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05-11-2004, 07:40 PM
Who are these 17 members of Congress that William Lawson sent this letter off to?" Well, we now know. We now know. "The uncle of the soldier who revealed the mistreatment said that 17 members of Congress..." The New York Times says "Democrats and Republicans," but it's one Republican; all the others are Democrats, were contacted about this when they blew him off. Now, here's the list of who received letters and notification -- and, by the way, the reason that most of these are Democrats is that Lawson says -- and you'll hear him say it in just a moment; he was on MSNBC last night with Lester Holt. But Lawson said that the reason they focused on Democrats when they started their letter and e-mail campaign was they thought that the Democrats would be anxious to take up the cause, but they got blown off by everybody on the list.

In fact, Robert Byrd even said to him, "We don't accept e-mails or letters here of less than 500 words." So here is the list of names that William Lawson sent information to members of Congress telling them all about what they are now investigating from what they claim is a knowledge baseline of zero. "We didn't know anything. Nobody told us a word! They kept it from us. You can't keep things like this from Congress. If we'd been involved, why, we might have been able to help and limit the damage here, but this just goes to show you can't keep us out of the loop." Here are the 17 people in the Senate and the Congress who were first informed of this by an uncle of a man implicated in these photos in Iraq:

Here are the 17 people in the Senate and the Congress who were first informed of this by an uncle of a man implicated in these photos in Iraq:

Jack Reed, Democrat, Rhode Island, got an e-mail. He's on the committee. Mark Dayton, Democrat, Minnesota, got an e-mail. Robert Byrd, West Virginia, got an e-mail but responded, the office responded, saying, "We don't respond to e-mails unless they're 500 words or more." Bill Nelson, senator, Democrat Florida, got an e-mail. Evan Bayh, Democrat, Indiana, got an e-mail. Mark Pryor, Democrat, Arkansas, got an e-mail. Teddy Kennedy, Democrat, Massachusetts, got an e-mail. Ben Nelson, Democrat Nebraska, got an e-mail. Hillary Clinton, Democrat, New York, got an e-mail. Joseph Lieberman, Democrat, Connecticut, got an e-mail. Daniel Akaka, Democrat, Hawaii, got an e-mail. Congressman [The only House member and sole Republican] Roscoe Bartlett, Republican, Maryland, was sent a letter. Paul Sarbanes, Democrat, Maryland, was sent a letter. Jay Rockefeller, Democrat, West Virginny, was sent a letter, and Governor Mark Warner, Democrat, Virginia, was sent a letter.


I think we should send all these senators to Iraq and hope they dont come back.

05-11-2004, 07:51 PM
Top Democrats wouldn't praise American troops
By Michael Reagan
A resolution offered to express the sentiment of the U.S. House of Representatives praising the vast majority of American troops in Iraq in the face of revelations of prisoner abuse passed overwhelmingly by a 365 to 50 roll call vote with a shocking 49 Democrats, including their leader, Nancy Pelosi, voting no.
The resolution offered by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) stated that while the prisoner abuse contradict the policies, orders, and laws of the United States and the United States military and undermine the ability of the United States military to achieve its mission in Iraq, those abuses "are incompatible with the professionalism, dedication, standards and training required of individuals who serve in the United States military, and contradict the policies, orders, and laws of the United States and the United States military and undermine the ability of the United States military to achieve its mission in Iraq."

The resolution Nancy Pelosi and such colleagues as Conyers, Waxman, Rangel, Hoyer, and Jackson-Lee refused to support simply said that the vast majority of members of the Armed Forces have upheld the highest possible standards of professionalism and morality in the face of illegal tactics and terrorist attacks and attempts on their lives; that "members of the Armed Forces have planned and conducted, frequently at great peril and cost, military operations in a manner carefully intended to prevent or minimize injury to Iraqi civilians and property; and that over 138,000 members of the United States Armed Forces serving in Iraq, a total force comprised of active, National Guard, and Reserve personnel, are executing a courageous and determined mission to rebuild and rehabilitate a proud nation after liberating it from the tyranny, oppression, and genocide of Saddam Hussein's evil regimeŠ"

Let it be remembered that this gang of Democrats who could not find themselves able to praise our soldiers fought going to war with the regime of Saddam Hussein when his minions were torturing, raping and brutally abusing and murdering his own people, but can't wait to condemn the United States for the crimes of a handful of soldiers.

On March 7, 2003, Pelosi said "Before going to war, we must exhaust all alternatives, such as the continuation of inspections, diplomacy and the leverage provided by the threat of military action." In another statement she said that "An acceptable alternative would require the United States to seek a multilateral diplomatic initiative before authorizing the use of force." In October this year, after the Kay report discounted the presence of weapons of mass destruction, Nancy Pelosi said the results of the search so far demonstrated that no imminent threat existed ''and there was time for more diplomatic effort before we went to war.''

But there wasn't time for those prisoners in Saddam's torture chambers, rape rooms or awaiting execution.

Had she and her Democrat colleagues prevailed, who knows how many more Iraqis would have filled the mass graves of hundreds of thousands of their countrymen and women while we dallied around looking for the phantom of international support.

As David Gelernter wrote in the Weekly Standard, March 28, 2004: "By overthrowing Saddam, we stopped a loathsome bloody massacre -- a hell-on-earth that would have been all too easily dismissed as fantastic propaganda if we hadn't seen and heard the victims and watched the torturers on videotape Š But Democratic talk about Iraq is dominated not by the hell and horror we abolished or the pride and joy of what we achieved. Many Democrats mention Saddam's crimes only grudgingly."

Saddam's regime was ripping human flesh to shreds. Do not Democrats understand that what we achieved by liberating Iraq, what mankind achieved, he asked?

"And when we saw those mass graveyards and torture chambers, heard more and more victims speak, watched those videotapes, the conclusion became inescapable: This war was screamingly, shriekingly necessary."

Not to Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues; they'd rather concentrate on abuse of Iraqi detainees by a few misguided reservists than recognize the dedication and heroism of our troops.


I am sure they dont hate the country the just hate the troops