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02-26-2001, 02:30 PM
I thought there was a lot of good info posted in the first bb thread a while back so I figured I'd start a new one i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif I know a couple of you guys (dallmav, giostar, hales, etc) work out regularly, so here's a bit of motivation:

Ronan (http://www.musclemania.com/mmg1.jpg)

This guy is 17 i/expressions/face-icon-small-shocked.gif and a regular on a bodybuilding forum I visit from time to time. Gawd I feel like a wimp..

02-26-2001, 04:06 PM
Yea, Im pretty far from looking like that guy. He's only 17 though. Damn... There has to be genetics involved there. How is the workout routine working for everyone lately? Any strides or shortcomings or goals you'd like to share?

02-26-2001, 06:08 PM
I was sick with the flu for a couple weeks, and then went off to NYC for a few days with friends. By the time I got back to the gym, I was horribly rusty. Anyway, I'm cutting right now, and have started a new diet/routine. I weighed in at 161lbs (with warmups) last Monday, and am now at 158.5lbs. My goal is to get down to 7-8% bf during the next six weeks while also significantly increasing muscle mass. How about you giostar?

02-28-2001, 10:11 AM
hhhmmmmm......How's my workout been lately.

Well I cut down from jogging 2 miles a day to 1. It's so boring jogging. And I've also been using(DON'T LAUGH) the Ab Slide i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif . You know that little blue thingy you see on tv that rolls on the floor. It works too.

Hopefully when summer time comes I'll start doing more again.

02-28-2001, 12:38 PM
Ya know I actually have one of those too i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif In fact, I had TWO until I sold one to a friend. My sis and my gf each gave one to me as a gift AT THE SAME TIME! Unfortunately I haven't been able to use it much b/c I screwed up my right forearm a few weeks back and the AbSlide just puts too much pressure on it.

02-28-2001, 08:48 PM
my roomate just got an ab slide....they are pretty cool

02-28-2001, 08:49 PM
by the way, do you guys actually want to look like Ronan?? I sure as hell don't. It's very impressive to be that big, but it's also sick to look at.

02-28-2001, 10:51 PM
Yes, even though it's genetically impossible for me.

02-28-2001, 10:55 PM
I think those guy's(and the girls too)that look like that are sick to look at too. It's disgusting IMO.

02-28-2001, 11:52 PM
I get way more chicks than that Ronan punk...even though he may have bigger muscles!!i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif I showed the picture to a few girls on my floor and they were totally grossed out by it.

03-01-2001, 05:47 AM
17 ?
he already looks like 30
he won't get old imo

03-01-2001, 12:12 PM
i agree, he does already look like a middle-aged man.

03-01-2001, 12:25 PM
Actually I really don't think he looks old at all. Just take a look at his face. He's only that dark because he had been tanning for weeks AND had applied some of that artificial tanning cream that bodybuilders put on prior to competitions.

03-01-2001, 01:35 PM
Whether he's 17 or 70 he's still gross to look at.

03-01-2001, 01:38 PM
To me, he's only "gross" to look at because of that little bikini bottom he's wearing i/expressions/face-icon-small-blush.gif

03-01-2001, 06:31 PM
This guy is very fit, but remember he has been on a cutting diet for about 8 to 15 weeks and he has no fat on his body. He normally will not look like this. He will look normal within 2 to 3 weeks of normal eating again. He will put on 20 pounds within this time.

03-05-2001, 03:40 PM
I lost 5lbs the last two weeks and am now down to 156.5lbs! I also increased my bench by 20lbs i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif Another 10lbs and I'll be done cutting.

03-05-2001, 03:45 PM
I've lost NO weight(thank God). 140lbs. And I'm up to 30 Ab Slides i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif

03-05-2001, 03:49 PM
How's that workin for ya? I still haven't used mine much b/c my forearm is STILL giving me probs.

03-05-2001, 03:54 PM
Haven't noticed a physical difference but I'm not sore anymore i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif .

Big Boy Laroux
03-05-2001, 04:55 PM
man, you guys are small... 140 lb. weaklings... i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif

i lost 5 pounds recently. down to 240. but i'm also 6'8", and in not bad shape, if i do say so myself.

03-07-2001, 02:06 PM
This is a question for our resident hulk dallmav i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif I was wondering what your set routine looked like? Do you start out with the heaviest weights (after warming up) and work your way down or vice versa? Also, could you briefly tell me the difference between pyramid, reverse pyramid, and drop sets? I got a little confused after reading some posts on another board.

Here's how I do barbell curls on arms day:

45lbs x 12 (warmup)
65lbs x 6
85lbs x 6
105lbs x 3
45lbs x 12 (or until I completely exhaust my arms)

I do a split routine on arms day, so I do a set of skull crushers after each barbell set to work the tris. I perform every rep VERY slowly so that's why I don't do too many. I'm only 155lbs so please don't make fun of those weights i/expressions/face-icon-small-wink.gif

03-07-2001, 06:48 PM
I'm stuck at 170...with the new creatine i'm using, i have gained 7 pounds so far but i cant get past 170.

03-07-2001, 06:55 PM
At first glance, I thought you meant you were stuck at 170lb curls i/expressions/face-icon-small-shocked.gif Anyway, how much of that 7lbs is water weight? Back when I was on creatine, I gained 4lbs while loading but quickly lost it after some heavy cardio sessions. If you're having trouble gaining weight, increase your caloric intake (and carbs) and eat every 3hrs if you can. Just make sure you limit the amount of saturated fat and you should be fine. I can't wait til I'm finished cutting, so I can get back to bulking (meaning, stuffing my face!).

03-07-2001, 07:01 PM
right now, i'm not doing any cardio, because i'm trying to put on weight, but because of that, my abs are suffering.

i wish i could curl 170!!i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif

03-07-2001, 07:02 PM
me again

03-08-2001, 09:46 PM
<bump!> for dallmav i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif

04-05-2001, 03:32 PM
Man I've been soo inconsistent with my workouts the last few weeks i/expressions/face-icon-small-sad.gif I've only been hitting the weights 3-4 days a week (usually just 3) and playing racquetball 2-3 times a week. I cut down to ~155lbs but since getting off my thermo, I've packed on another pound or two. Stupid Xenadrine..I JUST found out it was the reason why my face was breaking out horribly the last few weeks/months (I'm not a freakin teen anymore for crying out loud!). Can't believe I didn't figure it out sooner! Oh well..all is good now i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif I'm just yawning a lot and getting tired quickly without that eca boost.

04-05-2001, 03:37 PM
And my workout. Oh, well...it's....uhh....hhmmmmm. I don't have one anymore really.

04-05-2001, 03:40 PM
What, no more AbSlide?!

04-05-2001, 03:44 PM
http://cwm.ragesofsanity.com/otn/other/jpshakehead.gif I'll get back to it someday soon.

Flying Tiger
04-10-2001, 04:00 PM
I lift for football. We concentrait on bench, squat, power-clean, and incline-press. What can ya'll do on those lifts?

04-15-2001, 04:52 PM
I've had some lower back problems the last few weeks so I haven't been doing any deads (stiff-leg) or squats. Just a lot of cardio to keep my lower body active. As for benching, I bench without a spotter so I never max out i/expressions/face-icon-small-sad.gif Current body weight is 155lbs, bench = 200lbs, and barbell curl = 100lbs. I use dumbbells for the incline press, and haven't maxed out yet because my gym only has weights up to 60lbs. I really should work out more at school, but I'm just too lazy. Having a gym downstairs is just too convenient!

04-15-2001, 04:56 PM
I've also eliminated almost all supps from my diet. I still take in 2-3 60g servings of whey protein a day, but that's only to supplement my regular meals (five meals a day). Other than that, I take a multi and 10g glutamine.

04-16-2001, 09:37 PM
I'm down to 165 pounds now since i've gone off creatine. i've also not been eating enough because our cafeteria is starting to suck. i'll go back on creatine when school is over and get back up to 170+

04-16-2001, 10:01 PM
I don't plan on going back to creatine until I cut down to 7-8% bf. Food, exercise, and sleep is doin it for me right now i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif

Flying Tiger
04-20-2001, 07:16 PM
You guys are pretty small. I'm 200...but I can't lift hardly any lower-body because I have a compressed disk in my lower back. It's really painful and may cause me to miss our football's spring-training. We just got a new coach and it really sucks to not even be able to run. He probably thinks I'm a wuss or something.

04-21-2001, 12:30 PM
Beer, red meat, and an unnaturally high level of testosterone build the body of Evilmav... I am 6-4 and a strong 235 pounds right now (I haven't seriously lifted in about 2 years, but I am probably going to start building up again (I used to be a good 255 with low body fat)...

06-12-2001, 11:49 PM
Just bumping this up i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif So how's the AbSlide Rob?! Oh and remember that pic I posted earlier of that teen bodybuilder? Well here's a recent shot of him. He mentioned over at another board that he was training for another competition.

leather (http://www.wannabebigforums.com/attachment.php?s=1560d95772f16271daf19d1af1016737& postid=21686)

He looks more "normal" without that tanning cream and bikini briefs huh? i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif I'm hoping to look half as good as that by the end of the summer!

06-13-2001, 10:14 AM
"So how's the AbSlide Rob?!"

It's non-exsistant. Haven't touched it in about 2 months. Plan on picking it up again soon, along with riding a bike. My only problem is how do you keep motivated to keep doing it? I always quit because it's too damn boring. i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif

06-13-2001, 10:43 AM
Haha mine's been collecting dust in the corner too i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif

06-14-2001, 07:53 PM
Im still hitting the gym 5 times a week... although im not sure if Im doing much... I drink WAY too much. So its almost like Im breaking even. Although I dont drink everyday, it still doesnt help any.

06-14-2001, 07:55 PM
But I am down to about 207 now. So although the extra weight is slowly coming off... its coming. And as much as I lift, Im sure that Im building the muscle. I just have a little bit of extra "stuff" on there to keep the muscles from showing up.

06-14-2001, 08:03 PM
Wow that's pretty good gio! You were at 250-270 a year ago right? I'm trying a new low-volume routine, with increased reps and weights but fewer sets. So far so good. My back's finally strong enough to do st-dl's again, though I'm having to basically start all over again i/expressions/face-icon-small-sad.gif I'm doing 155lbs comfortably and am hoping to get up to 250 by the end of the summer. Also back doing squats..but the gym at my apt doesn't have a smith or power rack - ugh!

Flying Tiger
06-14-2001, 11:07 PM
I feel where giostar is comming from...I keep lifting and getting bigger muscles, but I'm not running like I should be to get rid of the extra "stuff". It's slowly comming off, but I'm not losing any weight because I'm still lifting weights. It's a horrible cycle!

06-14-2001, 11:13 PM
You should try taking an eca before a cardio workout. I do cardio 3x a week after my legs routine, and it really melts off the fat! I sweat buckets (eca's have a diuretic effect) after a 35min grind on the stairmaster. Personally I recommend Xenadrine ($25 online) but am switching over to Dymetadrine Xtreme (it's stronger and a lot cheaper) soon.

06-15-2001, 03:49 PM
I saw on Oprah last night (my gf made me watch it..I swear!) that the optimal time to work out is between 4-8pm in the afternoon. Just an fyi i/expressions/face-icon-small-wink.gif Personally I like working out late at night, around 11pm, when the gym's nice and empty.

06-15-2001, 04:13 PM
Another good time is early in the morning, the gym is always empty then.

06-15-2001, 04:15 PM
Yea but I absolutely HATE waking up early! I know it's best to do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach b/c that'll burn the most fat..but I'm just always so damn hungry when I wake up I HAVE to eat something!

Flying Tiger
06-15-2001, 04:28 PM
I know I ask too many question, but I have a couple more... what is an eca, and what is a good cardio workout?

Big Boy Laroux
06-15-2001, 04:31 PM
basketball is the best exercise!

especially outdoors during the summer. if you actually run, and don't walk down the court like a wuss.

plus, ultimate frisbee is quite a workout. any of y'all play.

any other type of cardio is pointless to me (running just for the sake of running...)

Big Boy Laroux
06-15-2001, 04:31 PM
damn double post. there's a first time for eveything.

06-15-2001, 04:39 PM
eca = ephedrine/caffeine/asprin

It's used as an energizer and fat burner. Unlike most other supps, thermogenics are actually proven to work. However, since the use of ephedrine/caffeine increases heart rate, some people don't recommend it. All I have to say is stuff like Xenadrine (http://www.cytodyne.com/xena.htm) kicks ass! I don't use it for its fat burning capabilities, so I only take a dose before my workout to get that energy boost. You may have seen stuff like Ripped Fuel or Metabolife. They're basically the same thing, ephedrine-based products that give you energy and burn fat. Not all eca's are created equal though. Xenadrine and Dymetadrine Xtreme are two of the most effective thermogenic supps on the market. If you're going to try it out, just take a half dose 30mins before your workout. I guarantee if you didn't feel like working out, you will! Also, you'll feel so damn strong and energized you'll be lifting harder/heavier.

Oh and this stuff isn't some miracle pill that'll melt your fat. You might lose a couple pounds while taking it, but unless you do cardio/weight training, you won't have very good results.

06-15-2001, 04:41 PM
As for cardio, I just stick to the StairMaster and racquetball. Basketball and other outdoor sports are great though (like BBL said). I usually do 35mins cardio after working my legs, so hitting the StairMaster is more convenient. Then again, I doubt I'd be able to play any sports after a squat/deadlift session.

06-15-2001, 04:42 PM
What do you recomend using before I jump on the AbSlide. i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif

06-15-2001, 04:44 PM
It sounds lame and I can't stand it myself, but the ABSOLUTE best cardio is running! If you run anywhere from 3-5 miles atleast 2-3 times a week. I guarantee you, you'll lose weight!

06-15-2001, 04:44 PM
lol i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif

I doubt I'll be using my AbSlide much. It just feels weird!

06-15-2001, 04:46 PM
I used to run 1-2 miles a day but I never lost weight. That's probably because I'm skinny as hell to begin with. i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif

06-15-2001, 04:46 PM
Oh man I HATE running! I could never get used to running outside (10mins seems like an eternity!) or inside using a treadmill.

06-15-2001, 04:50 PM
Yeah, that's my problem. It's too boring running(I do it on a tredmill). That's why I think I'm gonna try a bike.

Flying Tiger
06-15-2001, 06:04 PM
I have trouble working out my lower body because I have back problems and the doctor won't let me put any weight over 75 lbs over my shoulders, so he told me to do 35 minutes of cardio/aerobic exercise 5 times a week. Do ya'll know of any good leg workouts that I could do besides leg press and extensions?

06-15-2001, 06:35 PM
There really aren't any good muscle-building lower body workouts for you to do i/expressions/face-icon-small-sad.gif Doing squats and st-dl's would put too much stress on your shoulders and back. You're not able to do extensions? What about seated calf-raises? I think you should stick to your doctor's advice and just do a buttload of cardio. That would at least keep your lower body toned and in shape. I screwed up my lower back doing st-dl's a few months ago and have just now finally recovered.

Before every cardio session, I do a few sets of standing calf raises (without weights) and squats (also without weights). You should give it a try! Do calf raises slowly and hold it for a couple secs at the top. As for the squats, just stand up straight, stick your hands straight out in front of you, and squat slowly. I do sets of 20. It won't bulk you up but it's better than nothing.

06-15-2001, 06:37 PM
Oh I just noticed you said you're not allowed to place more than 75lbs weight on your shoulders. So why not squat and stuff with just the 45lb bar?

Flying Tiger
06-15-2001, 07:25 PM
I could just do the bar, but the way are powerlifting coach taught us to do was like 4 sets of 5 with 300+ lbs. I guess I'm just used to that. The doctor said that's probably what's wrong with my back. I can do leg extensions. I just said that leg press and leg extensions were the only 2 lifts that I knew I could do. I can do pretty much anything sitting down, but the doc won't even let me to incline bench press. Oh well, I'll just stick to running and jumprope.

Flying Tiger
06-19-2001, 12:24 AM
I've heard different answers to this question...but which do ya'll think is better...Fewer reps with more weight and sets or fewer sets with more reps and less weight?

06-19-2001, 12:38 AM
Go low volume. Few sets with increased weights and reps. That's said to be one of the most effective muscle-gaining method out there.

06-19-2001, 12:44 AM
I've been on a low-volume routine the last three weeks and to me the results have been pretty impressive (in terms of overall physical appearance). I work two body parts a day, and work each body part once per week. For each part, I usually do two exercises, with 2-3 sets each. The number of reps depends on what exercise I'm doing. Sometimes I'll do 10-12 reps, sometimes 6-8. I work to failure and max out on the final set.

Flying Tiger
06-20-2001, 07:42 AM
Thanks...I've been doing like sets of 20 because of the little weight I'm allowed.

06-20-2001, 11:57 AM
To all the local folks, Fresh Start is having a big anniversary sale this week. They're a health food/supplements shop located on McKinney a couple blocks south of Highland Park Village. The prices are pretty good, MUCH better than GNC's. I'd say they're almost as cheap as the online supp shops, and in some cases, even cheaper! I picked up a 36-pack of Myoplex Deluxe for $60, a 4lb bucket of Phosphagen HP for $20 (for my friend who really wants to bulk up), and Cutting Gel for $54. I've been meaning to try this Cutting Gel stuff for a while now..you just rub it on your body and the fat comes off (with cardio and/or a low-calorie diet of course). Time to shred those lower abs!

Oh and I'm also taking Dymetadrine Xtreme now instead of Xenadrine. Had a pretty intense workout yesterday so I'd say this stuff's great!

06-20-2001, 01:55 PM
Ugh this Cutting Gel really doesn't smell very good..and it's sticky as hell! I just rubbed some on my lower abs and am about to go work out. I don't think I'm going to like sleeping with this crap on.

Flying Tiger
06-20-2001, 06:27 PM
Do you not go broke buying all that stuff?

06-20-2001, 06:53 PM
I spend over $100 each month on protein, glutamine, thermos and milk (drink a gallon every two days!). That's not too bad though considering I get 60 meals out of that $100+ (60 Myoplex shakes). Whenever I go out to eat, I usually end up spending $30-35 for me and my gf..for just one damn meal! I eat 5-6 meals a day so the supps actually help ease up the grocery and restaurant bills.

Stuff like that Cutting Gel I just bought are only one-time purchases. I just wanted to give it a try. I doubt I'll get it again when I run out. Oh and since I'm no longer taking creatine, I'm actually spending less now than I was before!

Flying Tiger
06-20-2001, 10:18 PM
Good gosh! How can you possibly eat that much w/o being 300lbs over weight?

06-20-2001, 10:46 PM
Heheh I'm far from being fat i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif My goal is to get to 150lbs @ 7-8% body fat by the time I take my personal trainer certification exam (Aug 11). The only easy way you can put on more lean muscle mass is by eating 5-6 meals a day. It keeps your metabolism going and is a great way to not only consume the ideal amount of carbs/cals/protein per day, but to also burn fat. If you've heard of Body For Life (http://www.bodyforlife.com), well this is how those people attain such incredible results in just 90 days. They eat six meals a day, exercise hard, and get lots of rest.

Flying Tiger
06-20-2001, 10:49 PM
Man...no wonder I'm fat. I don't know any of this stuff.

06-20-2001, 10:50 PM
Oh and when I say 5-6 meals, I'm not talking huge all-you-can-eat pig-out stuff i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif Everything in moderation!

Flying Tiger
06-20-2001, 10:53 PM
It's so confusing! Some people say eat 1 meat and drink this $90 crap twice a day to lose weight, some say just cut back, now you're saying eat 6 meals a day.

06-20-2001, 11:34 PM
Eating six meals a day has been proven to be the optimum way to gain lean muscle mass. Pick up any bodybuilding/fitness mag or ask that question on any bodybuilding msg board and that's what you'll be told. You need to consume a certain amount of protein (i.e., 1g for each pound you weigh is good for gaining muscle), carbs, cals, and even fat per day. There's a reason why you see so many people working out regularly, yet they have very little gains to show. Bodybuilding is all about eating right, exercising hard (without overtraining), and getting plenty of rest (your muscles don't grow while you're pounding the weights in the gym..they grow while you rest). The more I learn about this stuff, the more intrigued I get. That's why I decided to become a certified trainer. It's not something I'll be doing fulltime (digital design is in my blood!), but to me it'll be a great way to relax while helping others.

Flying Tiger
06-20-2001, 11:46 PM
Even though it's confusing...it does sound interesting. Do you know of any web sites I could go to that would help? If not I'll just look it up.

06-20-2001, 11:55 PM
Here are a couple informative sites that I like:

Cyberpump (http://www.cyberpump.com/)
Skinny Guy (http://www.skinnyguy.net/)
WannaBeBig (http://www.wannabebig.com)

Cyberpump has great articles, while the WannaBeBig Forums have a ton of knowledgeable people. I like the Skinny Guy site because it shows how practical training and proper nutrition can COMPLETELY transform your body in just 90 days! Look at the before and after pics of the guy and you'll definitely be inspired to change your lifestyle!

Flying Tiger
06-20-2001, 11:59 PM
I need the opposite kind of web site than Skinny Guy.

06-21-2001, 12:02 AM
Well I think the point of the Skinny Guy site is to show that it's possible to completely change your physique if you just made some changes to your lifestyle. The guy went from being a runt to becoming one ripped mofo!

06-21-2001, 11:48 AM
For Flying Tiger:

Q: You say that in order to burn fat, I should eat six times a day. How does the number of times I eat per day affect my ability to lose fat?

A: The experts I've talked with about this subject seem to agree that to lose fat and maintain muscle, you have to eat! Relatively small, frequent feedings aren't just a recommendation. They're a must.

By consuming six meals per day, you create a metabolic environment custom tailored to fat loss and muscle growth. Eating a portion of carbohydrates and protein every three hours helps reduce cravings and feelings of deprivation, support your metabolic rate and keep blood-sugar levels stable, which leads to more consistent energy levels and fewer cravings. And the steady flow of amino acids and glucose helps feed muscle tissue as well as "blunt" the body's typical "starvation response" (depressed metabolism) when on a lower calorie nutrition regimen.

The timing and quality of foods ingested, especially before and after a workout, can often be the difference between successful fat loss and another failed attempt. Skipping breakfast, neglecting post-workout meals and consuming high-glycemic carbohydrates (which raise blood-sugar levels) before workouts spells fat-loss failure.

Another reason eating helps you lose fat is because of the "thermodynamic" response to food. What that means is when you eat, your body expends calories to digest the food. Digestion itself requires calories, so the more often the body must break down food, the more efficient it becomes.

Source: Muscle Media Magazine, June 2001

Flying Tiger
06-21-2001, 08:25 PM
Thanks dj. I don't do any of the right stuff...I never eat breakfast or eat after workouts.

06-22-2001, 12:41 AM
I know it's hard to manage 5-6 meals a day, especially when you're still in highschool. I know some guys who bring tuna/chicken sandwiches to school and actually eat them in class! Anyway, if I could recommend one thing, it would be for you to consume one protein-rich meal after your workout. That's the optimum time for protein synthesis since your glycogen storages are depleted. I usually drink a shake (60g protein) 30mins following my workout. You'll really start to build more muscle that way.

Flying Tiger
06-23-2001, 12:01 AM
Can you get that stuff at a GNC or something?

06-23-2001, 02:37 AM
Are you talking about the supplements? If so, yes..BUT I would never encourage anyone to waste their money on the overpriced supps at GNC! If you want the cheapest prices anywhere, order online at DPS Nutrition (http://www.dpsnutrition.com). If you'd rather buy stuff locally, check out that Fresh Start store I mentioned in an earlier post.

Oh and if you are going to buy some protein, there are a ton of different brands and varieties out there. Some taste like crap, while others are actually pretty good. Of course this is usually subjective and varies from person to person. My personal favorite is EAS Myoplex Deluxe. Strawberry cream is my fave flavor, and I usually blend it (you HAVE to blend it because it's so damn thick it's impossible to stir or shake in a shaker bottle) with fresh fruits and ice for a delicious smoothie. It tastes pretty damn good and it fills you up! Myoplex is relatively expensive though, so when I just want to chug something down (rather than enjoy it as a full meal), I mix up a serving of Optimum Nutrition's 100% Whey (chocolate flavor). If you're on a budget, as I'm sure you are, then I'd suggest buying a 5lb bucket of Optimum Nutrition's 100% Whey. It's only $25 online, and it'll last you a while. Each serving only has 22g protein, so I usually double-scoop it and mix it with 12-16oz skim milk. That way I'm getting up to 60g protein out of that shake. I've tried the chocolate, vanilla, and double-chocolate flavors and can safely say it's "not bad" just so long as you mix it real well. It's not something I like to sip on and savor like the Myoplex, but I can chug it down rather quickly after a workout without gagging!

06-23-2001, 02:40 AM
Oh and in case you didn't know this, a good general rule of thumb is that you should consume 1g of protein per body pound (your weight) if you plan on increasing muscle mass. So if you weigh 150lbs (like me), you should consume around 150g protein a day. Personally, I consume 180-220+ grams per day.

Flying Tiger
06-24-2001, 12:41 AM
I looked some stuff up...and every place said that to burn fat and build muscle you have to have a consistent diet of 5-6 meals a day, like you said.

This site (http://fatlosstips.com) has some pretty good information.