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04-01-2001, 01:59 PM
How about acquiring Travis Best in the offseason to back up Nash? I don't think Pacers management is real high on his ability, seeing as how he's playing backup to ROSE at the point, which I still think is ridiculous... and I know many of the fans lack confidence in him. I'll bet we could get him real cheap, and he would be a steal in terms of talent...

Being a big Pacer fan, I know most of their players pretty well, and just about all of Best's flaws are mental... he dribbles too much, he shoots a bit too much, he doesn't always distribute the ball well, and he sometimes tries to take over games in the fourth period where he isn't always capable (Tim Hardaway Syndrome). But Best is loaded with talent... he is quick, he can finish his shots, he is a great shooter, a great passer, and he fields the best assist-to-turnover ratio in the NBA. I believe he has played under average to below-average coaching for the majority of his career, leaving his game flawed... but under the right environment, with the great coaching of Don Nelson and the great talent developing of Kiki Vandeweghe, I believe Best could flourish into a downright incredible backup point guard for the Mavericks... what do y'all think?

04-01-2001, 02:25 PM
I wouldn't mind picking up Best. I didn't realize he was a free agent. He's had good games against us this year. I like what I see, he couldn't do worse than Eisley. And I would take him over Kahild El Amin (sp) which the Mavs have expressed interest. Not so much for this year but for the off season. How would we get him though? The exception should go to Booth, so a sign-and-trade is best, I guess. Maybe send them Eisley and Trent for him? Im not sure.

04-01-2001, 02:35 PM
Oh, I'm not sure when he's a free agent, I was thinking sign and trade... I'll bet the Pacers would be very interested in quality big men, and Eisley would probably be necessary to facilitate the trade, as the Pacers would need another solid point to replace Best...

The Crippler
04-03-2001, 01:07 PM
how about drafting Rashad Phillips from Detroit Mercy with Houston's second rounder that they owe the mavs for najera-langhi swap on draft day last year(damn, did we rip them off or what?). I think it will be around #40 or so, and I can see this kid still being around at that time.

For those who have never seen phillips play, he is about 5'10", but as quick as anyone in college. He is a very good scorer, but this year, he was asked to play exclusively at the point and avg around 8 assists/game to go with his 23ppg. If we did get him, he could back up nash and move eisley to the bench or another team after a year or so (kind of like Utah did with eisley/jaque vaughn). IMO, I don't think Phillips will ever be a star, but he will be a very good backup point, and that's usually all you can expect from a second rounder.