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11-08-2004, 07:03 PM
dang this is just low for the warriors. someone needs to slap all NBA players and tell them that it is a privilege to play in this league, and a privilege to make any kind of money that goes in the millions. jeez.

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11-09-2004, 04:14 AM
Good thing they signed...season certainly is off to a start that the team couldn't have had without them...

11-09-2004, 12:15 PM
There're two I's in $128 million

BETWEEN THEM, Jason Richardson and Troy Murphy have about 128 million reasons to smile these days.
They can thank their agent, superpower Dan Fegan, for that.

But the two young Warriors also have one big reason to be concerned in the aftermath of their monster contract signings.

And they can thank Fegan for that, too.

Negotiating $70 million and $58 million contracts is tough. You stretch some truths, go overboard in projections. ... Hey, it's what negotiations are all about.

But when you start making threats, you put your clients at big-time risk if: a) they're ever forced to act upon them; or b) the threats become public.

With the approval of his clients, Fegan threatened to make the Warriors' season a living hell, if Chris Mullin wouldn't come up in his extension offers. The rookie decision-maker wouldn't budge.

But then Fegan did something that turned the negotiations in his favor -- and very well could turn the fans against his players. He went public with his threat.

Under tremendous pressure, Mullin cracked during 13th-hour negotiations. He went up close to $5 million in each player's offer -- enough for Fegan to say yes to six-year agreements.

So now everyone knows: Richardson and Murphy were ready to sabotage the Warriors' season if Mullin didn't make them really, really rich rather than just filthy rich.

Forget about being team players and waiting until next summer, by which point Mullin could have pursued a star free agent, to sign the deals.

No, when these guys gave Fegan the thumbs-up on the threat, they made it clear: This wasn't about the team; this was all about the money.

Now they've got the money, but no dignity at all.

Sorry, guys. It's what happens when you align yourself with Fegan.

DATELINE: Inside Mullin's head. It's understandable why Mullin folded under the pressure. Think about it ...

You've brought in Mike Montgomery. You're talking playoffs. You're oozing in positive publicity on the eve of the season.

Imagine then if your two best players don't show up for the opener.

Poof. It's all gone.

It's exactly what Mullin was staring at when Richardson and Murphy admitted they stood behind Fegan's threat to demand trades if not re-signed.

Would you have gone to Plan B (extensions now, capped forever) under those circumstances?

I've got to say: I wouldn't.

Plan A was working well. Erick Dampier was sacrificed for cap room. Ray Allen, Michael Redd and Shareef Abdur-Rahim remain unsigned.

I call their bluff.

The Warriors need a star much more than two guys who threaten to walk if they're not paid like one.

And as restricted free agents, they're not going anywhere until the Warriors say they can.

Bottom line: As bad as Richardson and Murphy look, Mullin was the big loser Monday.