless grad sues University for 70K tuition back.
  110. We have met the enemy and they are liberal.
  111. Nope...no doublt standard...
  112. Why so socialist. :) Cracked me up
  113. What'
  114. Birthers - Wacko's or Great Americans?
  115. Warning...Do NOT click on this thread if you are easily frightened.
  116. Perhaps a policy that we could find an agreement from Reps and Dems
  117. The Pot, The Kettle, and the Vegan
  118. The Impact of the American Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009
  119. What's the shelf life for the race card?
  120. John Pilger - Obama Is A Corporate Marketing Creation
  121. It's Time to Audit the Fed - Ron Paul
  122. Government Health Care at its best
  123. Health care debate confirms this is not the Barack Obama we elected
  124. The Obama Deficit
  125. Liberal pouting like a whiney little brat
  126. Prosecuting the CIA
  127. e-mail...alternative to AARP
  128. Great Quote from George Friedman on Foreign Policy
  129. Partisan Advertising ABC and NBC
  130. Pfizer paying big fines...Eric Holder named in the article
  131. Political satire from "old europe", pure gold
  132. Global Warming and the Sun
  133. What's happening in Indiana?
  134. Grade the executive
  135. Why Are These Health Care Fixes Ignored?
  136. ACORN Exposed AGAIN!!!
  137. Blog Note posted with permission.
  138. NY Post 9/11
  139. Far left-wing groups inciting violence
  140. Washington DC Tea Party
  141. If you want to get the news ahead of the Times, watch Fox News Channel!!
  142. Bush opponents and Obama supporters...will they sing the same song?
  143. Gut reaction - positive based on this article on Obama
  144. Gut reaction - positive based on this article on Palin
  145. Susan in Glendale
  146. VDH's list of who gets his vote.
  147. Trying to understand...
  148. Republicans still do not get it.
  149. Arnold's Message
  150. The real climate change catastrophe
  151. Random 2009 Election Stuff
  152. Today's elections
  153. Former UK ambassador: CIA sent people to be ‘raped with broken bottles’
  154. Obama does sex to Chinese Prime Minister
  155. Too many Sheep, Too many Wolves, Never Enough Sheepdogs
  156. Democrat Congress proposes government bailout to help their media arm.
  157. Global cooling...
  158. The White House Press Secretary Baghdad Bob Thread
  159. Mass Election
  160. The official Bahama yadda-yadda-yadda thread.
  161. Why Climate Science is on trial
  162. Tax dollars to advertise in the Superbowl
  163. ObamaMotors versus Toyota
  164. Health Care Summit?
  165. Senator Dikembe Mutombo
  166. Looking for insights on candidates
  167. So the "hussein" part of Barack Hussein Obama is not relevant?
  168. Now all I have to do is get FIRED!!!
  169. These threats against politicians HAVE to stop!!
  170. Truth Has Fallen And Taken Liberty With It
  171. Don't do drugs!
  172. Gun control inaction.
  173. The debate the American People deserve to have
  174. Dallas City Politics
  175. Europe vs American Systems
  176. Scratch a Progressive, Find a Fascist
  177. Sports and Politics
  178. Pros and Cons of the Media age
  179. Caught on tape
  180. The real fat cats
  181. Glenn Beck in regards to burning the Koran
  182. NJ Gov
  183. At what point...
  184. Another GB Transcript/Interview...amazing stuff
  185. Letter about Healthcare...hmmmm
  186. Democrats announcement...
  187. A novel way to attack a budget deficit.
  188. The most intriguing political question ever....
  189. Just another racist...
  190. Way to go J. Stewart!!!
  191. Is this election an opportunity for Americans?
  192. SNL on Obama...and a positive note on Mr. Glenn Beck...funny stuff
  193. Testes Strokers of America
  194. Korea
  195. Wikileaker
  196. E Pluribus Unum or In God We Trust
  197. Hunting Russians
  198. Palin Myths
  199. Guilty of being a joiner...even if I'm not on the left side
  200. More cowbell or Texans please
  201. Potatoes no longer allowed to be purchased with food stamps
  202. Egypt!
  203. Libya...
  204. G.E.’s Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether
  205. Government Shutdown, 2011 Edition
  206. Righ Wing Wacko!!!
  207. Osama Bin Laden is dead.
  208. The FDA versus Burzynski
  209. A Noteworthy Event
  210. Committed ... no politics ... Go Mavs ... hopefully!!!
  211. I give up!
  212. Mass Atrocities & Human Rights
  213. The National Defense Authorization Act
  214. How to get fired in under 5 minutes...
  215. Vinsanity holds fundraiser for the greatest President of our lifetime
  216. Ron Paul: Tornado Victims Should Not Get Federal Aid
  217. Wall Street investors want to fix the deficit the Obama way, with both spendi
  218. The Free Market has spoken: U.S. debt is a great investment
  219. Mitt Romney is one of the greatest and most irresponsible debt creators of all time
  220. Gays "Won’t Magically Turn You Into A Lustful Cockmonster” says NFL Player
  221. Krugman on why the debates won't be a game changer for Romney
  222. Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA): Evolution, Big Bang ‘Lies Straight From The Pit Of Hell’
  223. Great observation regarding the delusion of the Right Wing in America
  224. So, do you miss me yet ;-)
  225. Dem victory party
  226. Republicans with the about-face on immigration
  227. Krugman: Views Differ on Age of Planet
  228. Krugman: Grand Old Planet
  229. Fly Me To The Moon
  230. Gop Super Pac
  231. This is why it is impossible to have an honest negotiation with the GOP
  232. Cool..maybe a 16 trillion dollar coin.
  233. Deion Sanders, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin cut an ad for gun control
  234. Krugman apologizes to conservative economist Niall Ferguson
  235. This is why it is impossible to have an honest negotiation with the Democrats
  236. Roberts asked if the South is more racist than the rest of the country. Answer: Yes
  237. Lindsey Graham: I need an AR 15 to protect against marauding bands of black people
  238. Are Republicans really this ignorant or are they just liars?
  239. Is Obama just this ignorant or is he just a liar
  240. This is why Obama can’t make a deal with Republicans
  241. Costco Proves Republicans Wrong By Paying a Living Wage and Watching Profits Soar
  242. The Economic Argument Is Over — Paul Krugman Has Won
  243. George W. Bush Is Smarter than You
  244. Racism, Conservatism Linked to Low IQ
  245. Conservatives Had Better Hope George W. Bush Was a Dummy
  246. Chris Broussard is for lack of a better word a bigot
  247. Obama comes to get some economic lessons
  248. Heritage Foundation immigration study co-author is a white supremacist
  249. Texas judge orders lesbian couple to split up or lose children
  250. Pat Robertson Offers New Christian Perspective on Fidelity, Sanctity of Marriage