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  1. ex-Mav Harvey might be traded to Boston
  2. Avery Johnson
  3. Nellie on the Mavs-Spurs game: "It's the biggest game of the season"
  4. Shane Battier
  5. Austin Croshere
  6. Why not boozer
  7. Poll: Poll: Will Mavs do a trade before the deadline?
  8. UnderdogBall Rears Its Ugly Head
  9. Times up
  10. Trades that almost happened
  11. It is really for the best that the Mavs DIDN'T make a trade
  12. Poll: Poll Mavs make no trade good or bad?
  13. The future
  14. Stanley Roberts????
  15. MAVS V Spurs
  16. 1 Mavs fan + 2 Spurs fans=?????
  17. Mavs Seeking Trade Deadline Extension?
  18. mavs-spurs on the dish
  19. Dear Nellie...
  20. Winning record
  21. how to ...
  23. why was bradley most recently in the dog house?
  24. San Antonio take on the game
  25. REBOUNDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  26. mavs X rocket
  27. Yao learning how to be a Rocket
  28. Someone who can stop Duncan and Shaq
  29. what amazes me about big men that are "big time" defenders
  30. Marc Stein on the Dal-Mia Trade that never happened
  31. Bradley deserves Kudos
  32. Poll: Who needs to contribute the most?
  33. Poll: Poll:This board's biggest pissing contest
  34. Move Over Spielberg Here Comes NVE
  35. WTF was ESPN smoking?
  36. Finley's Dunk over Yao
  37. too early to talk about seedings?
  38. Prediction Thread: Dallas v. Washington
  39. Superstar players
  40. Nájera or Bell?
  41. what is the problem with raef?
  42. Just got bacK from the game!!!
  43. Dirk and rebounding...
  44. Nash for Payton and Mason?
  45. Poll: If the Playoffs started Today
  46. Poll: Who flops the most for the Mavs?
  47. Power Rankings
  48. Dirks offensive abileties.
  49. A Question Or Two
  50. Stein: Mavericks' 'power' surge delayed until summer
  51. WHAT?????????
  52. orlando is hyping up the game, is mavs ready?
  53. Mavericks may be the best, but don't call them favorites
  54. San Antonio Express Article: The big 'D' really fits with this Dallas team
  56. East vs. West in 2003
  57. Top team records against each other
  58. Just a nice nellie note
  59. Even MMQB likes the Mavs
  60. NBA's "most efficient" scorers (Najera, Dirk, Nash included)
  61. Orlando Magic fans on who should be MVP of the season.
  62. Playoff Berth
  63. Check this out
  64. My Life as Nellie
  65. The Underdog Ball lineup doesn't even score well...
  66. Mavs this season
  67. 4th Quarter Stats
  68. What you would change if you were the coach of the Mavs
  69. horace grant anyone?
  70. We love you Dirk, but ...
  71. Poll: Poll: Is the Kings game Thursday bigger than the SA game last week? Why or why not?
  72. 41-27
  73. Is Finley even being considered for the US team?
  74. Poll: How many wins?
  75. Najera....How many games will he be suspended?
  76. Nellie is biased
  78. Raef
  80. Tyrone Hill available... Mavs interested
  81. I hate NVE (as a basketball player)...and is Nellie scared of him?
  82. Can Kings, Lakers, and Spurs beat Mavs with Najera?
  83. We love you Eduardo, but...
  84. Where will the Mavs be in a few years?
  85. Top 25 players (SportingNews's GM poll)
  86. Dallas Stands Pat, But Knows Change May Be Needed
  87. Poll: Who is your favorite Mav
  88. Adelman: "Divac was not playing well, so I figured I would play Bobby Jackson"
  89. Give us BLOOD, and give it to us NOW!!!
  90. Good game!
  91. My Opinion On What This Game Means
  92. random points from last night
  93. From God to Bobby Jackson...
  94. Silver linings
  95. what was NVE thinking?
  96. Kings' fans on Nájera
  97. Did anybody feel...
  98. Nájera the Difference Maker
  99. why did the mavs lose?
  100. What were Ainge and Thompson saying about the game last night?
  101. Dallas writers say Bibby is better than Nash? .................hmm
  102. Don Nelson - Manute Bol
  103. Mavs reported to be in talks with Rodman
  104. Najera Says...
  105. Former Mav--Adam Harrington
  106. J. Thompson, Analyst: Thoughts
  107. another reason why i like nick..and think he should stay...
  108. Self Fulfilling Prophecy
  109. Stretch run to number 1 seed. Some numbers
  110. The real need center production ZO available for midlevel exception?
  111. Charley Rosen's take on the Mavs' season
  112. The five best players down the stretch of games theory
  113. Wow Mavs vs. Memphis Thread
  114. Griffin activated/Rigo on IL
  115. Hey MAVSWIN, How bout them Spurs?
  116. This is good story on the nelsons-LONG- but good
  117. Clock Delay
  118. As I feared it's all up to finley
  119. Tyrone Hill a Mav?
  120. The Mavs: Nelson,Underdog ball & soft heartedness: RANT
  121. Poll: How far will the Mavs go
  122. Nelson's GM (lack of) success this year?
  123. Standings since January 1st
  124. What, no hangover?
  125. Eddie Najera the MVP not Dirk,Steve or Finley
  126. if najera is the Mavs MVP....?
  127. Bradley vs. Vlade
  128. According with Cuban and Nelson, what number has Eddie in the team?
  129. its official hill signs with philly
  130. The MVP race is a huge joke
  131. Mavericks vs. Nets Game Thread
  132. offseason moves: Kidd to dallas for nash and Esch.
  133. This Week's Power Rankings
  134. Steve Nash getting trashed on WBAP (820) right now
  135. Its Offical: NBA Officals Are Out Of Control
  136. What's the deal with Popeye Jones bust?
  137. Who won the game for the Mavs tonight? Nick Van Exel
  138. So which game does nellie start najera
  139. Inferior East
  140. Poll: who is our most consistent post-up threat?
  141. najera on the glass
  142. Magic Number
  143. Underdog mentality
  144. At least someone realizes SmallBall kills on boards
  145. TAW
  146. Hi
  148. Mavs Low Post Game
  149. Mavs at Miami Game Thread
  150. Nick Van Exel
  151. A little article on Bell
  152. Nice Story on Dirk
  153. Mavs want to preserve Nash at 32 and below
  154. Read, please?
  155. Odds & Ends
  156. things that make you go hrmmm....
  157. Nash on the hot seat
  158. Kings and Mavericks, can we beat them in a playoff series?
  159. Look here
  160. I'm here to extoll the greatness of little stevie nash
  161. The greatness of Keon Clark
  162. Utah vs. Mavs Game thread
  163. Rigaudon't
  164. Mavs 24-4 record this year when Eddie plays
  165. 20 games left, what's it going to take?
  166. Poll: What future mav opponnent do you most want to beat?
  167. The Mark Cuban show
  168. Who needs Tyrone Hill?
  169. Mavs 31-5 record when AJ plays this year
  170. the mavs are 18-4 when Popeye plays this year
  171. the Mavs are 8-3 when Esch and Rig play
  172. What does all this tell us?
  173. Pretty funny stuff from sloan about last nights game.
  174. The Slow, Painful Conquering of UnderdogBall
  175. Mavs v. Wolves Game Thread
  176. Karl Malone should come home to Dallas.
  177. what's the over under on minutes for najera tonight?
  178. from ESPN radio today..coop and newy
  179. Revolutionary Defensive Strategy Contained Within
  180. if you are dirk, are you pissed after the game?
  181. a call for truce. And a call to redirect your hostility
  182. isn't it obvious that the mavs do have an interior presence?
  183. 32%
  184. Mavs v. Wolves Game Wrap
  185. has nellie done enough the past month or so...
  186. Anyone still in favor of Brian Grant?
  187. The Nellie thread
  188. dirk is at 24.1 PPG
  189. Dallas Sports Talk Radio - NY Sports Talk Radio
  190. Do the Mavericks know how to win the close ones?
  191. Power Rankings 03/11
  192. How the mavericks scale the mountain?
  193. anyone recall a web site posted here recently
  194. Absolutely Incredible
  195. Stoopid Threads Thread
  196. Another thing about Nelson I don't understand
  197. San Antonio, 3.5 games back
  198. how do you want the bracket to fall?
  199. Something that really bothers me
  200. Spurs: Bad Playoff Team
  201. Why are the Mavs such a good road team?
  202. if you had to decide now, what moves would you look to make in the off season?
  203. Poll: do the mavs hold off San Antonio for the Midwest title?
  204. Mavs vs Seattle Game Thread
  205. Who said Nelson was a bad coach?
  206. Mavs VS Spurs in a playoff series
  207. Murphy...Stats
  208. Finley, Wallace, And The Answer
  209. TAW activated tonight?
  210. Dream coach for the Mavericks
  211. dirk's #'s the last 38 games
  212. Well, we suck.
  213. Isiah blames Nellie for thuggish pacers getting in trouble...
  214. Nellie rebuts...
  215. A question about Nash
  216. Mavs v. Seattle Game Wrap
  217. Spurs gaining up on the Mavs!
  218. Mavs vs Golden State Game Thread - MFF will be in the house
  219. The differences between the Mavericks and the other "contenders"
  220. where did the rebounding go?
  221. Specific defensive foul-ups
  222. What is up with mike finley?
  223. The Role of Shawn Bradley
  224. Well, we are awesome.
  225. Mavs @ Golden State Game Thread
  226. Yawn...another Finley bashing thread
  227. Do the Mavs actually have any semblance of a half court game?
  228. Why do refs have to be so macho?
  229. Poll: Topic You Are Most Tired Of Seeing?
  230. Is Nellie trying to lose games on purpose?
  231. Recent offensive stats and running the offense through dirk
  232. Whats up with dirk?
  233. My game recap
  234. I want this comic - can anyone help me out?
  235. Brief synopsis of last night's game...
  236. Dirk says ankle is not that bad
  237. Dallas@Sacramento Game Thread
  238. A new 7'6" Maverick Center?
  239. Mavs' Nash throws caution to wind on impending war
  240. Best of all
  241. A couple of points
  242. ur expectation for the playoff?
  243. Random observations...
  244. Nellie yelling at Najera
  245. Someone help, what IS defense? What statistics reflect it.
  246. Will the Spurs catch us???
  247. Fake Nash
  248. Some Post-Game Quotes.
  249. Need help
  250. Adrian Griffin