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11-12-2001, 10:49 PM
i went to this thing called cube club last friday night.. got to play all the games and what not- it was pretty awesome.. anyone else reserved one? im pretty siked about it.

11-13-2001, 11:06 AM
Maybe sometime next year. Only game i'm interested in right now is Super Monkey Ball. That game look like alot of fun. Slightly interested in the Star Wars game too.

Btw, GameCube is have an Early release. So alot of places have 'em for sale right now or in the next few days.

11-14-2001, 12:03 AM
Even though I'm content with my PS2 (which has been collecting dust the last few months i/expressions/face-icon-small-sad.gif), I'd much rather get an X-Box than the GameCube. Nintendo has a bad habit of focusing on cartoony, family-friendly games. I know there are some exceptions, but still..the X-Box already has tons of killer looking games on the horizon AND it can play DVD's (with an optional add-on kit - why the hell wasn't that included?!) AND it has more powerful hardware specs I believe.

Flying Tiger
11-14-2001, 06:57 PM
I no the cube shape of it made it original and everything, but it's just such an awkward shape that it looks like it might be hard to find a place for it. By the way, are it's games on CDs?

11-15-2001, 11:26 AM
Don't know what you thinks wrong with the Cube's shape. It probably has the best shape and size of the 3 consoles.

Anyway, I don't know what their called but GameCube games are on some kind of disk that Nintendo developed. It's only made for the Cube. Their about half the size of a normal DVD/CD.

11-15-2001, 05:07 PM
my ps2 is on the outs..dont' know what the hell is wrong with it..but the disc's have stopped spinning for some reason

11-17-2001, 11:38 PM
So who's camping out tonight? i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif

11-17-2001, 11:41 PM
I bet stores will still have 'em in the morning. None of the release games just look impressive enough..not like xbox's Halo and DOA3.

11-17-2001, 11:44 PM
Well my Best Buy still had 9 X-Box's at 2:30 thurs. afternoon. Gamecube has more of a demand then x-Box did so it'll probably be tougher to find.

11-17-2001, 11:48 PM
Wow I kinda thought it would be the other way around, since xbox seems to be marketed more heavily and also has more impressive specs. Then again, the GameCube is pretty cheap in comparison.. Once the Pokemon game is released, though, I'm sure every kid's going to want one.

11-17-2001, 11:59 PM
I want one. The jet black one. They look sweet. But I'm not gonna buy it for 1 game.

I WANT SUPER MONKEY BALL!!!! i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif

11-18-2001, 12:09 AM
Slick eh?




11-18-2001, 12:13 AM
I'd still rather have an xbox. More power, better looking games, built-in hard drive, sweet looking design, etc. Oh well..PS2 rules them all i/expressions/face-icon-small-wink.gif

11-19-2001, 12:31 PM
I played xbox for the FIRST Time this weekend, that this is AMAZING!!!! I recommend that over ANYTHING!!!

Big Boy Laroux
11-19-2001, 12:48 PM
i played one at best buy... this may sound weird, but x-box has the BEST controller i have ever held. nice weight, slick design, buttons within good reach...

NFL fever was pretty nice.

11-19-2001, 01:24 PM
<< x-box has the BEST controller i have ever held. >>

haha, that seems to be the only consistant complaint about X-Box. The controller. Most people seem to hate it because it's too big. But your a big guy and probably have bigger hands.

Big Boy Laroux
11-20-2001, 03:44 PM
yeah, i'm almost positive that's what it is. whenever i hold a playstation controller, it feels like it's gonna slip out of my hands...

11-20-2001, 04:02 PM
gamecube is all about gameplay.. if i wanted a harddrive in my console (xbox)i would be buying pcgames.. the last thing i want is a .dll crash when im trying to play on my CONSOLE. oh yea.. and SuperSmash Bros; melee is reason alone to buy gamecube. f'in 0wnage right there

11-20-2001, 05:05 PM
Exactly turbo i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif .

yeah, i'm almost positive that's what it is. whenever i hold a playstation controller, it feels like it's gonna slip out of my hands...

That my only beef too. It's just a little too small. I don't have big hands but I've got long fingers. But They make grips for the PS2 controller that help alot IMO. I can't play anymore without them. I still think it's the best controller though.

11-25-2001, 11:08 PM
To everyone with AMEX Blue cards, Virgin Megastores is having 30% off virtually everything right now..that includes 30% of games, consoles (including xbox and GameCube), etc. Also I hear they're giving away a coupon book worth a couple hundred bucks (has coupons like $25 off $100 purchase or something to that extent) if you spend $50. You get the coupons via mail, so I'm not sure if you can somehow combine the discount with the 30% off sale.. Would be cool to pick up a PS2 for less than $200..can you say eBay? i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif

11-26-2001, 07:08 AM
Any reviews? I need some new action games..

11-26-2001, 09:09 AM
Rob can probably point you to more places but check out IGN.com (http://www.ign.com) and GameSpot.com (http://www.gamespot.com) for starters.

11-26-2001, 10:23 AM
Those are good, you can also try GameRankings (http://www.gamerankings.com) or VideogameReview (http://www.videogamereview.com) for reviews by gamers.

11-26-2001, 05:58 PM
Damn!! Only $150 at local Funcoland!!

Recommend some games to start out with!

11-26-2001, 08:36 PM
<< Damn!! Only $150 at local Funcoland!!! >>

For the GameCube? Why so cheap? Damn, I may have to go get me one if their that cheap.

11-26-2001, 08:56 PM
$140 at Virgin Megastore if you have a Blue car (see my post above). Not bad i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif

Flying Tiger
11-28-2001, 04:43 PM
I take back that comment that I made about the Game Cube having a bad shape. I thought it was much bigger than it really is.

11-28-2001, 11:07 PM
X-Box is the console that's HUGE! Gamecube is tiny.