View Full Version : Shaq and the Heat working on a 5 year extension

07-13-2005, 12:12 AM
O'Neal deal might be on the horizon
The Heat and Shaquille O'Neal's representatives are close on a potential five-year deal, and the team is hopeful it can keep Udonis Haslem.

The Heat had another meeting with Shaquille O'Neal's representatives Monday in Los Angeles, and an agreement on a new deal seems imminent.

The two sides met before the Heat's summer-league team played against a team from the Dallas Mavericks, with the Heat still trying to re-sign O'Neal at a reasonable number that would allow the team to surround him with talent while still staying below or just slightly above the luxury tax threshold.

O'Neal can't sign a deal until July 22, at the earliest, and he still has to opt out of his current deal that is scheduled to pay him $30 million next season.

The trade-off for O'Neal taking less than his scheduled $30 million could be a deal that lasts five years, which Heat president Pat Riley has said is a realistic possibility. Such a contract would keep O'Neal with the Heat until he is 38 years old.

After O'Neal and the Heat come to an agreement, which could happen as early as Wednesday, the Heat can focus its attention on building a team around him.

While O'Neal's negotiations have had little impact on the Heat's talks with Udonis Haslem, the team is also hopeful it can secure the power forward to a five-year deal.

''We're still in discussions, and hopefully we can make a decision fairly shortly,'' Haslem's agent, Jason Levien, said.

Haslem has received interest from the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have enough salary-cap space to offer Haslem more than the five-year, $33 million deal the Heat can extend.

Haslem recently visited Disney World with his son and stopped by O'Neal's Orlando home to discuss the possibilities of playing together again in the future.

If the Heat can keep Haslem without giving up its midlevel exception (which Miami probably will have to do if Haslem signs a larger offer sheet with another team), the team will likely pursue at least one point guard with part of its midlevel exception.

Earl Watson and Antonio Daniels remain possibilities, but the Heat also remains interested re-signing Damon Jones at the right price. The team is expected to meet with Jones' agent soon.

If a deal can't be struck with a player such as Watson or Daniels, the Heat would seriously consider retaining last year's backup, Keyon Dooling, who has drawn interest from the New Jersey Nets.

After that, the Heat would like to round out the roster with minimum-salary players, hoping it can get the type of production the team got last season from Christian Laettner and Dooling, both of whom played on minimum-salary contracts.

07-13-2005, 03:21 AM
until 38 years old.. yikes!
IMO i only see one or two more years, at most, of shaq being the most dominant player in the nba..

07-13-2005, 03:22 AM
he's already showing signs of age.

Even if he takes half of what he is earning, he'll earn max money. For a guy like him that will be a lot of money in a few years.

07-13-2005, 03:28 AM
The detroit series proved that he is no longer the shaq of old, and this is after losing all that weight and getting into 'shape' for this season =]

07-13-2005, 08:26 AM
shaq is a great player, but he should not be making that much money... He should cut his salary down to the max(~15-17 mill) so the team can sign other players.