View Full Version : Boy the sunni muslims are really pushing a civil war.

07-17-2005, 12:59 PM
With this type of horror the sunni terrorists are really trying the patience of the shites. It's no coincidence that most of the attacks are against shias. I'm not sure how I could stay on the sideline when this kind of evil is being committed.

nypost (http://www.nypost.com/postopinion/editorial/49902.htm)

uly 17, 2005 -- By any reckoning, anyone who'd murder innocent civilians in the name of ideology is depraved. But when the victims of such wanton violence are little children, the only term that fits is "evil."

That's what occurred Wednesday in Baghdad, when a suicide bomber steered his SUV into a group of youngsters gathered around a U.S. military patrol and detonated it, killing 27 people nearly all of them kids.

"People nearest the blast, some were literally obliterated on the scene," said a horrified Lt.-Col. Kevin Farrell.

Among the 70 wounded was a 4-day-old girl.

Survivors insisted the children were being given candy by the friendly Americans, a claim U.S. officials denied. But the claims certainly are plausible after all, last September terrorists detonated a pair of car bombs as children waited to receive sweets from U.S. soldiers to celebrate the opening of a new sewage plant in Baghdad.

At least 34 youngsters were blown to bits in that attack.

Then, from London, came word that one of the four men identified as the suicide bombers who staged a mass attack on the British capital's transit system last week actually worked as a teacher and "learning mentor" to young children in the city of Leeds.

How does someone who clearly seems devoted to young children then turn around and indiscriminately murder them all in the name of religion?

We can't think of a more clear-cut definition of fanaticism.

But such is the face of global terrorism today.