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11-07-2004, 01:38 AM
Many here, as do I, feel Orlando could be a real sleeper this season. And with the way the season had started for them so far, it was looking to be true. Steve Francis, whom many claimed to be the weak link holding back the Rockets and Yao's developement, had lead his new team to two last second victories in his first two chances. Even better, for a stretch in there season opener, he seemed to actually learn how to not turn the ball over, (that changed against NO) something that has plagued him throughout his career. Things were going perfect for him and the Magic. It almost seemed to be the perfect story book beginning to a fairy tale season in the Magic Kingdom.....

Then came tonight......against the expansion Charlotte Bobcats.

Being down to the Bobcats by 22 at one point wasnt the bad part here. Losing to them wasnt the bad part either.

It was the way Steve Francis, the new team leader, handled the loss.

With about 4 minutes left to go in the game, the Magic were well on the comeback path when Francis fouled out. Its what he did here that was the troubling part. Instead of heading to the bench and cheering on his teammates during there comeback attempt, Francis left the court immediately for the dressing room. He wasnt hurt or anything like that. Apparently, he had just had enough of the frustration and it showed by his actions as many of the Charlotte fans could tell, who booed him on the way out. He would come back out later on however, when the game was over.

This is Orlando's first loss in the new season. If this is the way Francis reacts to one loss, it ought to an interesting season in the Magic Kingdom.

The funny thing is Orlando got rid of McGrady cause they thought he quit on the team. Now 3 games into the new season, there new star player brought in to replace McGrady basicly paints an image of himself as a quiter with these actions.

I'm hoping for the sake of the Magic and Francis's career, that he's able to quit this immature behavior and lead this young team to the promise land. If so, this could really be a fun team to watch. But something tells me this behavior wont stop and could be a big problem for this team, which would be unfortunate. The destruction of this team could ultimately cause them to leave Orlando, as the owner of the Magic is seeking public funds for anew arena. A losing team wont get many votes from the locals. And you can bet Tampa, Las Vegas, and KC are watching this situation rather closely as well.

11-07-2004, 09:22 AM