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08-26-2006, 08:48 AM
Bad luck guys, you won just enough games to draw the basketball powerhouse that is the Australian mens basketball program. Whilst the USA have been developing an bunch of seasoned professionals to get the job done, the Australians have developed a team around "Texas-killer" Andrew Bogut. The Aussies will follow in the footsteps of such NBA luminaries as Shane "Hammer" Heal and Luc "Bluey" Longley and school the US at their own game.

yeah, right. We'll be killed, good luck guys!

08-26-2006, 09:23 AM
Will Chris Antsey play?

08-26-2006, 10:10 AM
Eeek! :)

08-26-2006, 11:18 AM
Are you kidding? Bogut's had only 3 blocks (and 16 turnovers) throughout pool play. Though I do hope the Aussies win, I want Germany to take the gold :) (I'm not ungrateful to my country, but Team USA is exactly who we cheer against all season round)

08-26-2006, 11:32 AM
Will Chris Antsey play?


08-28-2006, 08:12 AM
who the hell is chris antsey

08-29-2006, 12:45 AM
newb mavs fan

08-29-2006, 01:08 PM
who the hell is chris antsey

GS Warriors next big international signing. Book it.