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11-08-2006, 07:38 PM
NBA Playoffs Shaping Up
by Holly Neejirk (Tungincheke Sports Network)

The NBA playoffs are shaping up and there are several surprises that have players, coaches, and owners howling. In the East, it looks like Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Indiana have their divisions locked up with 3-1 records. In the West the Jazz and Hornets are running away with their divisions at 4-0. "This may be the first time in the history of the NBA we have two undefeated teams vying for a conference championship", said Jerry Sloan coach of the Jazz. Sloan pointed to his power forward and MVP candidate Carlos Boozer as one of the main reasons for the Jazz success this year. "Without Carlos we wouldn't be in position to make history", said Sloan, "Boozer is clearly the best power forward in the league this year.. hands down". It's hard to argue with Sloan. Boozer is averaging over 20 points and 14 rebounds per game and is everyone's choice for MVP. With only 78 games left on the schedule the Jazz and Hornets are clearly in the best positions to meet in the Western Conference Finals and play for a chance to meet the Eastern Conference champion.

In the East the impressive hot streak put together by the Hawks has heads turning. Atlanta has put together 3 consecutive wins and have taken control of the Southeast Division. "We've surprised alot of people", said Hawks coach Mike Woodson. When asked why his team is now considered one of the NBA elite, Woodson said, "Noone thought that Zaza Pachulia could play like he has this year. He is averaging 18+ points and almost 7 rebounds per game and he is a beast in the middle. I am not ready to say he is the second coming of Shaq, but he is close". Woodson said that everyone expected a great season from guard Joe Johnson (27.8 pts per game) and no one is disappointed. "Joe has been great, I think he will compete with Boozer for MVP honors".

The short end of the stick goes to the Dallas Mavericks, Boston Celtics, and Phoenix Suns. For the first time in NBA history two teams (Mavs and Celts) are poised to go without a win the entire season. "I just can't figure this out" said Avery Johnson. "Last year we are in the Finals and this year it looks like 0-82". Johnson said that with only 79 games left in the season there is little hope for another trip to the playoffs, let alone a championship. "It has been a tough year. But we are hoping to win the Oden sweepstakes and then our first offseason priority will be to re-sign Jerry Stackhouse to a long-term deal. He has been the heart and soul of the team this year, so Stack needs to get rewarded".

An interesting story is coming out of Pheonix. The 1-3 Suns are ready to hang it up for the season and Coach D'Antoni blames the struggling Suns on their MVP and quarterback Steve Nash. "Steve has won two MVPs, but this year he is not leading", said D'Antoni. "We are looking to move him as soon as possible and get a real leader in here". The buzz is that the Suns are talking to the 76ers about a trade for Allen Iversen. A source close to the Suns was quoted as saying "We need a real team player that can lead our soon-to-be superstars (Leonardo Barbosa and James Jones) and make the Phoenix Suns a winner again. Right now Steve is not doing that, he is only averaging about 20 pts and 11 assists per game. That may sound like good numbers, but look at what AI is doing. His team is 3-1. Wow!" Sources close to the 76ers said that although they were trying to trade AI over the summer, that is no longer an option the team is considering. "We're in the playoffs and might get a shot at the championship, if we can get by the Hawks", said Philadelphia coach Maurice Cheeks".

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You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to purplefrog again.

True greatness....

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That made my day

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This is genius.

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Honestly we'd be so good with Oden lol... too bad Dirk has morals and stuff.

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I would love Oden.... but Stern would never allow that. At least we have the real fair lottery drawing to look forward to....

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Instant Classic.

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Simply awesome work! Lol

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That's a brilliant piece of work. Did you write that yourself?

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Yeah, it came from my brain. Thanks for the kind words everyone. I wanted to bring a some smiles to the forum before tonights game. Maybe it will bring us some good luck!

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lol genius.

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Lol, the author name is the best part, Holly Neejirk lol :D

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"Last year we are in the Finals and this year it looks like 0-82".

This was serious right?

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Very good.

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Love it.

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I think the real question is "Would you be willing to throw away the season for Greg Oden?" Hey, San Antonio did it with the "alleged" injury to David Robinson when they grabbed Duncan.

Plus, Dirk's ankles do seem oftly weak this season ... ;)