View Full Version : Chicago Bulls & Wash. Wizards - observations

02-07-2004, 12:06 AM
the bulls really needs a healthy pippen..they absolutely dominated in their first game(?) on this road trip with pippen scoring something like 17 points and hitting big 3s at the end of the game..they just lost a close one tonight..pippen has surgery on his knees, rehabs and then plays 2 games and then has surgery again?

eddy curry is also showing some consistency..been scoring 20 pts the past few games..if he could step up the rebounding and blocking, he could dominate the east

kirk hinrich has been good all year long

they just need that one veteran for 82 games and i think this team can be pretty dangerous in the east

washington finally is looking good with stack,arenas, hughes on the floor at the same time...kwame brown has shown some consistency the past few games much like eddy curry

looking at the standings, bulls and wiz are 8 and 6 games out of the 8th playoff spot..the bulls don't look like they'll make it, but the wiz have a chance if everyone is healthy for the second half of the season