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  1. Here's why I'm drinking Italian and Australian Wine these Days
  2. A post for reeds
  3. News you will not see in the NY times or WP for obvious reasons
  4. Reuters is unbiased. Just ask them they will tell you.
  5. The Left's heros - "The resistance fighters of Fallujah"
  6. Political Add leftist style
  7. 60 Years Ago -- Thank You America!
  8. A hero of mine is not in good health....
  9. Ronald Reagan Passes Away
  10. Thought Kerry didn't have class? Think again my friend....
  11. Great Story... Toby Keith and the 'Nuge entertain the troops.
  12. What our generation might have said a month after normandy
  13. Richard Clarke is saying EXACTALLY what I have been saying- smart man...
  14. The New York Times vs. Ronald Reagan
  15. Blow up the "great" White North - insensitive ingrates
  16. Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw: Enough about Reagan
  17. Ranking Presidents
  18. Vladimir Putin on Democrats' Morality
  19. Iraq didnt merit war- majority of Americans agree
  20. Protesting Reagan's Funeral
  21. UN inspectors: Saddam shipped out WMD before war and after
  22. President Bush's Eulogy for Reagan
  23. Reagan: The View from the Gulag
  24. Yea let's be more like europe.
  25. GWBush the gracious
  26. ACLU - Anti Christian Liberals United
  27. Fahrenheith 9/11 to get a PG-13 Rating???
  28. Thank goodness for the blogosphere
  29. Bush must GO- so say 26 Ex U.S. Diplomats....
  30. Workers cut power to French presidential palace
  31. Finally those lazy Iraqi bums are getting it, only they can save their own country
  32. Arsehole Al Queda Cowards behead US Hostage Johnson
  33. U.S. Immunity Demand Could Divide U.N.
  34. The grey lady begins it's death throes
  35. A pretty good read on the state of the WOT (WWIV)
  36. John Kerry's "foreign policy" in action
  37. There was a link between Saddam and al-Qa'eda
  38. Clinton- It was wrong invading Iraq before the weapons inspectors were finished- HOW TRUE
  39. Good news for Bush, not good for Kerry
  40. Korean going to be beheaded
  41. It's still a toss up
  42. Review of Fairenheit 9/11, for people who want to see it
  43. Dimocraps cry...take their ball and go home. Won't let Nader play.
  44. Media Bias Keeps 'Good' Iraq News From U.S. Public
  45. The Clinton Circus Continues
  46. BJ Clinton at it again?
  47. CIA insider says U.S. fighting WRONG WAR- agreed
  49. Saddam complains about treatment
  50. Lewinsky: Clinton is a 'Liar and a Creep'
  51. The new face of the Democratic Party
  52. Just like old times with Bill and Al
  53. The ugly face of the Republican Party
  54. Is Mavdog actually James P. Rubin??
  55. Movie Goer Assaulted at Fahrenheit 9/11 Showing
  56. WOW- Fahrenheit 9/11 Sets RECORD!!!!!
  57. Kerry describes how he makes policy today.
  58. A leftist view of todays Handover of sovereignty to Iraq
  59. I guess this PM did not get the message from the US Media & the crappy 9/11 commision
  60. Saddam lawyer says trial mockery of justice
  61. Who will the UN Observer be - "The Peanut Farmer?"
  62. 'Because of you...we are free'
  63. Moore and Lehane running scared
  64. Iraqi "Insurgents" Report
  65. Victor Davis Hanson gives his opinion of michael moore
  66. Michael Moore makes me want to puke and anyone who sees this trash should be ashamed.
  67. Kerry believe's life begins at conception before he believed it should be aborted
  68. Kerry is hours away from choosing a running mate...
  69. More hate from the bastard left
  70. Kerry Tabs Edwards
  71. Kid ROCKS!
  72. Let me get this straight NOW opposes judge because of Home Schooling!!
  73. I got kicked out of Fahrenheit 9/11 LOL
  74. Remember those "16 words"
  75. I'm sure this kind of horrible treatment would never occur in a kerry admin.
  76. Kerry on Dem ticket: "We've got better hair"
  77. Edwards in action
  78. Article about mother from Fahrenheit 9/11
  79. Michael Moore Hates America
  80. Bush's Resume
  81. All you PRO LIFERS out there..answer me this about GW
  82. Even france recognizes crap when they see it
  83. James Lileks takes on moore as well.
  84. Bremer farewell that the LATimes said didn't happen because it seemed he was afraid.
  85. Whatever happened to every vote should count?
  86. So is this the most liberal democrat ticket every proposed
  87. Bush Leaving the world more peaceful.-- from another leftist (I think?)
  88. I know they believe in gay marriage but come on!!
  89. Question for Democrats
  90. The Democrats really do love military veterans
  91. Als Amerikaner unterstütze ich natürlich mein Land
  92. Well another of the BUSH LIED crew is debunked.
  93. They have offered to brief me I just haven't had the time, says Kerry
  94. Bushs military records destroyed...hmmmm, and no backup copies????
  95. Me-Too Democrats?
  96. Mission Not Accomplished
  97. Typical Liberal
  98. Kerry puts on a minstrel show at the NAACP
  99. It must be Rumsfield's or Bush's fault
  100. Let America be America Again
  101. Kerry THINKS he read the intelligence report on iraq before he decided he hadn't
  102. Bush Lauded by Medal of Honor Winners
  103. You are known by the company you keep.
  104. Sharon urges Jews to leave France, as French Anti-Semetic Attacks Escalate
  105. **This Should Be Read** Dry Run for another Airline Highjacking: A long but very, very ominous story
  106. Religious Intolerance: The Enemy, Inside and Out
  107. Judge puts "rights" of protesters above safety of New Yorkers
  108. Now Boycotting: Ben & Jerry's, Whoopi, Linda.......
  109. Trouser Gate
  110. Bush economic "recovery"
  111. Take that Main Stream Media
  112. Kerry, Bush share genes
  113. Selecting a President: Thought Processes
  114. Iraqi Nukes found?
  115. This Land is Your Land - hilarious cartoon!
  116. Dropping doonesbury...
  117. Phillipine Terrorist Appeasement will cost 6 more people their lives.
  118. DNC Convention Poster from the Onion
  119. Fish for Lunch's Sig
  120. Perk to soldiers
  121. 9/11 commission report
  122. GOP nervous about Fahrenheit 9/11 film...as they should be....
  123. 9/11 Commission Report
  124. Iran
  125. Mean Leftists
  127. Finding meaning in Sandy's pants
  128. A compassionate conservative.
  129. This land will surely vote for me- funny.
  130. So the ICJC and the UN is what kerry wants to turn our security over to?
  131. Who’s a tax-cutter?
  132. The once great democrat party begins it's last gasps.
  133. Is the NYTimes a liberal paper? The NYTimes thinks so.
  134. Moore is a "maggot that eats off the dead"
  135. Does the burden of proof for wmd's reside with the defendent or the accuser?
  136. Kerry campaign adorns press passes with Rolls-Royce pics
  137. City of Boston to put Anti-Dem Protesters in a Cage
  138. Good to know that some of us love our adopted country more than the some leftists born here
  139. So Kerry was telling the truth, he is really supported by leftists worldwide
  140. Terry Kerry: Ms. Congeniality with The Press--"SHOVE IT!"
  141. Coming out of a different kind
  142. Place DNC News here....AKA the John Kerry Flip-Flop Re-invention Convention
  143. Isn't the timing of this leak interesting, must be the Republicans fault
  144. A reluctant vote for Kerry
  145. A Carnival of Losers
  146. The Official John Kerry Pictures Thread
  147. Two-Face
  148. Michael Moore/O'Reilly Showdown at Convention (long read)
  149. The european vote.
  150. Ann Coulter on the Democratic National Convention
  151. The Great Straddler
  152. Planned Parenthood has got to be the most pathetic organization ever....
  153. Pretty devasting kerry flip-flop video.
  154. I knew the campaign finance Reform law was all a feel good piece of stuff
  155. Mindless things that politicians say at their respective conventions to get applause from the crowd....
  156. My faith in America's youth restored......
  157. A long goodbye to the Kennedys
  158. Kerry, Nafta and Mexico
  159. Predictions for tonight?
  160. Rudy on the the maggot moore's film.
  161. Why I'm voting for George W. Bush
  162. Equal time: Bush flip flops
  163. NASA Ordered to Pull Kerry Photos Offline
  164. Kerry's Speech
  165. largest deficit EVER- yes, EVER!!! And you still back BUSH...hahaha
  166. Bush doesn't care about middle class families? Since when?
  167. Zarqawi Captured?
  168. Barack Obama
  169. You think the dems who were re-districted out will protest this crass partisan ploy??
  170. The maggot moore can't even lie well
  171. The Maggot Moore is outed by the democratic leadership council
  172. Ron Silver -- Man of conviction
  173. Democrats gravitate to the conspiracy theory
  174. A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand
  175. Hugh Hewitt's take on phase 2 of the presidential race
  176. Meeting with marines doesn't go so well for kerry
  177. Continuing Threat
  178. The left "brownshirts" attack
  179. Bike riding
  180. Barack Obama Captured!
  181. Kerry vs. Bush and the threat of immediate terror...
  182. Democrat Announces for Bush
  183. Abolishment of the IRS
  184. The anti-war hero
  185. John Kerry for Dummies
  186. Good Sinagpore Gets It.
  187. Poll: No boost for Kerry after convention
  188. What country is this?
  189. Tax benefit for owners of sports teams
  190. Name that Politician
  191. US factories enter longest stretch of rapid growth in 30 years
  192. Secret Plan for Iraq
  193. Kerry says EVERYONE will get a tax break UNLESS we are at WAR!
  194. Dick Morris: How Kerry Lost His Bounce
  195. 'Consumer spending sees biggest drop since 2001'
  196. Playing Terrorism, flaws, doubts, pretexts...
  197. Heroes are the other guys.
  198. Bush/Clinton comparison
  199. Kerry Shipmates Tell the REAL story
  200. Mowed down
  201. Anti-American Subway ads
  202. Dem-Dates.com?
  203. Brand New Bush Slip-Up
  204. McCain Condemns Anti-Kerry Ad. Typical republican crap as usual
  205. Information found in Iraq led investigators to Albany NY mosque leader.
  206. So how does it feel john??
  207. 'Veteran retracts criticism of Kerry'
  208. Chasing the Hispanic vote
  209. Is there a DH rule in elections?
  210. New jobs slowdown
  211. Kerry brings up the "seven minutes"
  212. Liberals are all up in arms that all news organizations dont cowtow to them
  213. I guess the Bush Administration is working closely with allies to root out Alqeda
  214. Some people never learn
  215. A slate reporter talks of bush's campaign style
  216. The Education candidate
  217. The stock market is nervous
  218. So were you REALLY in cambodia???
  219. Newspapers in decline
  220. Kerry FINALLY states his position clearly on Iraq
  221. A personal opinion of John O'Neil's (swiftvet spokesman/author) veracity from a prior legal opponent
  222. Previewed Chapter of Unfit for Duty: "The Purple Heart Hunter"
  223. Very interesting interview with Tommy Franks
  224. Barry Bonds and Bush; a U turn
  225. Unabashed Racist Wins GOP Primary in Tenn.
  226. A return to Childhood...Another wonderful VDH column
  227. Bush promotes black entreapeneurship on July 23, it makes the MSM August 7th
  228. Kerry's advisers criticise kerry's energy "policy" so we don't have to bother.
  229. Senate Foreign Relations Chairman on Kerry's Senate Service - "faithful attender"
  230. Welcome to the serious side congressman
  231. I don't think the kerry can push these veterans around..
  232. Speaking of 'nam
  233. Serious Screw up
  234. Al Qaeda's Pre-Election Plot
  235. What Would Kerry Do? Just Talk!!!
  236. John Kerry's Private Trade Trip to Beijing - I thought he was against Outsourcing
  237. Last versus this administrations military records
  238. International team to monitor presidential election
  239. Look who's talking
  240. One Havard Grad deserves Another
  241. Al-Qa'ida plot to hit US politicians
  242. Anti-Israeli Frenchmen assault Jewish students at Auschwitz
  243. Kerry would have invaded Iraq, knowing what he knows now
  244. Terrorists attacks in US - THWARTED
  245. Bush announces Goss to head CIA
  246. Franks takes blame for 'mission accomplished'
  247. Who is more scary Islamists or Trial Laywers?
  248. Quote of the Day: Kerry pledges to fight a "more sensitive war on terror"
  249. Ok...Now here's a guy who WAS on kerry's boat
  250. A definitive bush side of military service.