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09-06-2004, 10:58 PM
I went ahead and translated the article using one of those online sites.

Link (http://www.ole.clarin.com/jsp/v3/pagina.jsp?pagId=826662)

Here I am, in Malaga, in the beach with my family, very calm, hoping and still festejando the gold medal... ". Another player could be anxious or worried not to have club to this height of the preseason, but it is not the case of Rubén Wolkowyski. The Colorado went from Athens to Malaga - there the family of her Mariana- wife resides to rest and to hope new features of her possible return to the NBA to play in Indiana.pacers, the runner-up of the East. they "En Greece had said to me that he was all neat one, but evidently they hurried to say that to me... Now they say to me that they need to come off itself Scott Pollard in an exchange to Atlanta so that they can sign to me to mí", it counted the pivot.

Olé found out in Indiana that, so far, the Pacers are only offering a contract nonguaranteed. The Colo ratified it. "Sí, is thus, but for that reason I do not go nor crazy. They say to me that they need to make that crossing to give me to an agreement garantizado", it added. The Pacers are very over the wage top for the next season (is of 43,9 million and Indiana is in 62) and for that reason they must be come off Pollard, that will gain 5,6 million. In addition to the ex- pivot of Sacrament, Indiana only has 13 players with three contract and hardly grandotes: Jermaine O''Neal, Jeff Foster and the novice David Harrison.

Rubén trusts its return to the NBA, where it passed by Seattle, Dallas and Boston. "El coach (Rick) Carlisle wants to me since it directed to Detroit... It spoke to me when we were in Cordova and it said to me that it had seen mark me well Yao Ming, to Nowiztki, that interested to him to have... " to me;. The Colo either does not see near an adjustment with an European club. "Como the one of Indiana was very serious, my agent let speak with equipment of Europe and today I do not have anything. I only know that Tomic, the technician of Olympiacos, said to me in a supper that wants retenerme", it counted. it will "Habrá that to wait for... ", it closed.

09-07-2004, 09:14 AM
It's a funny read. Lol.

Given some key grammar differences (ex: singular/plural, gender references, etc.), I wonder if there could ever be an accurate translator? (one with at least 95% accuracy?)