View Full Version : Amnesty Victim #5: The Ghost of Eddie Robinson

08-13-2005, 10:39 AM
Bulls Use Amnesty On E-Rob


13th August, 2005 - 5:19 am

Daily Herald - NBA teams have until Monday to take advantage of the amnesty rule, which offers a one-time opportunity to waive a player and avoid playing luxury tax on his salary. The player continues to get paid but is free to join any team and cannot return to his original team for the length of the contract.

Portland’s Derek Anderson, Orlando’s Doug Christie, the Los Angeles Lakers ’ Brian Grant and Philadelphia’s Aaron McKie have already been released under the amnesty rule. Others likely to be waived are New York’s Allan Houston and Dallas’ Michael Finley.

Some high-priced candidates who will probably not be released are Indiana’s Austin Croshere, Boston’s Raef LaFrentz and Toronto’s Jalen Rose.

Even though they are not in immediate danger of paying the luxury tax, the Bulls will exercise the amnesty clause on Eddie Robinson. He was released last year but is owed $5 million by the Bulls under terms of his contract buyout.