View Full Version : My video game Analogy!

04-26-2005, 02:38 PM
The claim is: Dallas is the deepest team in the league. They have tons of weapons and they may be the dark horse in the playoffs

If you play online RPG video games a lot you will know the truth: Versatility is NOT a good thing. You are either VERY good on ONE thing or NOTHING. You can be VERY GOOD at melee, long-range, defense, spell-casting, supporting but you can NEVER be "good" at everything. You will lose especially if you play online games where you can group with other people. You find players that have very "specalized" skills that you don't have. If you are a Mage, you want to find a Fighter (meatshield) who can tank for you so you can cast magic behind him.

Video game is very similar to basketball. Basketball is a team sport. Mavs has so many weapons but NONE of them are master of ANYTHING. Versatility will hunt you down when you have no specialization. We have no defense specialist (besides Howard but he is sort of undersized), we have no pure shooter (Finely????) and we have no go-to guy (poor Dirk got left out). We got an overpaid center who is supposed to bring defense/rebound for us but I haven't seen him being that productive yet. And what about a PG who doesn't know how to run his team offense (yes, Terry, I am talking about you!)?

The ending of this video game is Game Over. Choose another character and build him/her again from the start. Choose what you want to master: Sword, Magic, Shield, Support and please no Hybrid.

Versatility and Hybrids can only work in Solo games where you need different skills to survive in different situations since you get no help from other players. Basketball ain't solo sport. You need a team of specialized players to accomplish the goal.

This is what kills Mavs in my opinions. Sure, Mavs can have 4-5 players playing 20mins per game and score about 10pts each but when it comes down to clutch time, NOBODY can step up because they are not used to taking over the games. The ideal is when you are not "hot", you get substituted by another player. This not so 'hot' player can only be a 'good' player because he never has the time to grow from his mistakes. This is what Wolves suffers too.

Flame me if you want but I think I am right. And Mavs is not going far this season or probably never with their approach to "Versatility".