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The Crippler
03-21-2001, 05:14 PM
If the mavs go out tonight and take care of business against the twolves, I think we can pretty much write them off for the season. They don't have the talent that the other playoff contenders have, and I see Houston taking over the 8 spot in the upcoming week. Sure, they have KG, but behind him, who else would you even want on your team if given the choice? Here's my opinion on their roster...

Brandon--maybe, but too inconsistant and injury prone. Has disappeared lately
Peeler-- might take him as a bench player...too streaky for me though
Wally-- yeah, ok I'd take him on my team b/c he has shown toughness this year and is hitting close to 50% of his shots
Reggie Slater-- I don't want a 6'5" center, do you?
Will Avery -- should have stayed in school...rumors are that he will be somewhere else next season...very erratic
Billups -- what happened to this guy? Started out hot, now doesn't get off the bench...he's the definition of a draft bust...don't want him either
Sam Mitchell -- what, is he like 63 now? I think he's due for social security in the next year or so...
Dean Garrett -- ummm, no...
Rasho -- yeah, right...

ok, so I'd take one other player besides KG...the funny thing is, Wally is easily the second best player on the team, but KG and Brandon don't like him and therefore, he doesn't get any shots. Chemistry is everything...

03-21-2001, 05:19 PM
Good TWolves breakdown... LOL

Big Boy Laroux
03-21-2001, 05:21 PM
Very humorous, yet astute evaluation of the wolves.

I've watched a few of their games this season, and it is pretty obvious that the team is freezing wally out. Most of his shots come on plays where he has to set himself up.