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04-04-2002, 06:09 PM
Did anyone notice that Tony Parker got to take the winning shot in the Spurs win over the Sonics? Parker was 1 for 7. It kind of makes you wonder how Popovich could have been so "idiotic" as to let a player who wasn't "hot" take an endgame shot like that. After all it's Duncan and Robinson who are the go-to guys for the Spurs. What? Parker made the shot, his ONLY score of the game? Nevermind then. If Parker had missed, THEN Spurs fans would have something to gripe about.

"GAME DAY RECAP Wednesday, April 03 from ESPN
Spurs' Parker makes his only basket count

SAN ANTONIO (AP) -- Losing the last three games by a combined nine points,
San Antonio found a way to win Wednesday night as Tony Parker's lone basket of
the game gave the Spurs a 90-88 victory over the Seattle SuperSonics.

Parker's 16-foot jump shot with 7.1 seconds to play gave San
Antonio the win, while Tim Duncan put the Spurs into position for the
victory with 30 points and 18 rebounds. David Robinson added 20
points for San Antonio, while Steve Smith scored 19.

"It was a good win against a tough club that is fighting for playoff
position," San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich said. "He (Parker) has guts and he
knows how to pick and choose. He's had some good guts for us all year long. He's
made some shots down the stretch. He's never afraid to take a shot."

Seattle, which lost its second straight game, was led by Gary Payton with 24
points, while Vin Baker added 14.

"That was the only shot he made all night," Seattle coach Nate McMillan said of
Parker. "But he sure made it count. That was a big shot. On the last play we got the
double on Tim, he made the pass to Tony. If you wanted anybody out there to
shoot it tonight it was Parker. But he made that one."

Down 87-80, Seattle rallied to tie the game 88-88 on a jump shot by Jerome
James with 1:52 to play.

Both teams struggled down the stretch before Parker connected on the winning
shot. Seattle center Predrag Drobniak's 5-foot jump shot was blocked by Duncan
with 2.4 seconds remaining as San Antonio held on for the victory.

"I was feeling good," said Parker, who was 1-for-6 shooting from the field. "I love
to take big shots. I was mad and I said if I got a second chance it was going in. I
knew they were going to double Timmy. I knocked it down. I was feeling

Seattle lost despite outscoring San Antonio 19-14 in the fourth quarter.

"We had it close at the end and we had a chance to win, we just needed a couple
of breaks to go our way and they didn't tonight," McMillan said.

After trailing by as many as 13 points in the first half, San Antonio opened the third
quarter with a 21-5 run to lead 66-59 on a dunk by Robinson with 6:12 remaining.

A 10-0 run capped by a 3-point basket by Bruce Bowen increased the Spurs' lead
to 76-61 with 3:08 to play in the quarter.

Duncan had 12 points in the third quarter as San Antonio outscored Seattle 31-15
and led 76-69 going to the final period.

"We didn't play well in the first and we all knew it," said Duncan, who also had a
season-high nine assists. "Poor free-throw shooting, bad plays, missed shots. We
really didn't have the intensity we wanted coming off of three losses. We turned it
up in the third."

Behind 12 points by Payton, Seattle led 54-45 at halftime. Smith and Duncan had
14 points apiece for San Antonio.

"We played well tonight," said Payton, who also dished out seven assists. "In the
past two games we have made mistakes down the stretch and that has cost us. We
are OK, though. We know we can play with these guys. Sometimes it just doesn't
go your way."

San Antonio outscored Seattle 54-46 in the paint and outrebounded the
Supersonics 42-34.

Game notes
Seattle guard Brent Barry left the game in the third quarter after sustaining a cut
above his right eye that required five stitches. ... Barry returned with 7:57 to play in
the fourth quarter. ... Prior to the game, San Antonio placed guard Stephen
Jackson on the injured list with a sprained left thumb and activated guard Jason
Hart. ... Duncan had his 60th double-double of the season and 280th of his career.
... The Spurs have now held 55 of the last 63 opponents under 100 points. ... San
Antonio is now 28-9 at the Alamodome this season while Seattle falls to 19-20 on
the road . . . The Spurs and Sonics split four games this season, with both teams
winning at home. ... San Antonio now leads the all-time series 55-54."

04-04-2002, 08:44 PM
David- c'mon, those first comments aren't helping the aura around here.

04-04-2002, 10:10 PM
<< David- c'mon, those first comments aren't helping the aura around here. >>

Let me appologize to the women and children in the audience for offending their delicate sensibilities.i/expressions/face-icon-small-blush.gif

04-04-2002, 10:15 PM
also not necessary...esp. towards someone who has defended your stance. It is just getting a little stale.

04-04-2002, 11:26 PM
<< also not necessary...esp. towards someone who has defended your stance. It is just getting a little stale. >>

Thanks for your support.

04-04-2002, 11:29 PM
what happened on the last play?

the ball was passed to tim and he was doubled..he kicked it to parker for the open shot

isn't that what i've been arguing with dirk?
when he gets doubled and can't get a shot, it opens up a shooter.. allows dirk to kick it out.

thank you david

04-04-2002, 11:32 PM
I'm not trying to start anything here David but I have a question. Was the last play designed for Parker? If he was the open man then it makes sense for him to take the last shot. That is a whole different situation than if Pop forced him to take the last shot.

04-05-2002, 07:02 AM
I have my doubts that the play was run for Parker but Popovich seems to like to get EVERYONE ready to take the big shot. It doesn't much matter who touched the ball or what. Of course everyone is looking for the ball to go to Duncan and he HAS to be ready to pass it. It is fundamental. No one says the ball has to go through one individual. There are only five on the the floor at a time so there are chances for everyone to touch it. Here's Popovich's quote:

&quot;It was a good win against a tough club that is fighting for playoff
position,&quot; San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich said. &quot;He (Parker) has guts and he
knows how to pick and choose. He's had some good guts for us all year long. He's
made some shots down the stretch. He's never afraid to take a shot.&quot;

04-05-2002, 09:12 AM
I don't think anyone has a problem with a player taking an open shot. But I would bet a couple of dollars that Parker was open because the Spurs primary option (Duncan) was doubled. I don't believe that the primary option has to take every shot - but they fact that they ARE the primary option leaves the game open for others.

04-05-2002, 12:05 PM
i don't think the primary option takes every shot down the stretch either..and i never implied that.
however, the offense should go through the primary option more down the stretch..when he's doubled, he can kick it to an open man.

which happened in san antonio.

the play was ran for duncan..he was doubled..he kicks out to parker.

now, this is my idea that i have been so heavily criticized for the mavs...(with the mavs having so many shooters, it even makes more sense for them).

the play is ran for dirk..he is doubled..he kicks out to fin/nash/raef/nve

if dirk has an open look...well, he's the best scoring option on the team so he takes it to the hole or shoots the jumper.

it's called..Fundamentals of Basketball

04-05-2002, 07:53 PM
Yep, it's called fundamentals of basketball.

Such as: The game against SA is going down to the wire. The game could go either way.

I'm on my sofa watching the game and I say to myself, &quot;Duh, they need to get the ball to Dirk.&quot;

People all over the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex and surrounding area are thinking to themselves or shout out in the bars, &quot;they need to get the ball to Dirk.&quot;

At American Airlines Center, fans are saying to the people next to them, &quot;they need to get the ball to Dirk&quot;.

Nellie looks over at one of his many coaches and says, &quot;we need to get the ball to Dirk.&quot;

Over on the Spurs bench, Popovich turns to one of his assistants and says, &quot;I bet they try to get the ball to Dirk.&quot;

It's one of those &quot;Duh Moments&quot;. They need to get the ball to Dirk.

Do you think the Spurs are ready for that little manuver? Well duh. You would think so. Popovich has known Nelson a good, long time and was once a Nellie assistant. Do you think ol' Greg knows what Nellie ought to be doing?

Against the TWolves when Nash had the ball for the missed layup before his missed game tying shot, Nash said the play was that he takes the ball and, duh, looks for Dirk or keeps it and tries a shot. Nash said that, rather than try and thread the ball into a tight spot on the move, he shot the shot himself. Nash was not &quot;hot&quot;, himself that night and he missed two shots, all without two weeks of caturwauling. It's OK for Nash to miss shots.

Back to SA. NVE has the ball, he's a point guard and point guards handle the ball. It's their job. I wonder if Nellie said, &quot;Nick we need to get the ball to Dirk&quot;? Or did Nelson say, &quot;Nick you've missed 10 out of 11 shots so far, don't worry about getting the ball to Dirk, don't give it a thought, just slop one up there any old way&quot;?

Somewhere in the metroplex area a boy has one eye on the TV and one eye on the computer screen and says, &quot;if they don't get the ball to Dirk, Nelson is idiotic, a stupid coach. That's just poor coaching.He's pathetic.&quot;

Nellie, who has been at the game the whole time and despite his advanced age, has managed to stay awake, and oddly enough is not exchanging messages with any of his now close Internet friends, manages to stay on top of his primary job at the moment. That would be coaching the Mavs and preparing HIS team for each and every eventuality that might come up. I THINK he may have forseen a time when the Mavs are tied or down a couple in a close game.

What does Nelson do in THIS close game? Why he pulls out some of his &quot;poor coaching&quot; tricks and becomes, &quot;pathetic&quot; and &quot;idiotic&quot; all of a sudden. That was the little trick he had prepared for the SA game. It had nothing to do with NVE missing numerous open shots. Was Dirk open or were Duncan and/or others covering Dirk to keep NVE from getting the ball to him?

I wonder if Greg Popovich knows the fundamentals of basketball, also and just maybe had a trick or two of his own up his sleeve? No, that couldn't be. NVE missed the shot which made Nelson a pathetic, stupid coach.

04-05-2002, 08:15 PM
Holy crap David.....let it go. Murph is trying and you keep ripping open the scab. Just let it go.

04-06-2002, 03:01 AM
Gosh David, Before I thought you had won the arguement but my stock in Murph has risen a few notches because he clearly has gotten to you. In time the wounds will heal, I promise.