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02-21-2008, 12:18 AM
I am not a Laker fan but i give credit where credit is due and this team is not good but really good. Gasol is so good it isn't funny. This guy can take it hard to the rim and you will either foul him or he is going to either dunk on you or shoot a sweeping hook from close to the goal. Kobe is the best in the game, so i won't go into him.

This now frees Odom up to just do what he can and when he is not made to be a star, he is really good. Fisher has always been under rated. Vujacic can shoot but this guy will drive on you to. They give Radmon that big contract and they don't need him but he does have size and at times could maybe help shooting from outside. Walton has always been solid but how much time will he ever get now? This was without Bynum tonight and they could get a mint for Bynum.

This lineup is so good because it is hard to defend Odom and Gasol both and no one defends Kobe. What a steal they got in Gasol. This team is championship material and now i see what everyone is talking about.

Phx & Shaq

He had a good game. He played hard and without him i think Phx would have blown out Phx at Phx. Amare is so good. Phx can't let teams shoot almost 60% on them at Phx. They are going to have to play some defense. Shaq helped on defense and maybe without him the Lakers shoot about 65%. Who knows. Grant Hill looks good. They need Diaw to play hard and good again.

Shaq could not stop the Lakers. I know Phx wanted a stopper and him and Amare are big under the goal but Gasol takes you out on the wing and like a track meet, flys across the middle with the ball, one on one, and if you do not cut him off it is a dunk, cut him off it is a hook at the basket, plus the Lakers pass good. Phil Jackson is smart and playing this way is going to be tough on Duncan and tough on Shaq because Gasol goes out, brings the bigs out and now he goes hard at the goal. Who sits when Bynum returns or do they go at most positions around 7 feet tall. I did not like what i saw because i now know how good they are.

They did not stop Phx alot either but Phx usually scores. Phx did score 60 points in the paint and Lakers 56. LA was just hot from all over. I can see where Shaq has slowed down. I was surprised he played that long and did good but you could tell he really got a work out. Phx is good but they must learn to play some defense and now i want to see SA play the Lakers and see how they match up. Farmar isn't bad either.

02-21-2008, 12:26 AM
La beating phx in phx, instead of phx beating phx in phx.

I am also interested in seeing us play the Lakers. Dampier sure does have his work cut out for him because alot of the Lakers like either a lay up or dunk. They drive alot and they can also shoot. I am not sure how to beat them or some of a weakness they have. I need to watch them more and see if i can spot weaknesss. Maybe if Bynum is out and when they rest Gasol. Maybe a team can pound them inside, when the bigs are out.

02-21-2008, 12:46 AM
Well, Phoenix getting Shaq was a poor counter to the Laker's getting Gasol...

02-21-2008, 03:03 AM
I agree. With what i saw tonight and i do give Shaq credit plaing as hard as he did but Gasol looks like a power forward and center all in one. I am really afraid this has put the Lakers over the top. It is going to have to be some really good defense to stop them.

I feel with Marion, Phx was going to lose again and i give them credit trying this but the Lakers are to young and to good for them now. It is scarry to think when Bynum comes back.

The Spurs got Kurt Thomas but again i feel he is to slow and old for the Lakers. Duncan Gino and Parker are going to have to all be on and Finley knocking some 3's down, i feel to beat them. Gasol has changed the west. I hope i am wrong because i am not a Laker fan.

02-21-2008, 09:35 AM
haha, kobe nice Job!!!!!

02-21-2008, 09:47 AM
Yeah the Lakers are scary good. I don't know how we'll beat that team. They're just that damn good.

Screw Memphis and their dumbass GM for creating a freeking monster.

02-21-2008, 07:31 PM
Teams like Dallas will have a hard time beating the Lakers but teams like the Spurs and Jazz can kill the Lakers inside. Gasol is a very soft player, he doesn't defend well, doesn't gaurd the paint well and is a big wuss under the boards. It seems at times Gasol runs away from banging for boards. Lamar Odom has been terrific in snagging rebounds in traffic, as is Turiaf. If you want to beat the Lakers take it inside, get the Lakers into foul trouble and shoot the 1+1 for the last 4 minutes of every quarter. The Suns did just that but unfortunatley for them their defense is even worse than the Lakers.

Of course all this is moot once Bynum and Ariza come back. It does seem like God is a Laker fan. I can't wait to see a healthy Lakers team take on a healthy Spurs and Jazz team.

02-21-2008, 08:43 PM
It is true Gasol has been soft. He got better on that but the last season and this with the Grizz it seemed he didn't even care to play anymore. Remember i am not a Kobe fan but i know great talent and i feel he is the best player in the game. Kobe is smart on the floor, like Nash is. He knows peoples weakness and strengths and he will dribble and cut and make guys come to him and now he is setting Gasol up nicely. Phil Jackson is taking him(Gasol) outside on the wing and a center comes out on him and now he sprints to the middle with the ball and if you cut the rim off on him, he is getting deadly with a short hook, running fast in the lane.

They have so many people on that team that can handle the ball, slash, penetrate and it opens Gasol up for wide open dunks. He has been soft but he looked better on that against the Suns(in which they are soft). Gasol in Memphis, got in the last year he would just stand around and shoot long shots. He isn't good playing that way. Phil Jackson has already turned him into a paint player and what i have seen, he looks really good.

Bynum will also be a load in the paint. He stays in the paint like Dampier as where Gasol and even Odom moves in and out. Those three teams you have mentioned, Jazz, Lakers and Spurs is going to be a war and it will be physical. I don't think the Suns can hang with them. Haha i am like you, God must be a Laker fan. Turiaf isn't bad either for things they need him to do.