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05-19-2004, 04:56 PM
I'm wondering how pervasive this is? I haven't watched an abc,cbs,nbc newscast in years. I would never purchase a NYTimes for anything other than my bird-cage. I'm finding that I rely less and less on the MSM for any news. Instapundit/Lucianne is one reason. Fox new is the other. I just do NOT trust the MSM media anymore to give me anything other than slanted coverage, everthing from their "news analysis" to their choice of coverage. I'm wondering how closely this posting by reynolds fits others??

instapundit (http://www.instapundit.com/)

A JOURNALIST I KNOW emails that the loss of credibility his profession is suffering is "seismic," and that he's considering quitting. What's more, he's hearing depressed comments from quite a few colleagues.

Another reader -- who probably doesn't want his name used because he works for a major newspaper -- emails: "I've tuned out the MSM and rely on the 'Net -- bloggers, Lucianne.com, etc. -- to keep me informed, which it does quite well. That way I get all the info but don't have to endure Dan, Tom and Peter, Wolf, etc. I miss nothing that's happening but I gain all the stories that the mainstream media simply ignore." If you saw his address line, you'd know how striking a statement this is.

Perhaps, as this bit of graffiti I photographed outside the UT Main Library today suggests (or at least illustrates), the loss of credibility suffered by mainstream journalism is at a tipping point. (Actually, I first saw it on Sunday but -- pace Adam Groves -- I didn't have the camera with me then.)

I think the trend is too bad -- I'd much rather have trusted and trustworthy mainstream journalism than the reverse -- but, frankly, the loss of credibility is well-earned, as pretty much any blog reader knows. But if you're still wondering, go read Cathy Seipp's column on John Carroll of the Los Angeles Times, and his comments on journalism. Excerpt: "Every single thing we read in the paper, including hard news, is the product of other people's opinions about what we should know. Problems happen when those in charge believe in their own objectivity so much they no longer know that one simple fact."


05-19-2004, 05:52 PM
"I would never purchase a NYTimes for anything other than my bird-cage.' Thats pretty damn funny

05-20-2004, 09:54 PM
And another "critic" gives the NYTimes a rating.