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08-16-2007, 07:41 PM
The Dallas Mavericks are waiting to hear from free agent P.J. Brown, who is expected to announce a decision this week.

"He knows who we are, what we are and what we have to offer," Mavericks president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson said by phone. "We're hopeful things work out."

The Mavericks, meanwhile, haven't ruled out haven't another unrestricted big man, Chris Webber.

The Fox affiliate in Phoenix, has reported that P.J. Brown was in town Tuesday, talking about a deal with Phoenix Suns' GM Steve Kerr.

Brown's agent, Mark Bartelstein, said Monday that no visits were planned when asked directly. On Tuesday, Bartelstein said that Brown might take longer than this week to decide his future.

Brown is 38 and getting up in age. 6'11" 239lbs. Good defender inside, good scorrer thru out his career. Rebounds good. Let's all remember, he is 38 but has always been a good player on both sides of the ball. Phx needs him badly to have anykind of shot to get past the Spurs and yes he will help but i think he is to old now, to put them past the Spurs in a series. Maybe he could have at age 28.

He also helps the Mavs because you can bring him in off the bench at center or PF and he plays inside and has some range outside. He doesn't get pushed around. He holds his position very good. His big question is age and he want's a big pay day, still.

Webber will probably be the other we go after, if we don't land Brown. 6'10, 245lbs. 34 years old but this is not 38 years old. I question Browns age and i have wanted to get him as he fills two positions off the bench. Webber is 4 years younger, an inch shorter. He had a very good year last year at 11 points, 7 rebounds and 3 ast. He shot one of his best ever last year at 49%. Over the years i have questioned his defense some. He is also a forward/center. If we are not playing a team with a dominating big man in the middle, Webber, Dirk, Howard, SG and PG could be a load for another team to handle. Plus you have bigs in Bass, Diop, Dampier. This also holds true with PJ Brown. Brown seems to play more inside and Webber not way outside but goes out some and shoots alot outside. He can heat up or he can shoot and shoot even if it isn't going in but his career he is a 48% and this is very, very good.

I have never been a big Webber fan but i feel he can help us. Maybe even more so than Brown. Brown can be a stopper or has been in years past but Webber is ok on defense and can score inside/outside and is a better offensive player and 4 years younger.

I would not be disapointed in either player. I feel either helps our team and alot. Detroit also want's Webber back. Webber should be able to fill two positions also.

It is talks Posey won't resign with the Heat. Then who? Not sure who all is interested. Grizz get's Spanish guard Juan Carlos Navarro and this should be good for Gasol. Spurs sign Ime Udoka. Pistons sign Jarvis Hayes.

08-17-2007, 09:52 AM
I would not be disapointed in either player.

I agree.
If the Mavs roll with a rotation of something like

Harris, Terry
Terry, Stack, Jones
Howard, George, Stack
Dirk, Webb or PJ
Damp, Diop, Webb or PJ

then this is at least a small improvement from last year's rotation. Jones getting Buckner's minutes should be an upgrade. Webber or PJ getting Croshere's minutes should be as well.

08-17-2007, 11:53 AM
I agree and like you said Jones getting Buckners minutes helps also. With someone like Buckner, he is suppose to be a very good defender and if a guy like Wade, Lebron or Kobe was killing you. Hopefully, he comes in some mins and helps defend or try to slow them down some. His offense looked bad.

I hope we hear something soon about Brown and Webber. I do not think we have to be terribly disapointed if one signs with another team, as we will go after the other. If we do not get either, then we go another route. Another player. I do think we need another big at those spots. Someone that can play offense. I would like our rotation better.

08-19-2007, 04:43 AM
I really would like to see webber because he would become the teams most consistent playmaker

08-19-2007, 11:23 AM
are we really going to give this guy the full MLE? wtf.

08-19-2007, 02:21 PM
snoop, i agree with you now. I think i like Webber best but either would be a great fit for us i feel.

I am not sure alby what they will make as things are getting thin now and teams will probably bid these guys up more than maybe they are worth. I honestly feel we need one of these type players to get over the hump. I thought at first, we might possibly win it all with no offense in the middle but a very good defense. We almost did.

I think teams are better now than when we went to the finals but also i feel we are one of the best still. Our big guys like Dirk, Dampier, Diop, Howard(plays so big) needs to be fresh and not wore out at playoffs. Phx needs to help Nash also. Dampier hardly played in the gs playoffs and Dirk the last couple weeks looked give out or something was wrong. He would not rebound. I feel guys like Bass, brown, Webber, George and even if we can work Faz in some, if it is a blowout or if we could ever trust in him, in a key situation, all these guys could help rest Dirk, Dampier, Diop, Howard some.

Our point guards is very important also but i feel we have 3 really good ones and any of the 3 can play, if one is hurt. Adding Jones makes us deeper off the bench. I just hope we can get Webber or Brown and take our chances. If i picked my top teams at this moment in the west. I pick the Spurs first but not by alot. With a Webber or Brown or another big man that can score and is good like them, even if old, i put us ahead of the Spurs. You bring in big tall giants in all game long, that can play, it makes Duncan have to work all game long and play alot more minutes. It makes the bench big men have to step up big for SA also.

Dampier and Diop can defend and are good at it. Dampier rebounds good. Dirk does it all good except sometimes his defense isn't the best. Bass is a ? but i like this ? better than all our ? in the last several years. I feel the guy can play. Then adding an offensive man that is big, like Webber or PJ Brown, you have players for offense, defense and both. Big guys also. We start plugging our weak spots. Eddie Jones now gives us another player where we do not always have to have just "Stackhouse". George is pretty good also and has reach and tall.

I hope we really work Faz, Bass and even Barea when the pre season comes and off season. Barea should help now and i hope Bass can. I also like Reyshawn Terry, if it is enough roster space. If Faz is smart, he is working his butt off now, lighting weights, running and getting the best shape of his life. Our bench plays a big part in us and it does and did with SA. This kills Cleveland and them not having a pg. When the Cavs met a team like SA, it was unfair.