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08-04-2004, 04:14 AM
I do believe more moves are on the way...either in a few weeks...when Laettner and Stackhouse's 60 day moratorium is over or quite possibly in 2 months (October 4th)...when Henderson's 60 day moratorium is over. But let's evaluate the offseason up to this point. Are we better or worse or about the same as compared to last year?

Mavs players lost: Steve Nash, Antoine Walker, Antawn Jamison, Tony Delk, Danny Fortson, 2005 1st round pick to Utah (for P-Pod)

Mavs players gained: Jason Terry, Devin Harris, Jerry Stackhouse, Christian Laettner, Calvin Booth, M-Benga, P-Pod, Alan Henderson, Luis Flores, 2007 1st round pick from Atlanta (through Philly)

If we could trade Laettner, Henderson, and Flores for let's say a banger like Antoino Davis (who only has 2 years left) or some other gritty, low post, high-salaried defender...how would you rank the offseason?

Our roster:

PF Nowitski Davis
SF Finley Howard
C Booth Bradley
PG Terry Harris
SG Daniels Stackhouse

Benga, Najera, P-Pod, Steffanson, and TAW round out the bench.

Here are the players on our 15 man roster that's 26 years old or under...

Nowitski (26), Terry (26), Daniels (22), Howard (23), Harris (21), Benga (23), P-Pod (19), Steffanson (21)

A total of 8 players...that's a young team. But a solid, championship-contending roster nonetheless. As Donnie would say..."I would go to war with that".

08-04-2004, 04:38 AM
I think we are better this year (although only slightly) at 4 positions

Shooting guard ------Daniels (better as a second year), Finley, Stackhouse (allstar potential, some defense)

Small Forward -------Howard (better as a second year), Finley, Stackhouse

Power Forward ------Dirk, Laettner, Najera--slightly better backup tandem

Center --------Benga, Booth, Bradley------we have at least several tall guys who can block shots.

We are also possibly as good at the Point-------Terry (30 minutes), better defender, likely worse than Nash at running the offense, though good scorer and good assist man when he has people that can score around him (The Mavs)---Backup point guard (Harris) should be MUCH better (12-18 minutes) than our backup point last year.

The one thing we really miss is toughness!!!!! I don't know if we tried to get Kenyon Martin (Howard, 1st rounder, Walker) but I think it was a major mistake if we didn't aggressively pursue him. We picked up Walker and Jamison last year saying it would be easier to trade these forwards for a big guy (pf or c), now we've traded them basically for guards (Stackhouse, devin, Terry).

Who's left? What power player can we trade our excess guards and skinny centers for? Dirk needs a big tough guy to bang in the middle and take some pressure off him so he can focus on scoring-----he needs a good complementaryd player. Malone? Magliore? I don't know.

08-04-2004, 09:05 AM
Here is some visuals of where we stand (by position) comparing this year to last year. Obviously, we had way too many power forwards last year and they all played behind who else - Dirk. That was a bigtime problem when we were having to play a couple of them out of position and a couple of them were having lesser roles. We had two "real" centers last year and that wasn't until the end of the year did we pick up Scott Williams. Scott obviously was a spare who was way past his prime.
Because we were trying to give Walker and Jamison more minutes, Bradley was essentially left on the bench. Obviously our defense went down the tubes. I like the way we have elimintead some of these issues, while adding some good help at center and a couple of good prospects.

At point guard, I feel Terry and Devin is a great 1/2 punch. and Stackhouse coming off the bench (unless he is traded first) can be pretty decent if he ends up ok with the 6th man role and flourishes at the same time. I also like how Najera will probably see more playing time seeing as how he brings defense, toughness, and hustle.

If we can involve Henderson and Laettner in a 2 for 1, OR if we could somehow get Dampier with our new lottery protected pick along with Henderson (insurance could pay 80% of his salary) , Cuban would be a genius.