View Full Version : Funny Article from NY Post

12-06-2003, 04:32 PM
In case you missed it, Danny Ainge tried to trade Baron Davis shortly after the condensed Hornet aborted 17-of-22 from the field, including 12-of-13 from off shore against the Knicks. "I hate his game," said the Celtic exec. "It reminds me too much of my own, er, Antoine Walker's."

Ainge's actions and attitude are mystifying and maddening. How can you loathe how Walker played in Boston and award Jim O'Brien a plump extension?

I've probably plummeted behind the times, but isn't the coach responsible for his players' style of play? What, Walker repetitively disobeyed O'Brien by launching so many threes and over-handling? Find fault with his shot selection, turnovers, conditioning and court conduct unbecoming a Kentucky fried forward all you want, but the Walker-Paul Pierce parlay was pretty powerful over the last few seasons.

Naturally, Ainge is very supportive of O'Brien, whose 7-11 Celtics have tumbled to nearly the top of the Atlantic Division, the NBA's Neverland, where teams gain crucial ground by losing four out of five; Danny Boy had better be supportive bearing in mind the lurch his trade left the franchise in when it should be competing with the Pacers, Pistons and Hornets as the east's elite squadron.

Oh, yeah, Ainge also is decidedly displeased with the assembled talent.

Of course, if you're keeping score at home, in only six months on the job, Danny Boy's imported body count stands at seven, almost half the 15-man roster . . . with plenty of time left to further refurbish his existing Fall Collection.

In fact, the same guy who reviled Walker for getting into with Boston's fans reached out for, you guessed it, the profoundly profane Bonzi, who constantly cursed out his coach, messed over the media, quit trying weeks ago and flipped off Portland fans who, in the end, were booing him every time he touched the ball.