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11-04-2003, 11:57 AM
It was an exciting day for Stephene Dunbar when she was picked to appear on “NBA Week” on the popular show “Wheel of Fortune.” “The best part was that they told me I was going to appear on Sept. 16 which is my birthday,” says Dunbar. Taped in September, Dunbar appeared on the show with Michael Finley, Bill Walton and Allan Houston.

After going to the website to sign her mother up for the auditions, Dunbar decided to sign herself up as well. Almost two years later, she received an email announcing auditions in Dallas. “There were about 150 or 200 people there and they narrowed it down to 15 or 20. They told us that if were going to be picked, we would get a letter in the mail within three weeks.”

Dunbar received that letter. It informed her that she would be appearing on the show sometime within the next year! She then receieved a call from the producer of the show telling her that she was to appear on NBA week in September.

Dunbar enjoyed her experience on the show, especially the chance to get to meet Finley. “Michael was awesome. He is a natural. He definitely did better than I did because there were some puzzles that he knew right away and I had no idea,” Dunbar remembers.

An actress for seven years, Dunbar did not expect to be nervous in front of the cameras, but, “when I heard the beeping of the wheel spinning, I got nervous! I tried to make my face look like I wasn’t nervous, but it was hard!”

The episode of “Wheel of Fortune” will be aired the week of November 17 on WFAA-TV, Channel 8.

11-04-2003, 12:54 PM
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