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02-17-2007, 12:19 PM
Thorn hits Vegas to shop Vince

All-Star Confidential

[By Mitch Lawrence / New York Daily News]

LAS VEGAS - Vince Carter's flight into town was delayed yesterday, forcing him to miss the media availability sessions for East and West stars. Despite his absence, which was excused by league officials, Carter was a hot topic of discussion as Nets president Rod Thorn continued his efforts to move his All-Star guard by Thursday's trading deadline.

The Nets aren't interested in continuing to pay Carter "max money," and they know he'll be looking to move on to Orlando this summer when he can opt out of his contract. By trading him by the deadline, they can dictate where he goes.

"Rod's trying everything he can to trade Carter," said one team executive who talked to Thorn. "He'd rather trade Vince than Jason (Kidd). They still look at Kidd as the face of the franchise."

But Kidd is in demand, too. Phil Jackson is pushing for the Lakers to acquire the Nets' second All-Star performer, who won't play tomorrow against the West because of a strained back. But Lakers executive Jim Buss, son of owner Jerry Buss, wants to continue to grow slowly and is against including second-year center Andrew Bynum in any deal.

For now, the Nets' primary goal is to find a home for Carter. The Clippers, who have had talks before with the Nets about Carter, are still a possibility. All teams other than Orlando risk having Carter walk after the season, unless there's some sort of wink-wink deal reached before this summer.

But to get Thorn to revamp his team, with the Atlantic Division by no means locked up by the Toronto Raptors, he is not going to jump at any offer. Even with Carter's days with the team apparently dwindling, the Nets are going to hold out for a package that will include any combination of the following: a young promising player, players with expiring contracts and a future No. 1 draft pick. That's Thorn's plan for now, anyway.

02-17-2007, 12:20 PM
Kidd can see being traded


LAS VEGAS - Jason Kidd sounded yesterday like a point guard whose days in New Jersey could be over.

Kidd, who has been linked to the Los Angeles Lakers, admitted that he wouldn't be surprised if he is dealt before Thursday's trading deadline.

"They have to do what is best for the franchise," Kidd said from the Palms Hotel and Casino. "There are people who have contacted the Nets, so we'll see. Business always gets in the way of basketball, so you just have to be happy wherever you end up and always keep your bags packed."

Phil Jackson reportedly wants to acquire Kidd to replace Smush Parker. The Lakers have lost five straight games and feel they need to make a significant upgrade to their roster. The Nets (25-29) currently are in ninth place in the Eastern Conference and their chances of reaching the playoffs would seemingly improve once Richard Jefferson returns from ankle surgery in early March.

"Well, the way that we've performed up to this point is definitely maybe below average in the sense of our record as a team," Kidd added. "So anytime that you're not where you're supposed to be there's going to be rumors or things are going to start flying about guys being traded. And that's just part of the business."