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04-28-2004, 08:59 PM
Den Beste is always a wonderful read. I've only exercepted items to pique your interest.

truth (http://www.denbeste.nu/)

Some examples in the article.

For instance, The Truth Is... that "liberals" who suddenly have started talking about reintroducing the draft are not in the slightest concerned with military readiness, and do not believe that filling out the army with draftees is an essential step in winning the war. What's actually going on is that they know that one of the biggest reasons that the people of America ultimately turned against the Viet Nam war was because it was being fought primarily by draftees. And one of the biggest reasons why America's college campuses were particular focal points for anti-war activism was because it was men that age who were being drafted.
The Truth Is that in the last two years one of the strongest currents in international diplomacy and rhetoric has been Tu Quoque. If you are vulnerable to a certain criticism, preempt that criticism by accusing your enemies of that same failure before they accuse you. One benefit is that you may muddy the waters enough so that the entire accusation is devalued, and even if you don't, when someone accuses you of that same failing it makes them look feeble and reactive.

It doesn't matter if there's any basis for the preemptive criticism, or whether it makes any sense. The point is to defuse the entire issue. One example is the ongoing characterization of Israeli action against the Palestinians as "terrorism" by Arab leaders, so as to try to deflect attention from the fact that the Palestinian "freedom fighters" are the ones truly engaged in terrorist attacks.

And now a monumental example of Tu Quoque is beginning to emerge. There has been a steady drumbeat of accusations by the leftist lunatic fringe that the real reason the Bush administration wanted to invade Afghanistan and Iraq was to advance the business interests of certain oil companies. It's never actually made any sense; if all the Bush administration were really interested in was oil, it would have been far easier to make a deal with Saddam than to invade.

But it's also becoming more and more apparent that an appallingly large amount of the vocal international opposition to Anglo-American plans for invasion of Iraq actually opposed the invasion because they were making out like bandits, as beneficiaries of the "Oil for Food" program. And apparently the two nations which made out the best were UNSC veto powers France and Russia, who by extraordinary coincidence also were the most intransigent opponents in the UNSC of the invasion.
The Truth Is that anti-war leftists actually do think that America should "cut and run", just as Spain now has. But they're not so disconnected as to believe that they can actually sell that honestly. So their rhetoric is that the US and British should transfer control over Iraq to the UN, and largely withdraw their own forces in favor of "international forces" to take their place.
The Truth Is that many of them recognize that the primary justification for our invasion was to gain the opportunity to establish a liberal democracy there, in hopes of infecting the entire region with liberal ideas (using "liberal" in its traditional meaning) and of "destabilizing" the entire region.
The Truth Is that Iran is behind a lot of the unrest taking place right now, and those letters to Iran amounted to demands that Iran stop doing it.
The Truth Is that Kerry's non-stop hammering on his military service in Viet Nam is Kerry's way of trying to avoid a whole lot of really uncomfortable questions about his voting record in the US Senate, and his rhetoric last year during the campaign for the Democratic nomination, as well as questions about just what he would actually do about the war if he was elected.
That's also the logic behind the now-classic "chickenhawk" accusation rather routinely leveled against many advocates of war by those who opposed it: "If you favor war, why haven't you signed up yourself and volunteered for combat? If you're unwilling to do that, why do you think you have any right to advocate sending other people to war to die in your place?"

The value of a question or a policy is not affected to the qualifications or personal characteristics of the person who voiced it. A liar can make a true statement; a fool can propose a wise policy; an idiot can ask a good question.

But The Truth Is that the Republicans are bringing this up because it's part of a larger attempt to make very clear to American voters that Kerry is a man for all reasons, one who tries to be on all sides of nearly every issue.

(and more). Den Beste has been under the weather so this is a pretty long post for him.