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03-30-2007, 12:58 AM
Chinese Nicknames for NBA Players
Posted Mar 29 2007 12:51PM

SECAUCUS, NJ, March 29, 2007 -- German Racecar is hot, and he's working hard to get his team to the playoffs. Meanwhile Little Emperor lords over the East and his team just clinched a postseason spot.

Hold on, hold on, what are you talking about? Who is German Racecar? Little Emperor? Well, let us explain: those are NBA players' nicknames in China.

"German Racecar" is Dirk Nowitzki, his ability to roll on court like a racecar, and he is, of course, from Germany. Meanwhile, China's Little Emperor is our "King James." For instance, do you want to know why Tim Duncan is called Stone Buddha? Scroll down. And while you're there check out the 10 Chinese nicknames we picked for you to vote on in our poll.

Team Player Chinese Nickname Translation of Chinese Nickname Explanation

Cavaliers LeBron James 小皇帝 (Xiao Huang Di) Little Emperor Direct translation of English nickname "King James"

Dallas Dirk Nowitzki 德国战车 (De Guo Zhan Che) German Racecar Dirk's ability to roll on court like a racecar. And he is a player from Germany.

Denver Carmelo Anthony 甜瓜 (Tian Gua) Sweet Melon The nickname "'Melo" resembles "Melon." "Sweet Melon" refers to Carmelo's sweet and cute appearance

Detroit Richard Hamilton 面具人 (Mian Ju Ren) Man in the Mask Hamilton's habit of wearing a mask on court

Miami Shaquille O'Neal 俠客(Xia Ke) Warrior "Xia Ke" means righteous and respectful warriors in ancient China

Minnesota Kevin Garnett 狼王 (Lang Wang) King of the Wolves Meaning leader of the Timberwolves

New Jersey Vince Carter 飞人 (Fei Ren) Flying Man Carter's ability to leap and make amazing dunks

Phoenix Boris Diaw
法国魔术师 (Fa Guo Mo Shu Shi) French Magician
Diaw's ability to play basketball as if playing magic. And he is a player from France.

San Antonio Tim Duncan 石 佛(Shi Fo ) Stone Buddha Duncan is very strong and calm just like the Buddha.

San Antonio Emanuel Ginobili 阿根廷飞人 (A Gan Ting Fei Ren) Argentina ¡¯s Flying Man Ginobili's ability to jump. And he is a player from Argentina


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German racecar ... racing to a championship.

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