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  1. George Lakoff: Don't Think of an Elephant
  2. Msm bias
  3. Baseball a hit in Iraqi opener
  4. Burkett to sue Rather/CBS for libel?
  5. Gore passed on Bush service records calling it "Not important". Wow...Gore smarter than Kerry?
  6. Mapes liberal bias shines through....Kerry link.
  7. Nader rips Kerry as "Gutless, Spineless, Clueless and Hapless"
  8. Solidarity
  9. Kerry Has one position on Iraq
  10. CBS Names Panel to Probe Bush Guard Story
  11. Competence
  12. Reports: Italian Women Executed.
  13. Windsurfing
  14. Good grief the democrats are ridiculous.
  15. Wonder if the Old York Times will note this inconsistancy.
  16. Obviously Trudeau knew Kerry well even back then.
  17. A Duel Between Manly Men
  18. Top Shiite Cleric Raises Concerns on January Vote
  19. Republicans Push Ahead to Extend Tax Cuts
  20. This is rediculous !!!
  21. Kerry finally becomes more of an appeaser than France
  22. Kerry campaign unravels in New Mexico
  23. NEW list...- you might be a republican if.......
  24. This is diplomacy
  25. Rove scoffs at Terry McAuliffe's charge he was CBS source
  26. Kerry Concedes Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana and Missouri
  27. Dead Soldiers
  28. Rove Speaks
  29. Loose cannons undermining Kerry
  30. GOP Unites Behind DeLay After 3 Aides Are Charged
  31. Rather Irrelevant
  32. Kerry diplomacy in action
  33. Theresa Heinz Kerry expects an Osama "October Surprise"?
  34. Dang that bush can't do nuthin' right
  35. Hey libs should read this one
  36. Pretty cool...buy the boys a beer
  37. Unimpeacheable source.
  38. Dear Senators Kerry & Edwards,
  39. CBS Boss endorses BUSH!!!!! Kerry whines like a bitch in the corner.
  40. Kerry not the hero he proclaims to be (NY Times)
  41. 1997: Kerry made case for preemptive strike on Iraq....now flip flops again...what is it John?
  42. European Union falling apart?
  43. Top Ten Ways for CBS To Improve Its Reputation
  44. The Art of Losing Friends
  45. Kerry Argued Case For Unilateral Preemptive Action In Iraq On CNN's CROSSFIRE In 1997...
  46. Licenses
  47. Arab Street, AlJazeera and the Kerry Camp voice the same critisism - Anything the Arab Street says is full of crap
  48. The Rape Jihad
  49. A plea for civility
  50. You dems are DOOMED!! Dubya is getting the CHICK vote!!
  51. MY President
  52. So this is the man that kerry and the dems call a puppet
  53. Very nice article by Colbert King
  54. Bush National Guard Colonel Describes service
  55. Michael Moore had foreknowledge of CBS National Guard attack?
  56. Arab News: Why the US Shouldn’t Cut and Run
  57. So what is kerry's strategy?
  58. Hardball interviews John Oneill
  59. Couldn't agree more
  60. New network name "See-BS" :)
  61. Deconstructing Dowd
  62. Wanna be sick??? read on...
  63. Keep it up dems.
  64. Washington Post continues to be a responsible newspaper.
  65. God grief I continue to be so ashamed of myself.
  66. Good article on The New York Times (long)
  67. Elections in Iraq
  68. How to Deal with Terrorists
  69. Battling for Iraq - Lt. Gen. David H. Petraeus
  70. Censorship!!!
  71. Kerry's plan against terrorism
  72. Breaking News: Rather out in the Spring
  73. Colin Powell agrees with Kerry
  74. Ayman al-Zawahri captured in Pakistan?
  75. The Top 10 Things To Like About Kerry
  76. Does kerry just re-cycle his positions???
  77. Dang that dubya's funny
  78. Oh...poor punkin. Stop it, quit hurting me, quit using my own words in your ads!!
  79. RCP Commentary
  80. Top 10 reasons Republicans SHOULD vote for Kerry....
  81. Poles, polls, holes
  82. France wants to help us learn how to surrender.
  83. This is great CNN doesn't trust their own poll.
  84. Kerry on Orange Alert!!! First Botox, now this?
  85. A pair of questions
  86. Orage Alert II. Rising out of the Pumpkin Patch
  87. Dole=Kerry
  88. Squirrels for Bush.
  89. John Kerry : Best Phony Baloney
  90. kerry's salute
  91. Selective intelligence
  92. Bush sticks it to the National Guard
  93. Flirting with Disaster
  94. How to Debate George Bush, by Al Gore
  95. Terrorism? Not sure how else you would explain it....
  96. Eisenhower's Son is voting for Kerry...so is Reagans..hmmm...wonder why?
  97. Media doesn't show any Iraq progress......hmmmmm.....wonder why?
  98. Debate Pregame and Postgame Thread
  99. Crazed Left May Feed Upon Itself After a J. Forbes Loss
  100. The Case For Bush Hatred: (oldie but goodie)
  101. Which would you choose?
  102. Does CBS have ANY credibility left?
  103. Bunker busters
  104. Remember....If it's not close they can't cheat! Official Democratic Dirty Tricks thread
  105. Senator's Tax Plan May Not Raise All He Expects
  106. Kerry is not done yet!!! Looks like the debate whoopin really helped....
  107. John Kerry's voting record
  108. Kerry allies rebuff offer
  109. Massachusetts Newspaper endorses bush over kerry
  110. Polish leaders reaction to John Kerry
  111. Official Republican Party Dirty Tricks Thread
  112. Did anyone watch Saturday Night Live?
  113. Did Kerry cheat at the debates? (Drudge)
  114. Don't steal yard signs.
  115. Did the President Lie about Iraq?
  116. Saddam Possessed WMD's, Had Extensive Terror Ties
  118. Global Test (funny)
  119. Bush is not done yet. Looks like debate "whoopin" really didn't help
  120. What Kerry SAID during the debate.
  121. Bush boom continues
  122. Rumsfeld: No 'Hard Evidence' of Iraq-Al Qaeda Link
  123. Interesting: the flip flopping could make Kerry win after all
  124. Bush-Cheney Office in Tennessee Hit by Gunshots
  125. more AMMO for KERRY!!!! gotta luv it
  126. not too bad for a VP debate....
  127. Explosive Issue
  128. Draft Scare by the democrats
  129. A test we don't need to pass
  130. Hey Everybody! Don't bother sifting through all of these political posts! All of the info is condensed here!
  131. U.S. Report Finds No Evidence of Iraq WMD
  132. U.S. 'Almost All Wrong' on Weapons(long)
  133. Saddam's Slick Plot
  134. Middle Management (Veep debate)
  135. Letters from john kerry
  136. Paradigms & Prejudices
  137. What would it be like if kerry were president.
  138. Jacque Chirac - "world cultures choked by American values"
  139. dont look now...but Kerry just took the lead?!?!!!
  140. What I Really Said About Iraq - L. Paul Bremer III
  141. New Jib-Jab Presidential Race Cartoon - Hilarious!!
  142. Bush Had A Wire During The First Debate?
  143. Sean Penn's memo to Southpark duo
  144. Debate #2
  145. At the same time John Kerry denigrates their achievements for crass political gain, afghanistan casts their first vote.
  146. Howard Wins Australian Elections
  147. The Managing of Tangentiality
  148. Afghan Election- FRAUD....hmmm...perhaps Kerry was correct again....
  149. Case for Iraq was was solid says kerry.
  150. Boy there is a reason that Kerry won't talk to a reporter
  151. Kerry got an honorable discharge?.....30 years later?
  152. Death of Liberalism (long, but really good)
  153. Anti-Kerry Documentary to air in Swing States
  154. Farenhype 9/11......the truth be told
  155. Kerry says that terrorism needs to just be a "nuisance"...Giuliani explains it to him.
  156. When you've lost the NYTimes....
  157. ABC to join C-BS soon?
  158. Iraqi war actually created "momentum" for terrorists- Bush wrong as usual
  159. Our soldiers know who they can trust.
  160. Pete Sessions Nude Photos!
  161. Training the Iraqis
  162. One Question for John Kerry
  163. We Have an Obligation to Eliminate Terrorism, Not Tolerate It
  164. Iwo Jima, if covered by media today by Zell Miller
  165. FCC Chief whines for Kerry
  166. Why does Edwards even open his mouth at all?
  167. Nobel Laureate: Bush was right, but tax cuts were too small
  168. Celsius 41.11: The temperature at which the brain begins to die
  169. Doc's Electoral College Predictor thread (long)
  170. Reeds which category of Rich do you dislike?
  171. My Heart Still Bleeds
  172. Still Undecided?
  173. Team America
  174. I wonder what Arnold would say about a male cheerleader- girly man??hahah...
  175. Fox News O'Reilly sues for extortion?????
  176. FCC preparing to overstep it's bounds????
  177. Legacy
  178. 368 Economists against Kerrynomics
  179. I guess killing babies didn't make Saddam a terrorist either right libs?
  180. Tennessee dims in full retreat relate Bush to Special Olympians. Disgusting.
  181. Debate 3
  182. Don't close the blinds
  183. DNC: Charge Voter Intimidation, even if none exists....???
  184. Issue or Non-Issue: Kerry's and Edwards' references to Mary Cheney
  185. Zell Miller: Iwo Jima, if covered by the media today
  186. FCC won't block airing of 'Stolen Honor'
  187. Anything to get elected - Charles Krauthammer
  188. Bush a psychopath?
  189. Daschle's South Dakota Residency in Question
  190. Arnie bashes Bush and praises Kerry?!?!
  191. MTV playing politics... and scaring youth into voting...
  192. Breaking News: Edwards plane has to abort takeoff....
  193. Political movies to be shown in Cleveland polling place
  194. Kerry backs out of church service...tells another lie.
  195. Chicago Tribune gets it right
  196. 5 Bills in 20 years....5 bills in 20 years.
  197. Cheap Drugs from Canada, think again
  198. Texans: Early Voting Begins Today!!!
  199. Kerry, all things to all people-Eye color.
  200. MTV - Vote or Die
  201. War of Words
  202. Kerry's Candidacy: Threat to U.S. National Security
  203. Fahrenheit 9/11
  204. Some hilarious Bush quotes
  205. John Kerry: A Lie for Every Audience
  206. DMN endorses Frost
  207. Reasons to Vote for Bush
  208. True Class
  209. Ah the snobs come out.
  210. His love for UN exceed his love for his country
  211. Does John Kerry flip-flop on EVERYTHING?
  212. Steel Rain
  213. Voting Question
  214. For all of the monday morning quarterbacks.
  215. What the heck is the Kerry campaign doing?
  216. Clinton wishes to be head of the UN?
  217. Former Republican senator for Kerry- good read..makes sense to me...
  218. Simple question for conservatives and liberals
  219. And then the Kerry campaign falls apart...
  220. Voices of Iraq
  221. Bush is now Guaranteed Florida.....:o)
  222. US elections, Iraq/Iran, a german perspective.
  223. Article about the terror in Iraq
  224. More dimocraptic shananigans
  225. Ketchup lady is a lush!
  226. Pete Sessions reaches an all time low
  227. Some responses to Britain's "Operation Clark County"
  228. Is there any solid position with this guy?
  229. Pretty interesting satire on the "liberal open minded" left.
  230. A Nation Divided: Why the election is still tied
  231. Will the Cowboys win this game?
  232. Dracula is to blame
  233. Foaming at the Mouth
  234. No time for Kerry's Europhile delusions
  235. "integrity, integrity, integrity"
  236. Huge Cache of Explosives Vanished From Site in Iraq
  237. Temperature in Hell Dropping Rapidly
  238. Predict the outcome of the election...
  239. Clinton!!! Go William Go!!!
  240. Looks like Kerry is sucking up to the Pols after bashing them
  241. I was at the '86 World Series before I wasn't....and I ran in the Boston Marathon...what's next? The internet?
  242. Why are you a Conservative/Liberal?
  243. A better job ahead
  244. new add by Zucker the "Airplane!" "Naked Gun" Guy
  245. SHOCKing revelation (insert sarcasm icon)
  246. Align yourselves with the Terrorists in Iraq.... one vision shared.
  247. Terror Takes a Stand
  248. Six days until the election and the voters have become disenfranchised.
  249. ABCNews holds Terror warning tape...
  250. Incredible Incompetence