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Misfit Mav
11-14-2003, 08:43 PM
I thought it might be interesting to post the stats so far of the guys who the Mavs traded, or tried to sign or trade for. What do you all think? Which of these guys should we have acquired? Who are we lucky to be rid of? There are probably several Ive forgotten about, since the Mavs pursued a lot of guys in the last couple of seasons.

Rashard Lewis- 25.7 ppg, 6.7 rpg, 2.5 apg
Really coming on strong, but he was probably always a pipe dream anyway.

Michael Redd- 22.4 ppg, 7.0 rpg, 2.4 apg
Obviously, he would have been a huge steal. Hes one big puddle of spilled milk now.

Raef LaFrentz- 8.8 ppg, 5.6 rpg, 0.9 bpg
Hes still fitting in and I expect these will improve. I think hes in a pretty good situation in Boston.

Nick Van Exel- 12.3 ppg, 7.5 apg, 5.0 ast/to
Stats arent great, but GS is winning more games than people thought they would. I wish him well.

Alonzo Mourning- 7.6 ppg, 2.8 rpg, 0.4 bpg
Wow, has he fallen off. I think Jersey did us a huge favor by stealing this guy. Might be useful for limited time in the play-offs, but keeping him happy and healthy all season would have been a huge distraction, not too mention the $12 million+ contract.

Karl Malone- 14.4 ppg, 10.1 rpg, 4.1 apg
He would have been a great pick-up for the MLE or vet minimum, but weve been over that many times. On the other hand, hes putting up similar stats to Walker so far, and his shooting percentage is surprisingly worse than Toines.

Brad Miller- 12.6 ppg, 9.6 rpg, 1.4 bpg
Playing pretty well. But we probably would have had too give up too much in trade for him. Would NVE have been worth it if it meant losing out on Jamison? Since Jamison is coming off the bench now, Im not sure.

Michael Olowokandi- 7.1 ppg, 4.2 rpg, 1.8 bpg
Cuban complained that Bill Duffy gift-wrapped this guy for the Wolves. I think it was more like a letter-bomb. I think he could be one of the worst #1 picks of all time.

Erick Dampier- 11.9 ppg, 14.4 rpg, 2.3 bpg
Damp is currently the leading rebounder in the league. His stats will probably decline as the season continues, but I still really wish we could have gotten him included in that GS trade. That would have been pure highway robbery.

Brian Grant- 9.0 ppg, 7.3 rpg, 0.4 bpg
His stats are down, and the Heat are losing. Glad we waited and traded for Jamison. If the Heat continue to spiral downwards, can we get him dirt cheap

11-15-2003, 07:26 PM
Brad Miller also has a lot of assists in every game. He is a prettu good passer than I thought.

11-16-2003, 02:12 PM
The only person I really wish we would have gotten on that list was Michael Redd, but our roster makes up for him now.

11-16-2003, 03:54 PM
Originally posted by: MavsFanatik33
The only person I really wish we would have gotten on that list was Michael Redd, but our roster makes up for him now.

Well we were certainly more than foolish not to offer Michael Redd the whole MLE. Especially since all we used the rest for was to bring in that worthless pile of crap called Rigadon't.

I also think we make a major mistake in not pursuing Karl Malone. Certainly he would have been a huge upgrade over playing the potato at center.

11-16-2003, 04:21 PM
I think it just makes you want em more when you think about what you could hvae done...mavs have a great team now and thats whats really important.

11-16-2003, 04:48 PM
Originally posted by: arsenalth9
I think it just makes you want em more when you think about what you could hvae done...mavs have a great team now and thats whats really important.

It'd be nice if we could play like it though...

11-18-2003, 01:43 PM
Firstly, interesting thread.

Now for my assessment:

Rashard Lewis- is a good player and would be doing for us what Jamison is doing now, but we wouldn't have Fortson. So, in retrospect, we're better off w/out him.

Michael Redd - would have made Finley expendable. I would have hated to see Finley go, so in a small way I'm glad this neve happened. It's a wash.

Raef LaFrentz - since his leaving meant we would get Walker, then I'm okay with not having him here. So we're better w/out him.

Nick Van Exel - we will really miss him come playoff time. We did get more rebounding for trading him which this team really needed. It's a wash.

Alonzo Mourning - would be a tougher version of what Bradley can bring (if he can stay healthy). It's a wash.

Karl Malone - all logic says he would have been a great addition this year. he doesn't fit he offense since he doesn't have a 3-pt shot, but he does add bulk. the question is how long will he be playing? I lean slightly on the side of us being better off w/out him.

Brad Miller - if we had him, then we wouldn't have pulled the NVE trade. I lean slightly towards being better with him.

Michael Olowokandi - all the physical tools, but lacks the desire. We're better off w/out him.

Erick Dampier- as Misfit said it would have been robbery. We'd definitely be better off w/ him.

Brian Grant - we may not have done the Walker trade (maybe even the Jamison trade, although NVE was coveted by GS). We're better off w/out him.

11-20-2003, 02:11 PM
I did not realize Malone had so much left in the 'ole mail bag......screw us for not hitting on that one!