View Full Version : Golden State versus Memphis!

01-13-2004, 01:03 AM
This is one hell of a game!

An amazing play to pull it into overtime
and then down by 2 with 8seconds left J.Richardson slams the ball so hard it was a dunk of the night.
Jump ball Richardson versus Posey. Posey gets it with 6 on the clock, misses and Dampier picks up his 21st rebound of the night ( to go with his 23 points) and ITS SECOND OVERTIME
Swift picks NVE in overtime and runs out on the fast break- AND HE'S BLOCKED BY DAMPIER!!!!! ITS HIS 7TH BLOCK OF THE NIGHT
What a game!

NVE and Posey trade shots
Williams misses and Cardinal comes up with his 13th rebound
NVE drives the lane and lays in a floater to tie the game with 1:23 remaining in the 2OT

Battier makes a hoop after the timeout and then rebounds Richardson's miss.
Swift nails one to put them up by 4 and NVE responds after a timeout by Musselman
Grizz take a timeout with 14 second remaning..
Cheaney fouls quickly taking one second off the clock
Swift misses a FT and its a three point game- warriors possession with :13 remaining in 2OT

Cardinal faces up for three- looking good- AND SWIFT BLOCKS IT

Cardinal fouls with :09 left- Memphis must miss both FTs
Posey misses one- 4 point game
Richardson lays it up with :05 remaining- 2 pt game
NVE fouls swift and he misses his first :03 remaining
Swift makes the second. GS ball down by 3 with :03 remaining
oh and posey fouls Dunleavy- he gets 2 FTs- looks like it's over
OH! Dunleavy misses the second and gets his own rebound. He's fouled-
AND HE MISSES BOTH FRICKIN FTs! If he had made both it would have been triple OT!

Good game, good game.
Memphis 115, Golden State 113

01-13-2004, 11:57 AM
i don't know how GS expects dunleavy to grow as a player if he only gets 5 shots and van exel jacks up 25