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02-15-2004, 03:10 AM
Personally I loved it but, It could of been a whole lot better. Changes really need to be made

3 Point Contest:

They need to raise the dollar amount for the winner. No Second and Third place winners. They know that there not leaving empty handed, so then they slack at the end. Usually when someone misses the a lot from the first and second rack they stop trying. My picks for 2005...

1_Peja (Best pure shooter in the game)
2_Ray (Second)
3_Dirk (Best big 7" shooter)
4_Kyle K. (Surprised the hell out of everyone)
5_Steve N. (Who better in the clutch???)
6_Lenard (Cuz he won)

Skills Challenge

They should've put real players for Baron/Stephon/Boykins/Fisher to dribble around in the obstacle course(they would try to swipe the ball away from them)....This was just too BORING.

The MightyAntoine was right, that would make it a whole lot more interesting. Also raise the Winnings, 1st and 2nd place only. Put any Center in front of the rim, and that person has to make a floater over them. And Add a 3 pointer at the end. Picks for 2005...

1_B.Dizzle (Raining Champ)
2_J.Kidd (Last Years Winner)
3_Starbury (2nd best handler in the league)
4_Skip to Ma Lou (1st)
5_Oh Canada (Why not??)
6_AI (Bring out the Stars...Its ALL STAR WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!)

Shooting Stars Challenge:

Very entertaining with the Veterans, NBA and WNBA Stars. That half court shot was a great add in. But, maybe add another round. Because when Leslie, Fisher and Magic won it looked like they really enjoyed it. Hugging, Laughing and proudly rasing the trophy.

Dunk Contest:

Definitely Raise the Winner Status. Up to at least 100,000.oo. At least 6 participants. And should be able to replace any dunk One Time. And 2 Tries on Each. Picks of 05'

1_J Rich (should of won)
2_Mason (can give Rich a challenge)
3_Ricky Davis (same as Mason)
4_Vincanity (gotta bring out the stars, and still has legs in him. Enough to dunk OVER Duncan.)
5_LJ (let down the fans, and me down by not being in it)
6_Jones (did the same dunk from each side of the floor and won. Oh.... and a dunk that wasnt even good enough to beat out BIRDMANS windmill reverse. But it did.)

What do you think???

02-15-2004, 03:30 AM
I don't think dunks should be judged until they are watched in slow mo... so many dunks don't look that great... then you see them in slow motion and they look amazing... and a lot of dunks that look cool at normal speed look lame in slo mo when you see them in detail.

The biggest thing though is that the All-star team should not be based on East vs West. It should be just the best 24 players in the league... of any position period. Then the teams should be divided up so they are even. So it is like a weighted system... maybe the coaches could pick the players for their teams like a playground game...

Flip: I'll take Shaq for the First pick...

Rick Carlisle: I'll take Tim Duncan...

and on and on and on.

This should be done the same way for the Rookie challenge...and it shouldn't be Rookies vs. Soph's... it just isn't fair. It should be Half rookies... half Soph's on each team to even it out. Maybe they could pick teams the same way. It would suck to be picked last...but oh well... makes it more interesting.

I just thought of a problem... lol Coaches would feel obligated to pick their own players because it would make their teams look bad otherwise... so for instance Flip Saunders would have to take KG first because it would be like saying that Shaq was better than KG. hmmm not sure how to deal with that... drat!

02-15-2004, 03:37 AM
I still want my 1 on 1.

Shaq / Yao
Kobe / T-Mac
Dirk / Peja
KG / Duncan
Nash/Bibby or Parker

and just for fun:

Shaq / AI