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01-16-2008, 10:38 PM
Webber might be a good fit


Phil Jackson must be a great coach. I often wondered how good or great he was and i see he is very good. He knows how to win. This Bynum kid i feel is going to be really good. He is out hurt now and it is amazing the Lakers aretied with the Suns. I did see where one nba journalist has said that the Lakers could be the second best team in the west, tied with the Mavs. He thought(this was before Bynum was hurt), they would beat the Suns in the playoffs, would be a 50/50 pick em with the Mavs but no one they(Lakers) could ever beat the Spurs because the Spurs will not let you play full court. They make everyone in the playoffs play half court and this is where Duncan has the advantage. Harris makes the Spurs get out of their comfort zone because be can make you play full court, cause not many can slow him down.

Webber. I wonder if he is in shape and can he still play? Maybe he can and if he is in shape i do feel Kobe can set him up like he has never been set up. Open shots as Kobe breaks defenses down. I have also been very impressed by an older Fisher on that team and some of the young guys but the Lakers schedule is fixing to get hard. The Lakers do need another big man and maybe they will give Webber a chance. I think the Mavs are better than the Lakers and we will beat them. Kwame Brown i have always felt was a joke but in this day and time, it is not many centers that can play. Watch the Lakers and see if they try to move Kwame Brown and pick up another mobile big man. They claim they are not after PJ Brown and that he doesn't want to come back.

Ailene Voisin: One mainstay might not fit in the Kings puzzle anymore


If i was Cleveland, this would be my man, Bibby. I would get him. Then if i was the Heat, i try to get him. He fits either team ok with Cleveland the better fit for him. The Cavs really benefit with him. Ron Artest. I can think of several playoff teams that would benefit from him. Teams need to keep Artest on the radar screen. Maybe he has calmed down but he is a tough player, with good hard nosed defense and he can score as well.

Cassell Could Be On The Move


Two teams that should go after Cassell. The Phx Suns need to grab him. The Suns have been luckyfor Nash playing at 150% and he plays at 100mph and he is not young anymore. They have been lucky he hasn't been injured that much but how much more can he keep going like this without wearinghis body out some? Banks has had some better games but to me he is an odd type player. He seems to not be a run and gun man and is better when you set him up(Like Terry) and sometimes he can light it up and other times he can't buy a basket. He isn't a driver and the Suns, most all those guys can drive hard. Sam Cassell. Smart, can shoot, can drive and yes he is old but the guy can play. I am not sure how much longer he has but the Suns need to push for a title now before Nash gives out. There whole game is revolved around one position, point guard. Barbosa is very good but can get out of control at times. I expect Phx to try to get Cassell but the Clips might say no, we want him in the east and not the Suns. Then again if i was Miami or Cleveland, i try for him. Cassell will help Miami and they just need help to try to get into the playoffs. Miami is old and Cassell makes them older. It is also rumors of Damon Stoudamire maybe going to the Suns. I am not sure if that is a good fit.

Stephon Starbury moving on?

I would warn all nba teams to avoid the superstar Starbury. He is a legend in his own mind and likes to do things his own way. Sad he could never be a team player.

Shaq, Haslem or Mark Blount? I doubt much will happen with Shaq and if Miami makes a move it is with Haslem and or Blount. Haslem is a good player and could help some teams.

Mike James? Houston needed a good shooter and they get one and now they are no better and he is worse. I do not know what is wrong with Houston and it is talks of moving James now. I use to think he was pretty darn good but now he is a mystery to me or maybe the Rockets are a mystery to me.

Pau Gasol? If i was a team that wanted to make a major move this would be one player i would take a shot at. The Bulls for one. Many teams want him and he is a good player. Memphis will ask alot, be preparred.

More Suns News...

So which teams might be interested, if indeed Phoenix decided to pursue a deal for Stoudemire or Marion?

The Suns have had internal discussions about Utah's Andrei Kirilenko, the Lakers' Lamar Odom and Memphis' Pau Gasol, according to a source. But the Suns might not want to help the rival Lakers, while the Jazz and Grizzlies would be reluctant to take Marion without a strong indication that he would re-sign with them. Phoenix could look to the East, where the Bulls, Pacers and Nets are among the most motivated trade seekers, but none appears to have the pieces needed to pry Stoudemire or Marion.

The Bulls, for example, would no doubt love to have a low-post monster like Stoudemire. Chicago could offer a package of, say, Ben Gordon, Andres Nocioni, Tyrus Thomas and a draft pick for Stoudemire. But the Suns would need a big man to replace Stoudemire (sorry, Bulls fans, but Ben Wallace has $28.5 million left on his contract and doesn't fit Phoenix's system). The Pacers have a five-time All-Star forward/center in Jermaine O'Neal, but there might be concerns that he holds the ball too long to be a good fit in Phoenix's offense (a characteristic that applies to Gasol as well). The Nets could offer former Arizona star Richard Jefferson, but he wouldn't bring any financial flexibility either.

As much as Kerr might believe things aren't perfect and that his team could be better, he isn't going to make a bad move just to do something. For instance, it is almost unfathomable he would trade Stoudemire without getting a top-tier big man in return. Marion is much more likely to be dealt (Phoenix could plug Boris Diaw into his forward spot), but his versatility and defense are not easily replaced. The Suns, after all, are still trying to win a title now -- and it's not like the Spurs or Mavs are running away with the West.

Zach Randolph should be on the move soon from the Knicks. Not sure where.

Watch for the Hornets to add depth. I think both the Spurs and Mavs are in pretty good shape and will stay the same.

01-16-2008, 10:51 PM
After tonights game with Shaq back and a 8-29 record, if i was Riley and the Heat, i would pack it in. Done. I would let Shaq go off next week and make him score about 30 a game and say he is back. Let's face it, Shaq has alot of wear and tear and he will never be Shaq again. Yes i know J Williams will probably be traded but he won't bring much. Blount will not change your program.

If i could pawn Shaq off and get me some player or players back and some draft picks, if i was the Heat that is the direction i go. They are fixing to get so old and so much money tied down with Shaq and unlike Garnett in MN, you keep letting Shaq wear out and have no trade value and you are stuck with that contract, you are fixing to suck awhile. They can get some good for Haslem but they must free money up and that is Shaq. Move him. The Bulls blew them out of the gym tonight. Yes the bulls are in disarray but they are loaded with talent as where Miami is older than Mutombo.

01-17-2008, 12:37 PM
I'll take Webber please and thank you.

01-17-2008, 01:48 PM
Webber about to play for the Mavs last season right?(or this seaon)

01-17-2008, 02:41 PM
It was talks of him playing this season for us. It was weird as many teams wanted him and then he did nothing. Now he seems to want to play. He would be much better than Juwon Howard.

Maybe we are one of the teams still in for him but i haven't heard but he says he is playing or comming back within two weeks. If he can still play i would figure he could score and rebound and closer to the basket than alot of our guys.