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05-11-2004, 09:47 PM
Step up and support this man showing such "Presidential" Decorum. If you too feel that no event, no matter how damaging to our troops our country is above playing politics with, then THIS is your candidate. Now wonder damn near every swiftboat veteran don't think he is fit for office. Typical democrat in the party of clinton however.

Kerry Uses Iraqi Prison Scandal in Fundraising, Speeches
By Doug Patton
Talon News
May 10, 2004

The presidential campaign of Democrat John Kerry has begun using the ongoing Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal in a new fundraising letter and in speeches on the campaign trail.

The letter, written by Kerry's campaign manager, Mary Beth Cahill, calls for the resignation of Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and asks supporters to "Keep the ball rolling ... Donate now!"

"Over the past week we have all been shocked by the pictures from the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq," Cahill wrote in the letter, which was sent out via a mass e-mail. "John Kerry has called on Donald Rumsfeld to resign, and today we're asking you to support him by adding your name to the call for Rumsfeld to resign."

Chad Clanton, a spokesman for the Kerry campaign initially denied that the e-mail in question solicited funds for the campaign.

When confronted with Cahill's "donate now" statement, Clanton told The Washington Times, "John Kerry has made it clear that our men and women in uniform deserve a Commander in Chief that takes responsibility for the bad as well as the good. The bottom line is: We need more than just a new Secretary of Defense. We need a new president."

Meanwhile, on the campaign trail, Kerry echoed the same sentiment while citing the scandal in his stump speeches.

"The chain of command goes all the way to the Oval Office," Kerry said in a speech to the Democratic Leadership Council. "America does not merely need a new secretary of defense. We need a new president."

In a speech in Arizona, Kerry said, "When I am president, I will demand accountability from those who serve, and I will take responsibility for their actions."

05-12-2004, 01:47 PM
Hmmm..if this isnt the POT calling the KETTLE black, I dont know what is..Mr Bush uses 9/11 in almost every stupid ad campaign he has...what the hell is the difference?? I watched a late night political talk show on this, and even the unbiased crowd agreed that the Republicans have NO right to even bring this up as an issue- their much more guilty of this kind of play than the Democrats