View Full Version : Fate smiles on Cal Bowdler

11-18-2001, 11:51 AM
Atlanta Hawks forward Theo Ratliff has suddenly found himself out for 8-10 weeks after having arthroscopic surgery. Dikembe Mutumbo had some insightful comments on the problem. "I hope he has time to heal and that it isn't a problem for him that won't go away," Mutombo said. "I remember Bo Jackson's hip. I don't want to see Theo become another Bo Jackson."

While this is all very tragic, there are positive implications. First of all, offensive machine Cal Bowdler, who very recently had found himself out of the center rotation in Atlanta due to Ratliff's overratedness, is now going to be reassuming the crucial role he had last year in leading Atlanta to 25 wins.


This also gives Atlanta an opportunity to showcase Bowdler for a possible trade once Ratliff returns. Since Nellie is pretending we don't have a center right now, maybe this is the perfect opportunity for us to finally acquire a quality backup?

But Bowdler isn't the only one who the Ratliff injury benefits. There are quite a few centers looking at rejuvenated careers because of it. Atlanta is considering signing Officer Polynice, Todd Fuller, Keith Closs (who is currently with the Harlem Globetrotters), J-Mac, Chris Anstey, and Duane Causwell. With any luck, Atlanta will forego the decision-making process, just do the right thing, and sign all of them to multi-year contracts.

To think that so much happiness could be generated from a simple injury to a single man.