View Full Version : "Mike James is awesome" by Mike James

07-27-2006, 11:11 AM
This is awesome fun. Listen to Mike James praise himself:

The fun starts around 3:30 into the clip.

(Found it at: http://sturminator.blogspot.com/)

07-27-2006, 11:39 AM
What an idiot. Good luck in Minnesota you moron.

07-27-2006, 12:29 PM
What a loser. Glad we didn't sign him.

07-27-2006, 10:29 PM
I was among those that wanted him here but after listening to this, I don't think he would have been a fit.

Still, I won't knock him or call him an idiot. That confidence and that swagger that you hear is what allowed him go from a nobody at age 26 to a full MLE player at age 30. His career path has been pretty unique and I imagine that he wouldn’t be where he is without the attitude and the borderline delusional belief in himself.

07-27-2006, 10:38 PM
I'm glad Dirk didn't hand over his keys to his car

07-27-2006, 11:17 PM
Ugh! And we wanted that guy playing in our team? Can't believe how stupid we were. Dang! What were we thinking? God! This guy is so full of it! I cant stand people like these.

Huh? Kobe!?

07-27-2006, 11:52 PM
Thats what I told you people, this is the kind of guy who doesnt give the star (like Bosh) the ball and thinks he is the star. Hope Garnett knocks him out in frustration when he jacks up shots and they dont make the playoffs again.

07-28-2006, 01:33 AM
We dodged a serious bullet. Can't believe AJ & Cuban both had one-on-one discussions with him and couldn't figure the idiot out!! Donnie may be the only brains in the organization.

07-28-2006, 01:35 AM
I was hoping James would come in and accept a role like Stackhouse has, but after hearing this, it definetly doesn't look like it would have turned out that way. I was one of the people that wanted Mike James to end up here, but clearly I was wrong.

07-28-2006, 03:58 AM
Same here Nashty, we all were wrong. Blinded. But the smoke has cleared, we can see clearly now the rain (James) has gone... LOL :)

07-28-2006, 11:53 AM
Hey Mike, have fun being a distant third best player on your new lottery-bound team.

Can you guys believe that I actually have to live in this godforsaken state?

07-28-2006, 12:53 PM
mike james makes me laugh.......at him, not with him

07-28-2006, 07:37 PM
Minnesota is the perfect place for Mike James! I'm sure Eddie Griffin can provide the number to the guy who installed his dashboard DVD... Lots of fun to you Mikey!

07-28-2006, 09:13 PM
they're not tryin to be like allen iverson they wanna be like mike james.

hahhaha two championships in the next three years with a one year as a leave of failure.

this little light of mine.

07-28-2006, 09:56 PM
I think perople hat e him so much beacause of that damn first person talk he does. If instead of saying Mike James a million times he should say something people actually enjoy. Like Twinkie.

Everybody wants to be like Twinkie, Not Allen Iverson

-Twinkie James