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this is an article from a big german daily paper about dirk
nothing new but the first of this kind that is not in a sports magazine
transleted with babel fish


Largely and well-behaved The 22-jaehrige German Dirk Nowitzki impresses the best basketball league of the world: In the USA it takes off meanwhile only on the playing field - privately it loves the millionaire, who possesses only one suit, modestly from Sven Beckedahl The muzzle and claw epidemic are natural also in Dallas a topic. Ankoemmlinge from Europe must sound themselves in the minutes pulse that they are nevertheless imported food immediately into appropriate containers entsorgen. And at the inch university-formed coworkers ask apparently badless: " life it in Europe on a farm? " The vital interest in the epidemic protection is understandable. In the texanischen metropolis the affection for everything goes approximately around the utilizable cattle so far that the most popular sport associations could be inspired during the naming. The American football club is called cowboys, the Basketballer calls itself Mavericks - in such a way one calls cattle without fire characters in Texas. Whether the powerful piece meat, which Dirk Nowitzki even were situated on its plate have belonged to cattle with fire characters, cannot be determined now any longer. But importantly it is the German basketball star anyway only that he can clean here, in " Bob's steak & Chop House ", 9000 kilometers far away from Germany, good conscience Din-A-4-grosse portions. " in Dallas ", Nowitzki does not say, " must I there, believes themselves I, thoughts makes. " Which does not in all other respects only apply for the meal. Zurzeit experiences the 2.13 meters long Wuerzburger a fairy tale. The former secondary league player from Bavaria is the topic for discussion in the North American professional league NBA. The 22 years old immigrant workers, at first welcomed of the media as " German miracle child ", is in the third year of his NBA career and is good like never before. The wing player per portion contributes and ergattert on the average 22 points besides well nine Rebounds (ball gains under the basket) per match. After eleven years Abstinenz the Dallas Mavericks hope for the Play off participation at the end of of April may make itself. " maintains ways Dirk ". Jason Kidd, The star of the league competitor Phoenix Suns is convinced that Nowitzki has " the lion's share at success that, Mavs '. " All believe that, up to Nowitzki. Although it provides for the once abgehalfterten club in styles of a young Siegfried long forgotten success experiences, it sees itself if necessary in a " subordinated role. " The strange to it: Nowitzki means it really serious. The reality looks certainly differently. The Minnesota Timberwolves is distant on this Thursday to guest in the " Reunion arena " in Dallas, a few blocks from the Elm Street, where John F. Kennedy was shot. The inhabitants is today still embarrassing it that their city attained admittingness by the assassination attempt on the popular presidents and a TV series in the oil environment. Then nevertheless dear sport. Nowitzki helps the angeknacksten souls over the roughest away. Even if the German does not get its best day against the Timberwolves. 14 points Nowitzki gets, of it only alone to twelve in the first quarter. But is enough, in order to let pull the Mavericks promptly and impossible to catch up of it. The 17,000 fans bore themselves a little, some disappear ten minute before conclusion. Meanwhile the most important message of the daily escapes those: On the video cube, which down-hangs like powerful Tropfstein of the hall cover, the Fastfood chain promises " Taco Bells " free Chalupas - may always also be which - the Mavericks should achieve the boundary of point of hundred with its victory. Life is prompt in the Bude. And as the Mavericks 50 seconds before conclusion to 100 to 81 in the basket the Dallas fans actually sink, are the ball on their seats. Basketball is not always the most important in the basketball professional league. In the USA the changing room for sportsmen is not Refugium. One three-quarter hour before and fifteen minutes after according to the play accredited journalists may do inside in the happening. There it smells this time not after sweat, but after beans, ribs and Kartoffelpueree
The club cook structured the obligatory Bueffet directly before the workstation of Dirk Nowitzki. That is practically for him, there has it it not far. Nowitzki digs itself the plastic plate full and disappears only once in the secondary room. Why the TV teams do not know, whom are to interviewen it and belaemmert microphones sink to let. All want to speak only Nowitzki. That returns ten minutes later to its Mahagonispind, over which the name " Nowitzki " is engraved. While it confesses to have against Minnesota " strongly begun " and " strongly diminished " some is astonished at the stereoanlage, the DVD Player and the Playstation in its clothes - the standard inventory in covers the Mavericks. An idea of owner of club Mark of Cuban. The billionaire finds it important that have " young already the mood good when moving ". Above all the tendency Nowitzkis is to it because of the heart. Cuban prophesies a " phaenomenale future " to its star. And there it invented this prognosis not exclusively, is afraid it the Begehrlichkeiten of the competition already. In the coming year the Mavericks will make its option valid on a further year with the Wuerzburger. Which comes to it, Nowitzki does not even know. " so far I never think in advance. "
Always different did that for it. Holger Geschwindner for example. The 55-Jaehrige was 1972 captain of the German basketball olympia crew. When that erspaehte that at that time 16 years old Nowitzki coincidentally with a play of the DJK peppering castle, Geschwindner found that " made already Bur many things correct. " From now on the owner of a company for project handling sacrificed its lunch time for Nowitzki. Four times " mangellhaft " at that time school report prangte in Nowitzkis. Therefore the experienced Mentor its magician's apprentice loecherte with throw training " also still with a+b2. We must make the chaps complete ", say Geschwindner full of seeds. Its methods showed rapid success. With the " Nike Hoop Summit ", the largest basketball talent basketball-Talentschau in the USA, may Nowitzki in a world selection against of Americas juniors mix together. The long blond one makes 33 points and snatches themselves for 14 Rebounds. Short time Don Nelson, coach of the Dallas Mavericks, and the owner of club at that time Ross Perot junior in peppering castle emerge later. That made impression powerful. " specially over my family and me came know to learn ", remember Nowitzki and concluded to Germany,: " those must it seriously mine. " It had completed to date no federal league play. Its largest achievement was the ascent with the DJK peppering castle from the second league 1998. Nowitzki signed nevertheless with the Mavericks, remained however only times in peppering castle, because the NBA players struck because of a content controversy. Thus it played by in peppering castle, before it debuetierte on 5 February 1999 against the Seattle Supersonics. The first NBA season was not bad for Nowitzki - it was a disaster. One year before had been able to play Nowitzki still proudly all players of the US league to enumerate, now should it in person against its Idole and had with the throw suddenly hands from Muerbeteig. Coach had announced Nelson Nowitzki vigorously as a best beginner of the NBA.
When Nowitzki dilettierte at first, " I was because of this message ", like that Nelson, " close to to be fired. " On day after the victory against Minnesota Nelson in its office remembers half diverted the initial problems of its star. Behind it cowboy Romatik in oil hangs on the wall, before it is situated a plate Nachos. " satisfaction ", feels Nelson in view of the unbelievable development Nowitzkis. With full mouth Nelson tells that " the boy improves practically weekly - it to the dominant factors players of the NBA will belong to end of the yearly, it will be better than very good. " On the following Saturday it is it already. Against the Phoenix Suns could the Mavericks in this year not yet win. But for the moment everything seems possible. Dallas triumphs with 109:99. Nowitzki is again with 34 points Matchwinner. The only recognizable person cult in the " Reunion arena " applies to it, its leotard with the number 41 is sells off. " only in the coming season there are again which ", say the woman of the fan Shop. Joerg Nowitzki radiates, if he so which hears. It is times again to attendance in Dallas and looks tea-sneezes afterwards, the leotards with its surname on the back wear. It knows the fairy tale, in which its son plays the main role, yet does not understand. When Dirks already announced youth coaches before four years the fact that its favorite was the best one in Europe extracted itself this from the imaginative power of the father. " the best Nordbayerns ", says Nowitzki, " would have at that time already been enough. "
Now everything goes so condemned fast. It does not make itself for concerns around its Filius meanwhile. " Dirk is not, which takes off ", says Joerg Nowitzki, " it puts no value on outward appearances. " Even one times a suit has Dirk Nowitzki in the cabinet to hang, second it team colleague Michael Finley promised, if the Mavericks itself qualify for the Play off. Although he at present earns 1.7 million dollar per year, he lives still in a flat let for rent. Friend Sibylle completed to time in Miami a practical course with Siemens and meets her friend more frequently than hoped for. Joerg Nowitzki warned nevertheless before in the NBA obligatory affairs. " with training are the mice rum and excavators it ", it observed on and the rhetorical advice gave: " if you your fortune to bisect want, then Mach it. " But Nowitzki is safe, it loves primarily basketball. Holger Geschwindner detected this as the first. The fact that its pupil " Big D " is far away only called prepares satisfaction for him. Even if it does not admit it. When Geschwindner Nowitzki trimmed years ago for the NBA, all laughed at him and its methods as " rough mischief " reviles. That must have quite met it. Because since it leads besides a Camp for basketball talents, he added himself a new visiting card. Whereupon is: " Holger Geschwindner, institute for applied mischief ".

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dich hab ich doch schonmal woanders getroffen! sport1? sportforen.de?
die welt ist klein