View Full Version : How much longer can Shaq hold up?

04-08-2002, 03:32 PM
Shaq returned from a two game stint on the bench last night to light up the heat for 40. Regardless the concern about Shaq's health is growing. His list of problems seems to grow every couple of weeks.

1. Toe: well documented, a problem that will require surgery in the off-season

2. Wrist: It has caused him to miss a couple of games over the last week.

3. Weight: His weight has steadily increased over the last few years. This has to add wear and tear to an already gigantic man.

4. Anti-Inflammatory Medication: With the pain he has played through this season, Shaq has been using these. It was this type of medication that is believed to have caused significant kidney damage to Zo Mourning and Sean Elliot. Shaq recently had his liver and kidney tested and all seems OK, but do you really think he wants to rely upon these drugs over the next 3 ro 4 years. I don't.

Shaq will likely be able to get up to speed and be effective for this years playoffs, but how many years can his body hold up. Shaq has Kidney, Liver Tests (http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-lakerep08apr08.story)

04-08-2002, 03:36 PM
Actually one thing I've noticed is that Shaq is in physically decent shape. Injuries and ailments aside he's much slimmer than he was earlier in the year and you can see the ripples of muscles in his arms again. I think he's conditioning himself better to try and help compensate for his other ailments.

04-08-2002, 04:30 PM
He may be slimmer than earlier in the year. Perhaps he realized he needs to get in better shape. Still he is a lot bigger than a couple years ago. It may not hurt him long term, but who knows.

Those anti-inflammatory meds are pretty scary though.

04-08-2002, 09:49 PM
There is a lot of speculation that Shaq will sit out next year because of the injuries....I say hogwash. He will play through the pain and will play out his contract.

04-08-2002, 11:05 PM
how much longer can shaq hold up?

too long

04-09-2002, 12:33 AM
Well, one day is too long, but I think the Shaq we see next year will not be the same Shaq...

You heard it here first. Remember that.

04-10-2002, 12:16 AM
He is going to last longer than any of us are hoping.

04-10-2002, 12:20 AM
The Lakers sure beat the hell out of the Jazz tonight without O'neal though after he was ejected.

04-10-2002, 10:08 AM
O'neal is a freak of nature. Just when people start saying, he's too over weight, he's too whatever, he comes out and destroys the opposition. Personally I think if he wanted to play another 7 years, he'd still be a force to be reckond with. I'm sure the older he gets he won't be as agile, but still a force.

04-10-2002, 10:31 AM
Exactly The Kid.

I don't think O'Neil was ever in question as the Lakers made it out to be, but that's publicity for you.

First, it was his weight, which may have been a small factor, but did it really slow him down much?

Then the toe and it was the end of his career. Wasn't so.

Now the wrist and the players and coaches were sitting on pins and needles as to whether they could weather the storm while he was out. The important thing was that he sit now and be healthy for the playoffs. He sits out one game and comes back with force.

He's not as in bad of health as they'd like the rest of the league to think.