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12-08-2007, 02:57 AM
This is very scarry. The coach has decided to let him play like Wade, Lebron or Kobe. They have nothing to lose as Duncan is out and bascially they have no big man. This guy on any other team equals a star to superstar. One thing to remember about great players like a Bird, Magic and even Jordan. Kobe does the same. Bird could beat you by scorring or not scorring and all he carred about was the win. That means ft's, rebounds, or whatever it took, a steal.

Utah is very impressive this year. I won't go into their team but they are very good and solid. It was no way you are suppose to beat them without Duncan because Utah would be just to physical for sa. Do not tell Gino this.

9 for 21 and 2 for 7 on 3's, not all that good but now look, 17 for 19 ft's. That won the game and that is Kobe and Jordan basketball. 8 rebounds, 6 ast, 3 steals, 1 block and he only had 2 fouls and 3 to's. He is like a one man wrecking crew. Utah has a great game and shoots 54% and sa doesn't have that good of a game and shoots only 43 to 44%.

Great teams win when they shoot good or bad. Now i never thought just a Gino team against a very good Utah team and shoots great(Utah) that Gino could beat them single handed but he did. This is why sa is so great. Bruce Bowen can't score a lick anymore. None. It don't matter.

I have thought at times, Josh Howard could possibly be a Gino. Howard has heart but for some odd reason, he won't play the 4th quarter. maybe he tired out. I am not sure. This is where players like Kobe, Wade and Gino shine. They give their body up flying down the lane and will dunk on anyone under the goal, no matter who it is.

If i am sa, i am proud to see what a Gino can do when he is unleashed and told, do anything you want. It will only help, untill Duncan returns. You must have some kind of big man to win a title and they must have Duncan but it shows pops and really anyone in the league, this guy is really good when he is let go. This guy was a steal in the nba. I also feel Howard was and is very good.

Boozer is having another great year but they must figure a way to beat sa if they ever move on and the same thing phx must do. I feel we can beat sa but would be very close but we just have probs with lesser teams alot of times. Hats off to Gino. That is two wins i didn't think they could have against us and Utah without Duncan.

12-08-2007, 03:00 AM
nice to see a post applauding Manu on a Mavs board.

His heart and will to dominate a game is astounding.

Easily one of my favorite players of all time.

12-08-2007, 03:13 AM
I just love the nba and try to give credit where it is due and this guy is simply amazing. He made a layup against us other night that bordered on almost impossible and then went down in the cluth and dunked over Diop and another one of our players. Might have been Bass or Howard, dunked on them at the same time and Diop is a great defensive player.

I watched him in a game two years ago or so against Phx in Phx where he went crazy dunking on people and that game it was no defense played and pops let his team run and gun phx style and sa won the game in like 2 or 3 ot's and they had like 140 something points. I was blown away watching him and knew he was special.

I want Dallas to win it all and i am a big Mavs fan but our guys must have heart like a Gino has. Must want to win at all cost. I know he is very talented also but i feel we are. If i was a team in the nba, i would do all i could to get Gino or even Howard. Howard must be taught to play the 4th q. Another guy i am not a fan of but watch out, he is back and gs is rolling and mowing people down and his name is Stephen Jackson. I knew the guy was pretty good and solid but i just never knew how good he was untill last year in the playoffs and now today. I do not like his temper and him fighting and just trying to cause trouble but when he screws his head on straight, he can be another very good player and takes gs to even another level. Artest and Rasheed have been alot like him as where Gino and Howard seem to be nice guys but just tough on the floor.

12-08-2007, 03:21 AM
It's funny you mention Howard, because he is the one player from the Mavs I'd kill to have on the Spurs.

I think Howard is so incredibly well rounded and underrated it's criminal.

12-08-2007, 03:22 AM
Anybody who likes ginobili hates basketball.

Floppin c**t

12-08-2007, 03:36 AM
you're an idiot

12-08-2007, 04:20 AM
I agree amuse and i have always wanted Gino. I feel pops knw he had a gem all along. He just had to slow him down at times when he first came in the league. He played all out at 100% and sometimes made some silly mistakes but he doesn't do that much anymore.

The thing about a guy like Gino, Kobe, Lebron, Wade and Nash and even Parker, they handle the ball so much you can expect some to's. Parker is also very good but Harris is really comming on and to be honest, besides Duncan, Gino is the one that scares me.

Even at the end of games, when Cavs do not have a pg, they make Lebron the pg and here comes a guy at you close to 7' tall that plays like a pg. Sa is also doing this with Gino and he can be a pg and is alot of times, like give the ball to Gino and let him just create as he did in that series against Detroit. When Detroit, sa played. He has a very good 3 pt shot, so you must get up on him and when you do, there he goes to the rim to dunk on you or get fouled.

I am not a fan of the phantom fouls and yes Gino is great at this but it is apart of the nba and who acts best can usually get the calls. He did some good ones on us other night but hey, the refs allow it and it is part of the game and sa does that good also. That takes nothing away from his or their talent.

I am also a big fan of Howard and Gino as they both play so hard and want to win so badly but here lately something has happened to us but maybe we will get that heart and desire back. I feel we can compete with your sa team, if we can get by the gs type teams.

Big Shot Rob
12-08-2007, 07:22 AM
Howard is such a stud--AJ should tell him to forget jumpers and 3 pointers for a while and take the ball to the rim.

Usually Lurkin
12-08-2007, 11:05 AM
Howard is such a stud--AJ should tell him to forget jumpers and 3 pointers for a while and take the ball to the rim.
Why, so he'll grow older and less willing to drive, quit playing defense, and then go play for the Spurs while getting paid by the Mavs? Oh, no. We've fallen for that old gag before!

12-08-2007, 11:48 AM
Ginobli has been something else this year. He's not just settling for jumpers and really attacking the rim again. He's so crafty that he makes impossible layups, throws down over someone's head, or draws the foul to get to the ft line.

What is most impressive is his defense imo. We know he can score and set up other players but he looks more focused on the defensive side. He's getting the steals and deflections, rebounding, and getting up on players.

12-08-2007, 01:46 PM
you're an idiot

Hyperbole for the win.

He's a fantastic player, no doubt. I just hate watching him play, because he flops more than any player I've ever seen.

12-08-2007, 02:13 PM
What's crazy has been both TP and Ginobilli's play. They are playing even better than they did last year. If they were tough last year i'd imagine they would have to be even better this year with TP and Ginobilli emerging.

12-08-2007, 02:39 PM
I still consider TD the MVP for that team... but do the recent happenings tell us something different? No Duncan in the lineup, and they still keep winning, with Manu playing at an unbelievable level.

12-08-2007, 11:05 PM
I agree on Gino's defense. It was towards the end of the game and not only did he rip us on offense but it was his defense that beat us. Stripping the ball from Dirk and other's at the end of the game.

Just watch when Gino attacks the rim, watch by how many ft's he shoots and also watch when Howard attacks the rim by how many ft's he shoots. These are free shots and this is very important for a winning team on how many times they go to the ft line. In Dirks run for the mvp, he was going to the line alot each game.

Tonight we didn't play much defense agaiinst Utah as it was a gs/phx run and gun game but Howard went to the line alot like Gino did and does and Utah has a winning player also, it is the pg Williams going to the ft line alot. Penetration is so important in the nba.

12-08-2007, 11:09 PM
our defense is embarassing

12-09-2007, 01:42 AM
Yes, i am not sure what has happened to our defense and Avery being a defensive coach. We had alot of offense tonight but so did Utah. Let's hope we can settle back in of defense once again and we can, because we have been a good defensive bunch with this team also. I sometimes wonder, are all teams attacking us now like gs or is our defense just sucking this bad now. Maybe it is some of both.

12-09-2007, 04:03 AM
If we are going ahead with the run and gun style, let's make some trades to accordingly execute that plan

12-11-2007, 12:10 PM
Ginobili is a great player, no doubt; but I can't stand the guy because he flops more than a fish out of water.

12-11-2007, 02:47 PM
If we are going ahead with the run and gun style, let's make some trades to accordingly execute that plan

who are you referring to?

12-11-2007, 05:07 PM
alby is right, if we are going to play phx and gs style, why not get all run and gun players. I was proud again we beat ny last night but i looked at nba.com paint points and it wasn't close, the Knicks dominated us. So that meant one thing, we shoot a great outside % and win or we shoot bad and lose or even shoot fair and lose. This is a scarry way to play.

Miami might not even make the playoffs but they play inside. They beat a playoff team last night(Phx) that plays outside. This is why Phx can't win a title, plus bad defense and they can't stop any big man inside. Gs is somewhat scarry because they are now trying to mount an inside game also with the outside game in which they do drive but will the defense ever be good enough to compete in the playoffs.

When we had Nash, Jamison, Walker, Finley and Dirk, all i had to do is look in the box score at shooting % and if we shot under 50% and especially down lower in the 40's we lose and lost. If we shoot above 50% most of the time we won but not always because sometimes paint teams would layup us or dunk us to death and shoot good also. The Spurs win if they shoot good or bad and this is a sign of a great team.

Last year, when we was rolling good, we got alot of wins shoting at a bad % and some wins shooting 30 something % and this is great and a title type team. This means you win shooting good or bad because you play "defense". That is why defense is important for this team and especially in the playoffs because can we actually run and gun with Toronto, Atlanta, Phx, Gs, Denver and others? If we had a man that could score in the painted area and bring our paint points up alot, then i wouldn't be as concerned with defense but always defense is good.

I feel we have so much talent on this team but can Avery make them play offense and defense and get them playing togeher. Is it a site showing the top defenses in the league now? I also want to see who scores the most in the paint, who shoots the most ft's per game, who has the least to's per game. These are very dangerous playoff contenders to me and i want to see if teams like SA, Utah, Boston, Detroit show up in the top 10 of these stats and these are stats i want Dallas to get in. I am talking about these stats team wise as i don't care about individual play. I want a title, not mvp or not best improved or 6th man of the year.

As far as Gino being a flopper, i agree and it also makes me sick but now Parker, Duncan, Finley, Gino, Bowen and maybe others jabber at the refs ever play and sometimes gets the play reversed. I do not blame these players for flopping and screaming at the refs ever play and maybe pops teaches this. The sa players are not the only ones, many flop and many do this in the league. Why stop when it helps? Why stop flopping when it helps to get calls? Why stop screaming at the refs, when you can get calls reversed? It doesn't matter if it is good or bad or fair or not, what matters is what works giving your team an advantage and untill the refs use their on heads and try to stop listening to players, stop being influenced by flops and let's remember Bird, Magic, Thomas, McHale and many greats used the flop also.

Gino has another great move and sometimes Terry does it but Gino does it alot because he drives alot and Terry doesn't drive much but you can kick your man down, while you are in the air and use your feet and legs to push the opponent out of the way. Gino doesn't have to all the time because he jumps over people and dunks on them but he does have the kick move also. When we was ahead and he went on that wild rage of killing us and then they beat us, he started it all with the kick to Dampier to move him.

I'll break it down like this, Jordan was unstoppable and especially when you let him palm the ball. Now he can't be guarded, impossible. Bird, when you let him play physical, now he is suddenly 8 feet tall and he can't be stopped. Gino, you let the flopping influence a call or let him kick, he gets close to not being able to guard him because he is so smart he will kick, flop, talk to ref or do whatever to get the advantage. I'm a Mavs fan but believe me when i see talent i will call it out and Gino is one of the best talents in the nba and i feel Howard on our team plays alot like him but it is things wrong in the nba, flopping, kicking, begging to get calls changed and screaming at the refs ever play untill they change it.

This is Sterns fault and untill he stops it and lets the refs ref, then the players control alot of what happens and especially the better players that act and can control the best. It is a fine line and you can't cross it and be hated, like Rasheed is. They can turn on you, so you must play the nice inocent guy. I do not knock Gino because the refs and stern allow it.