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  1. Landrieu's excuses reminds me of Mavdog
  2. Please Read - New Political Forum procedures
  3. Dubya saves 9,721 african-americans!!!
  4. Bush shows a set...unlike the Dems would have done
  5. Pathetic Liberals invoke Katrina into Roberts Hearing...who didn't see that coming?
  6. 12 Explosions in Iraq Kill at Least 152
  7. Our country has gone to shat
  8. Spreading Blame from Pillar to Post
  9. Whose Constitution Is It?
  10. The Racism Charges Won't Wash
  11. Progress report on Iraq, is case NY times failed to mention it
  12. Bush's speech
  13. Bush and wages in the gulf area
  14. Now THIS group has got some credibility
  15. Cindy Sheehan.... Is she now a spokeswoman for Al Qaeda?
  16. Celine Dion
  17. Clinton launches withering attack on Bush
  18. Maybe it's Nagin who really hates poor blacks
  19. Why Tehran Hopes For War
  20. German Elections--Herr Gore Part 2
  21. John Kerry's Katrina Speech
  22. North Korea gives up its nukes!
  23. Too bad it took a Hurricane before the public realized what kind of a leader Bush is...
  24. NYPD Kick Sheehan's Ample Buttocks
  25. You all must try this..
  26. Leahy to vote for Roberts
  27. Iraq still haunted by war with IRAN? Hmmm..didnt the USA back IRAQ in that war??? Strange..
  28. William Jefferson Clinton: The Legacy
  29. Seriously this time- I know this board will actually like this one- I promise
  30. Al Gore! Al Gore!
  31. More stuck on stupid
  32. The demise of race hucksterism.
  33. Long Run - Unfortunately, Kerry Isn't Giving Up
  34. Just thought I'd revisit the Iraq coalition
  35. Sheehan Arrested During Anti-War Protest
  36. Brown Blames 'Dysfunctional' Louisiana
  37. DeLay Indicted for conspiracy!!! Isnt he a Republican??? start bashing boys
  38. The Truth Hurts
  39. Roberts should be confirmed today...Bush now needs to replace O'Connor. Here are some candidates.
  40. A Tale of Two States........God Bless Texas!
  41. Roberts Confirmed: Here is his biggest endorsement.
  42. Bush Expected to Make Next Nomination TODAY
  43. Funny political line on Will and Grace Live
  44. Bennett under fire for remarks on blacks, crime
  45. Clinton preyed on poor people for US enlistement!!
  46. 'NY Times' Finally Runs Full Correction on Krugman Column, Announces New Policy
  47. Harriet Miers--To Confirm or Not to Confirm
  48. Harriet Miers--To Confirm or Not to Confirm
  49. Harriet Miers--To Confirm or Not to Confirm
  50. I'm kind of surprised noone is talking about replacing Greenspan.
  51. Zarqawi hates his boss!
  52. Cuban's New Movie
  53. 39% !!!!!!!????????? classic...ya'll texans should be proud!!! NOT!!!hahaha
  54. Conservative Think Tank Economist dismissed over Bush criticism
  55. CAT FIGHT!
  56. War Wagons
  57. Dear Lord, can we make this racist group disappear?
  58. I love it when the MSM gets exposed....
  59. Miers Withdraws Nomination.
  60. Bill Riggo goes to Iraq
  61. The world is a more peaceful place.
  62. Race and sports
  63. Lowest Black Employment Rate Lowest Than Even Clinton Years... Blame Bush
  64. Bush Nominates Alito for Supreme Court
  65. Boston Legal
  66. IED's
  67. The Racism Card
  68. We have a WINNER! ANWR passes the senate!
  69. How Low can his rating go?!?
  70. France did not support the Iraq war yet...
  71. Chiraq and De Villepin seek to surrender to rioters.
  72. A bit too late
  73. Texas says HELL NO to gay marriage
  74. Overall, a good day for the Democrats
  75. 50 Dead in Jordan Blast, Suicide blast in Iraq kills 33, US warns N.Korea on Nukes...
  76. What- questioning Bush's ethics?? It just cant be?
  77. I knew NOTHING Defence by Democrats
  78. Bruce Willis - A Celebrity with views you can actually respect
  79. the "we were all wrong" argument by the WH
  80. Pick out your congressperson
  81. Wackjob Sheehan gets all of the attention she deserves.
  82. Redistricting the wrong way
  83. Highest Level of Tax Revenues in HISTORY!!
  84. MSM calls the Lakers v. Jihadis game
  85. ". .to win the war in Iraq is an idea which is just plain wrong"
  86. "Anybody who doesn't appreciate .....President Bush, let them go to h***"
  87. A sad, sad day in Austrian politics
  88. Patriot Act vs liberty?
  89. AP: Frist AIDS Charity Paid Consultants
  90. GOP consultant convicted of telephone harassment
  91. Op-Eds for Sale
  92. Texas; among states with poorest populations
  93. Powell: White House not told of pre-war intelligence doubts
  94. Final Iraq vote results due in January; Democrats challenge tally
  95. Germany Frees Hijacker Who Killed U.S. Sailor
  96. Kerry: White House spying unconstitutional, Bush excuse `lame'
  97. 2-0-5 in Review
  98. You just can't trust a terrorist! Dangit!
  99. Renaldus Maximus's Transit Strike
  100. New Orleans can't match Iraq
  101. Cheer Up Mavie!
  102. Thanks Americans...Just for being who you are.
  103. History Lesson : Chicago Tribune Analyzes Iraq War Discussion
  104. Another History Lesson:Michael Crichton takes on Fearmongering in our society.
  105. Dubya's new years resolution. Do what Cheney says.
  106. Oh my GOD!!! The NSA is putting COOKIES ON MY COMPUTER!!!
  107. Oh Luuucceeee! You're in a lot of trouble now!
  108. Just heard some good stuff on the radio..
  109. Ralph Peters sums up Iraq and salutes the troops.
  110. Interesting Newsweek discussion on NSA program outing.
  111. Katrina "limosine liberal" Vanden Heuval speaks to 2005.
  112. It's the Demography Stupid.
  113. Cracking An Insurgent Cell
  114. What I want for Christmas in '08
  115. Dubya as Jack Bauer
  116. Texas Governor's Race
  117. Ka-BOOM!! The Bush Freedom March Continues
  118. Finally the Democrats come storming out against our Intelligence Leaks.
  119. Abramoff Pleads Guilty to 3 Counts
  120. Lobbying Plan Was Central to GOP's Political Strategy
  121. President Bush Blamed for Mine Disaster
  122. NEA wins another one and strikes another blow for Poor Schools
  123. If anything will get Europe made at Iran it's mean talking.
  124. Sen Reid lobbies Al-Queda to boost Vega threat level.
  125. Robertson links Sharon stroke, God's wrath
  126. Why Bush Can't Stand Up to House Republicans
  127. The Zarqawi Effect Strikes Again
  128. Wall Street Journal: Banish the Abramoff Republicans
  130. New Saddam Documents Detail Terror Training
  131. Merkel criticises Guantanamo Bay
  132. Alito's Credibility Problem by Edward M. Kennedy
  133. Clinton Scheme Gave Iran Nuke Blueprints
  134. Alito Hearings: Lesson 1, Day 1
  135. Nudity invalidates marriage'
  136. US diplomats ready to go to United Nations
  138. Red Cross and FEMA
  139. John Kerry has upgraded the guy who tells what his opinion is....
  140. So how many democrats could be confirmed?
  141. Nice re-cap of the "search-of-a-ten-year-old" canard
  142. Alito Confirmation Another Setback for Bush
  143. Ka-BOOM!! The Bush Judicial March Continues!
  144. Repubs outdo the Dems yet again
  145. Nagin Pulls a Robertson
  146. OOPS! Hillary's MLK Day Screw Up
  147. SCOUS upholds Oregon Assisted Suicide Law
  148. Oh Teddy,teddy,,Say it ain't so! Say you're not the biggest Hypocrite in Washington!
  149. Democrats Unveil Lobbying Curbs
  150. No wonder Kennedy supports Abortion on demand
  151. Diplomacy, you know, like the French . . .
  152. OBL offers truce
  153. Harry Apologizes to GOP
  154. Hillary takes Iranian Money? Figures.
  155. Alternative way of thinking of marriage - SF Chronicle Op-Ed
  156. Oh Canada!
  157. Sheehan strikes again....benedict sheehan anyone?
  158. Blowhard
  159. Feminists are less concerned with women's rights than abortion rights.
  160. Hamas wins election
  161. ACLU: Don't Bar Terrorist Sympathizers
  162. KKK Grand Wizard votes for Alito!!!
  163. The austin chronicle amazes me yet again.
  164. Chinese and US Google search.
  165. Gore accuses big oil of bankrolling Tories
  166. FBI/Homeland Security to monitor internet traffic
  167. Democrats in 2 Southern States Push Bills on Bible Study
  168. Aaron Brown gets it. There is no truth in todays news or politics
  169. Darth Vader weighs in on FISA
  170. Debate on Climate Shifts to Issue of Irreparable Change
  171. Howard Dean Implicates Harry Reid in Abramoff Scandal
  172. Freedom of expression and islam
  173. Epitome
  174. Lunar Helium-3 as an Energy Source in a nutshell
  175. Alito filibuster soundly CRUSHED!
  176. Our Right to Security: Al Qaeda, not the FBI, is the greater threat to America
  177. Wikipedia Bans Congress
  178. Hoops Metaphor
  179. Senate Confirms Alito to Supreme Court
  180. George about Bill- "my new brother"
  181. Coretta Scott King - dead at 78
  182. Cindy Sheehan Claiming Police Brutality
  183. Another Kerry Goof Up.....
  184. Jimmy Carter supports Hamas
  185. Alito splits with Conservatives on first day
  186. Reprehensible comments from NAACP leader Bond....sickening.
  187. Stupid in America
  188. The Official Kinky Friedman Thread
  189. Water privatisation and the GATS
  190. Republicans get a Boehner
  191. Jerry Springer, Kerry's wife give to Clinton, but she returns Wal-Mart cash
  192. Muslim Riots Spread to Amish, Hare Krishnas, Jews, Others
  193. Muslim Man Complaint Box.
  194. College aid for drug felons
  195. McCain to Obama, "I hold no hard feelings over your earlier disingenuousness". Ouch!
  196. The War Behind the Cartoon War
  197. The "Cartoon Riots": Bigots on Both Sides
  198. King funeral bastardized by Jimmy Carter and Lowery
  199. 2006 Congressional Democrat Contract With Al Qaeda
  200. A Court Ordered Gang Rape
  201. Merkel 'thinks she's Hitler'
  202. The NYTimes....Liberal "rag" of record
  203. Funding for student loans cut
  204. Are there guns in your school? They're here...
  206. Now they know who their friends really are!
  207. Watch the Media go crazy again
  208. No Senate run for Sheehan
  209. Iraqi force turnover status.
  210. Middle Eastern Media Awash in Anti-Semitism
  211. Ex-CIA Official Faults Use of Data on Iraq
  212. Libby Testified He Was Told To Leak Data About Iraq
  213. The Gay Agenda
  214. I received this joke via email, and I didn't find it amusing at all.
  215. What happens when you let the the UN do a mans job
  216. What happens when you let the the UN do a mans job
  217. Discontent in `Eurabia'
  218. Don't get in VP Cheney's way or he will shoot ya!
  219. Americans experience 2 Irans
  220. Same-Sex Marriage Ban Vote on the Horizon
  221. Hillary "aids and abets our enemies" in the battle against terrorism.
  222. The Official Muslim Cartoon Thread
  223. Frank Miller's Batman to 'Kick Al Queda's ass' in upcoming graphic novel
  224. From Saddams mouth to your ears....wmd's and more
  225. Gay muslims? Who knew?
  226. New Abu Ghraib abuse photos shown in Australia
  227. Benefits of a Gore Presidency
  228. Awww...the liberal news network got their wittle feewings hurt....
  229. Dems have found another group to exploit.
  230. I guess the Dems are not clean as a whistle afterall
  231. Dems were silent when Sheehan was parading around, but ...
  232. Mohammed farks...
  233. Jesse Jackson's Worst Nightmare
  234. Intellectual Freedom and Catholocism
  235. Straight from Saddams Mouth ...
  236. Everyone is a liberal until they get mugged.
  237. The MSM : Controversy, Crap, and ConfusionTM.
  238. Don't Punish The Palestinians - by Jimmah Carter
  239. New questions on Saddam, WMD
  240. I volunteer to accomodate him.
  241. McCain Wants $10 Million Pork Project
  242. Carter backs Bush's stand on seaport-operations deal
  243. Republicans Sell Out on Entitlement Reform
  244. An opinion can get you 10years!
  245. Mosque attack brings Iraq to brink of Civil War?
  246. A Failure of the Press
  247. Clinton pleases NZ woman
  248. The press makes choices, and they show their leanings by them.
  249. Sadaam had WMD
  250. Could zarqawi be far behind?