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endtroducing MASKED
12-20-2005, 09:55 AM
PG: Shaun Livingston, Los Angeles Clippers - Big (6'7, 190), young (barely 20 years old), and blessed with exceptional court vision (already averaging upwards of 5 dimes), Livingston should be the point guard of the forseeable future of the new look Clippers. If he develops a consistent outside jump shot, he could be truly special...like one of the best in the game. His main problem: injuries, so far.

SG: Flip Murray, Seattle Supersonics - Already proven himself as a gifted scorer during Ray Allen's leave of absences over the past couple of years, Flip's chief problem is still... playing behind Ray Allen. He's not overly big for a 2 guard (6'4), and doesn't have a good 3 point shot, but he possesses fantastic slashing ability like a young Sprewell once did. Since the Seattle lineup will be anchored by Allen and Lewis at the 3 (further limiting potential PT), Flip will need to get out King County if he ever wants to prove himself. His main problem: playing time & outside shooting.

SF: Luol Deng, Chicago Bulls - Already has a tremendous mid-range game, but still very raw. Needs to get bulkier and develop a outside shot to meet his full potential, which I forsee to be on the same level as Rashard Lewis offensively. He is a good defender at this stage but has the potential to be elite, with his extremely long (but skinny) body. Needs to become a better rebounder as well. His main problem: lack of outside shooting & muscle.

PF: Ike Diogu, Golden State Warriors - See Zach Randolph. Classic wide-body scoring PF and above average rebounder. His main problem: he's not a center or SF, & Troy Murphy is already on the roster.

C: Channing Frye, New York Knicks - What Marcus Camby & Joe Smith were suppposed to be. Gifted shotblocker, offensive player, and rebounder. Frye should develop into an All-Star within two to three years, but, he plays for New York. His main problem: overweight jerks in front of him who cut into his minutes ($1 to Eddy Curry), & Isiah Thomas.