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04-17-2004, 11:15 AM
Pretty honest assessment of what in the world is going on with islam. My take on it is that they are just po'd about being driven back from the countries they had "crusaded" against in the early 10th century or so. Sort of like southernors wanting to continue to defeat the yanks for the civil war. Luckily the south grew up, it seems the islmaic countries never did. What I liked was the author flatly stating that the "crusades" against muslim countries is bunk. Always has been since they basically started the whole durn thing.

Religion gone mad (http://www.canoe.ca/NewsStand/Columnists/Michael_Coren/2004/04/17/424075.html)

HOW DOES one discuss the state of the Islamic faith, the Middle East, terrorism and the world without upsetting people? Frankly, it's almost impossible.

I'm not talking here of a fear of abuse and attack or of being accused of political incorrectness. I couldn't give a fig about that. No, I mean the need to hold on to common courtesy and avoiding making generalizations that could hurt good people.

Here are some recent examples, in that I have so little room to discuss this issue in full.

We used to be told by pop stars and other philosophers that "the Russians love their children too." It was self-evident then that all people loved their young. Now I'm not so sure. Do the Palestinians, for example, love their children too?

I should think most of them do.

But I have to be candid: many of them don't. We can't just rely on tired old relativism when we look at all this. Nobody who loves his or her child will send that little being out as a suicide bomber. Nobody who loves their children will line them up in front of tanks.