View Full Version : Talent on Paper not transfered to Success

09-30-2006, 03:04 AM
I was just thinking about some teams that when you look at them they have a Star or good duo or trio...but they cant seem to get on track...and its seems like there are many teams that will break out of that this commin up season but you never know...soo i was just wondering if you had to pick 5 teams who seem to have it on paper but cant get it on the court which 5 would it be???

1.Knicks (All the talent in the world...but no chemistry...soo many overpaid players that play the same position. its just a mess in NY. But if they could find a way to get things strait..they could be dangerous)

2. Sixers (Iverson, Webber, Iguodala....a nice trio..maybe they can get on the same page this year and have a good run)

3. Cavs (LeBron, Big Z, and many good role players...most people say that LeBron doesnt have enough talent around him...i think ths BS...but they did improve last year a lil...and should be better this season)

4.Warriors ( Davis, Richardson, and cup of big men and young role players. Been disappointing for a cup of years...maybe unde Nellie they will break out of it)

5. Lakers (Kobe and Odom...not much talent around them....but enough that if they played together they could be a lot better than shown...But hay we all kno Kobe will be Kobe)

I think there could be a few more teams there like Atlanta....they got madd talent..but just too young and not enough leadership....and i think the 1 - 5 could be moved around..but ths just the way i got them.

09-30-2006, 03:37 AM
The Cavs do well on the court, they are a very solid team. A team I can think of is the Sonics, maybe the Wolves and Celtics.