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03-28-2005, 11:27 PM
Man, this has to be one of the funniest things i've seen in the NBA in quite some time..

George Karl gets one T for yelling at the ref from the sidelines..

In typical Nellie fashion, he storms onto the court, gets in the official's face and chews him out..oh and i mean CHEW

So you think he'd get tossed right away, right? No...The ref stands right there, face to face...karl goes on and on and on..the ref even cracks a smile, waits for karl to finish, and then tosses him.....beautiful

03-28-2005, 11:37 PM
Dever wasted a golden opportunity, catching the Suns without Amare....good for the Mavs though

03-29-2005, 08:52 AM
1) Here, George.....just piss in this cup.

2) I like how the backup center for the Suns is talking smack. I like the Mavericks' chances in a series against the Suns.......with Dampier, that is.

Phoenix topples Denver again

By Chris Tomasson, Rocky Mountain News
March 29, 2005

PHOENIX - George Karl has worried about the Denver Nuggets getting too happy during their recent winning ways. He certainly has no concerns about his contentment.

Karl picked up two technical fouls in the final minute and was ejected Monday night at America West Arena. He watched from the locker room as the Phoenix Suns finished a 123-114 victory.

"I just snapped at the end," Karl said.

With the Nuggets trailing 116-110, Karl became enraged when no foul was called after forward Carmelo Anthony missed two layups. He let his feelings be known at the other end to official Rodney Mott and was hit with a technical with 42.3 seconds to play.

"I was just telling him to call another touch foul," Karl said. " 'Why don't you end the game right now?' I was challenging him. I deserved what I got."

Karl figured he would go out in style. After getting the first technical, he charged onto the court and got in Mott's face.

Karl was ejected. Assistant Scott Brooks coached in the waning seconds.

The game was a possible preview of a first-round playoff series. If the Nuggets (38-31) remain in the No. 8 spot in the West and Phoenix (53-17) stays No. 1, the two will meet.

The Suns lead the season series 3-0, but none of the games has been easy for them. Denver led 107-102 midway through the fourth quarter before Joe Johnson took over. The Suns guard scored eight of his team's next 10 points to put Phoenix ahead 112-109 with 3:43 left.

"Joe Johnson was the silent assassin," said Anthony, who led the Nuggets with 22 points. "He put the team on his back."

Johnson, who scored 23 points, had plenty of help. Forward Shawn Marion totaled a game-most 30 points and 14 rebounds and point guard Steve Nash scored 23 points and handed out 14 assists.

But the Nuggets, who have won 14 of their past 16 games with both losses to Phoenix, were not in awe.

"We came out and we did send a message that we can play with them," said guard Wesley Person, who shot 4-for-4 on three-pointers and scored 14 points as the Nuggets overcame a 10-point second-quarter deficit.

A different opinion was heard in the Suns locker room.

"We respect (the Nuggets), but if we play them in the playoffs, I'm predicting we pretty much beat them in four or five games," said Steven Hunter, who started at center in place of Amare Stoudemire, who sat out with a sore left ankle. "We beat them (Monday) without one of the best players in the league in Amare Stoudemire.

"Whenever we turn on our game in the playoffs, (the Nuggets) won't even be that close."

The Nuggets also were without a top starter in forward Kenyon Martin, who has a chest injury. Denver got back center Marcus Camby, who totaled 14 points and nine rebounds after missing two games with a sprained right ankle.

"I'm pretty sore, but I'm all right," Camby said.

Anthony sat out for a 31-second stretch with just under 5 minutes to play when he got banged on the right thigh. That was not the only place Anthony was sore after the game.

"I got hit a lot of times out there," said Anthony, who agreed with Karl about getting battered in the final minute. "But I can't blame the referees."

Karl was not as forgiving. After the Nuggets picked up a foul in the final seconds of the third quarter, he said to no one in particular, "Gifts. Gifts."

"It's the consistency of fouls," Karl said. "Nash gets touch fouls. We get hit hard and we don't get any foul. The topper was at 114-109. The clock's running down (with 2:34 left) and Nash gets a touch foul. And then we go in there and Carmelo bounces three or four times and it looks like he gets hit on every shot. And we don't get any call.

"We didn't lose the game because of the refereeing. We lost the game because we got beat by a team that's playing very well. But the consistency is frustrating."

Also frustrating for the Nuggets was their lead against the Minnesota Timberwolves for the eighth spot was cut to two games. And they lost a chance to tie the Memphis Grizzlies, who lost at Chicago, for the No. 7 spot.

Karl figures it could take 46 wins for the Nuggets to clinch a playoff spot. He would prefer the Nuggets curtail their happiness a bit until they reach that figure.

03-29-2005, 09:56 AM
Steven Hunter talking smack? That IS pretty funny. If he's so darn good, why is it that he only averages 13 mpg on a team without a center?


03-29-2005, 05:30 PM
LOL well Stephen Hunter isn't much of a center himself.