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08-02-2001, 12:06 AM
Mavinator and I have been doing a lot of work lately trying to identify some of the best up and coming big men in the NBA. This work will continue over the next few days, but I thought that y'all might enjoy some of our early findings... Some of these guys could be great steals, and they would all look good in the Mav's future blue and black...

Atlanta Hawks, Cal Bowdler
Per 48 minutes stats:
18.07 PPG
10.07 RPG (including 3.96 offensive rebounds per game)
2.71 BPG
.471 FG%
.825 FT%

Cal Bowdler is a 6-10, 245 pound strong forward who shows great shooting touch and a great ability to run the floor. He also shows a physical tough streak which has helped him to establish a reputation as an "Interior Enforcer". He might be compared to a quicker Adam Keefe with a jump shot.

Denver Nuggets, "Big Dan" McClintock
Per 48 minutes stats:
14.85 PPG
13.86 RPG (Including an incredible 8.41 offensive rebounds per game)
0.99 APG
1.63 BPG
.500 FG%

"Big Dan" McClintock rapidly propelled his draft stock upwards before the 2000 NBA draft by dominating the Arizona Desert Classic and showing NBA scouts a truly rare combination of size and great speed. The 7-0, 275 pounder actually boasted the fastest 100 yard dash time for the 2000 Northern Arizona basketball squad. While attending NAU, "Big Dan" twice led his team to NCAA tournament appearances and became the #3 scorer in NAU history- a surefire first ballot NAU hall of famer in four years. His great speed is complemented by his good hands and great shot selection, as is shown by his .670 career FG% in college. Before the 2000 NBA draft one NBA scout described "Big Dan" as being possibly, "...the most athletic big man in this draft". Dan McClintock is currently one of the best kept secrets in the NBA, and the sky appears to be the limit for this young true center.

College Prospects:

Northern Arizona, Justin Garcia


It is interesting to note that the desert plains of Northern Arizona were once noted for the gold which was mined there, for currently Northern Arizona University is producing some gold of their own. Justin Garcia is a 7-1, 239 pound incoming freshman who will do his part to continue the successful tradition which "Big Dan" has established over the last few years. The 2000 graduate of Jurupa H.S. is probably the most anticipated recruit in NAU history, bringing his potent mix of footwork, lethal jumpshooting, and boundless energy to every game he plays in. However, the most interesting thing about Garcia's game is the flair and sense of showmanship which he brings to his game. Not many 7-1 players can confidently pull crossover moves on their defenders only to finish with a behind the back pass. This showmanship scared away some recruiters and encouraged many others. While he took a redshirt year in order to put more weight on his slight frame, his goal of gaining 25 pounds in his first year was successfully met, and it bodes well for his future. Expect to see this highly talented and developing pivot make some big noise in the future... According to one recruiting source, "Garcia has early NBA entry written all over him... He shoots better than most guards". When picturing Justin Garcia imagine Dan Langhi crossed with Jason Williams...

Expect more glimpses of the future in coming days...

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Good work! i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif

...and thank you two!