View Full Version : Some Iraqi's do have some gratitude

05-16-2004, 12:53 AM
Some Iraqis do appreciate the US overthrow of Saddam. Hope the terroists dont destroy their country. Yes I know we did not find those damn WMD's yet.
My uncle had some unusual sense of humor that didnít fit quite well in his somewhat religious family. He winked at me and turned to his son and asked him "What do you think of the Americans?" His son answered,
"They are occupiers".
"So you think we should fight them?" his father asked.
Ibrahim said "No, but I donít like them". My uncle said, pretending to change the subject
"Do you like your new computer that no one shares with you?" "Yes of course dad". "Ok, are you satisfied with the satellite dish receiver we have or do you need a better one?"
"This one is fine but I heard thereís a better one that gets more channels"
"ok Iíll get you that next week". Then he said, "Is there anything else youíd like to have son?"
"No dad I have all that I need".
"Ok but how about a car?"
Ibrahim was astounded and said "Really? a..a CAR.. for me!?".
"Of course for you! I'm too old to drive now and my eyes are not that well and you are the older son. So whom else would it be for!?"
"Oh, dad that will be great! When will that happen?"
"Just finish youíre exams and youíll have it".
"I will dad".
"Are you happy now son?"
"Yes dad, sure I am!"
"Then why do you hate the Americans you son of a b***h!? I couldnít get you a bicycle a year ago, I could hardly feed you and your brothers and sisters. You didn't know what an apple or a banana tasted like, I couldnít buy you a damned Pepsi bottle except in occasions, and now you can have all that you wish, and a car of your own! Who do you think made that possible!?"
My cousin's face turned red and didnít answer as we laughed and I said "What do you think Ibrahim?"