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07-24-2004, 06:23 AM
I put together this list of centers that I consider minor (a few questionable) to significant upgrades. A lot of them are considered untouchable, but you never know. I think we have a very small "chance" on a few (if any at all) and a decent chance on the rest. I guess it all depends on what Dallas would be willing to give up. I think it is obvious we have plenty of variety as trade bait.

I included the salaries and contracts to get a better grasp of what is out there. Let me know if I missed anyone.


07-24-2004, 11:42 AM
Nice post zanahale. Only thing that I would like to see here is years experience or age. Boy that chandler sure is skinny ins't he?

Give me any of them to be honest as long as his name isn't walker.

07-24-2004, 03:05 PM
Great post zanahale...thats very insightful. Id also take just about anyone on that list

07-24-2004, 03:45 PM
Sorted by 2004 Salary - Descending


Sorted by Age/Experience - Descending


07-24-2004, 03:53 PM
Man I sure like the looks of chandler and dalemburt. But I'm on-board with any of them for the sony walk-man.

07-25-2004, 11:38 AM
ï'll take Magloire over Chandler and Dalemburt,but it isn't too realistic...

If we manage to get Dalemburt,our Center rotation is as good as it gets without Shaq.