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05-24-2004, 11:09 PM
Here is another story of a marine in iraq... These guys are something else, warrior-poets I imagine. It's all worth reading but here's what's really traitorous of our media.

The enemy is confused right now. He goes to bed convinced he is going to win because he watches the Al Jazeera and then the US media and believes that we are a weak willed people who can be terrorized and who have a penchant for self-loathing. Then, he wakes up and he comes across a coalition check point and he sees a young Soldier or Marine who stands there like a rock and exudes strength and conviction. The same terrorist who was in the mosque the night before in a frenzy is now subjugated by the presence of a guy who does not match up with what he has been told and sees on TV. It must be confusing as all get out. Every day, he will continue to see in three dimensions the best that our society has to offer and their is no amount of sound bites that will trump that in the end.

In another email, I will share with you what I think is going to happen this summer. It will be a tough pull. However, we are prepared. We get reports of impending muj attacks on Marine positions and I am amazed at the universal response - "Good, that means we don't have to try to find them tonight." There is plenty of fight left in the guys. On a lighter note, the Iraqi people are coming back more and more to approach the Marines. When they are in private, they regularly tell us that we cannot leave and that they "need" us to stay. Of course they cannot say that publicly for reasons above.

I will close with something that was on my mind this morning when I punished myself by watching CBS news. I saw the anchor come on and just before he spoke, I told my rack mate "Lets see what the opening line is going to be...." Sure enough before he said anything else, he said "It just keeps getting worse and worse...." Yes, he was talking about Iraq. Honest to God we laughed at him. I'm not kidding. It is getting to the point where the Marines are getting past their anger at the talking heads and are laughing. To really get a rise out of them, requires a retired military officer who betrays his oath and stokes the fear mongering.

So are we all soldier.

from iraq...read the whole thing (http://www.thegreenside.com/story.asp?ContentID=9262)

05-25-2004, 02:35 PM
Democrat Backs Bush on 'Getting the Job Done' in Iraq
By Susan Jones
CNSNews.com Morning Editor
May 25, 2004

(CNSNews.com) - Sen. Joseph Lieberman, a Democrat and a member of the Armed Services Committee, has angered someof his fellow Democrats by urging people in both political parties to "pull together" to finish the job in Iraq.

"We have to stay united here as best we can to support our troops," Lieberman said in a CNN interview Monday night after listening to President Bush's speech. He called the U.S. war in Iraq "the test of our generation," and he said if the U.S doesn't win the war over there -- "we're going to face it much closer to home in the years ahead."

Lieberman urged Americans to avoid joining a "chorus of doubters" that is undermining American support for the war.

He also -- to the dismay of some Democrats -- defended President Bush, saying the president "did what he has to do in this speech...which is to shore up American support to remind the American people why we must win this battle against the terrorists and the Saddam loyalists."

Lieberman also noted that President Bush has done some of the things his critics, including Lieberman, asked him to do -- such as going to the United Nations, increasing the number of troops in Iraq, and expressing a willingness to send more troops to protect Iraq's fledgling democracy.

Lieberman told CNN's Paula Zahn that "democracy is not easy. It is sometimes messy, you know? But the folks in Iraq, thanks to the courage and skill of the American military, have options before them that they never would have dreamed they would have today, and that's because Saddam, that brutal dictator, is gone."

Lieberman said if the American people "don't lose their will, we're going to look back with real pride at what our troops have done and what we can do together for the Iraqis."

Many Democrat "talking heads" criticized President Bush for not breaking any new ground in his Monday night speech at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pa.

Sen. John F. Kerry, the Democratic presidential hopeful, issued a statement to that effect, saying, "The President laid out general principles tonight, most of which we've heard before."

As for grassroots reaction, postings on a Democratic National Committee website called "Kicking Ass" were highly critical of both Bush and Lieberman.

In the "Comments" section, one posting referred to Lieberman as a "new member of the Zell Miller Turncoat Club" because the senator praised Bush's speech and urged Americans to unite behind Bush.

Another posting suggested that "Someone out there start a petition to 'boot Lieberman'" from the Democrat Party.

05-25-2004, 09:46 PM

Here's an email from Todd, an USAF Airman First Class, in Iraq:

Thank you very much for the supportive email. It is always Good to hear from the TRUE AMERICANS that still bleed red, white, and blue. The only thing that I get to see from the American people is what is portrayed on the news. The media, and the people that listen to what they say and believe it almost make me more pissed off than the Iraqis that are over here shooting at us. At least when the Iraqis are shooting towards us, it is to our face, instead of like the traitors that call themselves Americans who stab us in the back.

I know that we are doing the right thing over here because I get to see it first hand. We are near a concrete plant that is off base and run by Iraqis. I have actually had some of them come up to me begging me to take them back to America because they know how bad living in Iraq is. I get to talk to Iraqis everyday, and I explain to them that Iraq will one day be like America, and ask them not to try to leave here, but to stay and be part of the Iraqi people that made their country a better place.

I have never been anywhere else in the world that the people were so happy to see an American. The media never tells that side of the story. They never tell about how every week we risk our lives to take food, clothes, and toys to the Children's hospital in An Nasiriyah.

Something that never happened when Saddam was in power, something these people have never seen. Instead the news talks about a battle in Al Fallujah where we lost one marine, and that is the entire story that they tell. They make it sound like we lost that battle because we lost one marine, but they don't tell you that right after that marine got killed, they sent in a C-130 gunship and blasted every one of the insurgents away. Now who won the battle?

I could go on for days and it is probably stuff that you already know, I mean you spent enough time in the military to know that the media is crap. It is good to hear that you are not afraid to let your voice be heard, and I pray that there are many more like you out there.

As long as we have the true patriots out there that keep giving their support, we will prevail and Iraq will see freedom as we do.


It's important to let these men and women know that we support them. Here's somethings (http://www.blackfive.net/main/2004/04/so_what_to_do_n.html) that you can do to help.